Emily Montan | 3 Nov 17:45 2008

[Ebbc-Talk] Transforming NYC Streets: A Conversation with JanetteSadik-Khan Streetfilms

Thanks, that video link was sent around to the list serve 2 weeks ago!
It's great!

Emily Montan
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Subject: [Ebbc-Talk] Transforming NYC Streets: A Conversation with
JanetteSadik-Khan Streetfilms by Clarence Eckerson, Jr October 22, 2008

Transforming NYC Streets: A Conversation with Janette Sadik-Khan


> Since taking over as New York City's Commissioner of the Department  
> of Transportation in mid-2007, Janette Sadik-Khan has taken on the  
> challenge of making NYC streets more bike & pedestrian friendly  
> while emphasizing livable streets and re-orienting them to  
> accommodate all modes. She and her staff have done it quickly with  
> innovative concepts, thinking outside the box and drawing on  
> successful street designs from around the world to come up with a  
> NYC model that is already changing the way our city feels.
> In our exclusive Streetfilms interview, she talks with The Open  
> Planning Project's Executive Director, Mark Gorton, about some of  
> the highlights her department has achieved in a very short period  
> of time including a physically-separated bike lane on Ninth Avenue,  
> multiple pedestrian plazas (including Madison Square and Broadway  
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Emily Montan | 3 Nov 17:58 2008

[Ebbc-Talk] Bike stolen; see photo

Spread widely. See photo in attachment. 



	. I just had mine stolen! Out in front of the Home Depot in
Emeryville. Bolt cutters in braod daylight. Photo attached. Keep an eye
out. Ehhh!

	I have a backup bike luckily so I am not wheeless. 

	Right now I'm a little preoccupied with trying to get it back.
Goin' to do a little distributing flyers. Maybe we can find her.




	"If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who
profess to favor freedom and yet renounce controversy are people who
want crops without ploughing the ground." Fredrick Douglass 1817-1895

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Rick Rickard | 3 Nov 18:49 2008

Re: [Ebbc-Talk] Bike stolen; see photo

The rickety old bike rack at the Emeryville Home Depot is sadly inadequate! My comments to management fell
on deaf ears; seems they are only a lessee and the bike rack is the responsibility of the company that
manages the center. Attempts to contact center management also were unproductive.

I now take my bike inside with me. Only once (a long time ago) was I told I couldn't. Generally no one seems to
object, so I roll right in with the bike.

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Mike | 3 Nov 18:49 2008

[Ebbc-Talk] High Speed Rail


I have just come back from Europe and traveled from London to Strasbourg by
Eurostar (Channel Tunnel) and TGV East (French Railways latest line) so I am
certainly a fan of High Speed Rail (HSR). However, I will NOT be voting for
Proposition 1A tomorrow. 

It's as much a feeling, as I do believe that California would benefit from
HSR, but the emphasis of this project appears little different from the
logic that drove freeways though our community. It promises more fast travel
for even less dollars. The project costs are brushed under the table,
telling us we won't pay any additional taxes. Yet, as a bond, we'll actually
be paying even more on this very expensive project in interest and fees.
Perhaps the most worrying aspect is the massively inflated ridership figure.
They claim that 117 million passenger per year will eventually use the
system and then use this figure to claim that the project will save the
construction the runways and freeway lanes needed to move this number of
people (not much travel reduction here). Well here are the latest figures
for Eurostar the Channel Tunnel Train linking London with Paris and
Brussels- 10 million trips per year. The Green Party (who opposes this) says
that even the TGV SE (the most developed and well used TGV route) has only
16 million passengers per year. Clearly the High Speed Rail Authority is
talking out of its hat, using these figures not only to justify the capital
expenditure, but also calculate low fares. 

I think we should ask them to come back with proposals that are fiscally
more responsible (less bonds) and more closely connected with AB32 and

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ken | 4 Nov 19:08 2008

[Ebbc-Talk] Wanted: Covered/secure parking space for 1-2 bicycles

Hey EBBCers, do any of you know of someone with covered space they'd be willing to rent out? A neighbor or
landlord? I am starting a bicycle taxi and need covered secure parking. See my craigslist ad below. All
rides will be free. (details: http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~kenao/oakland-pedicab-beta/ ) 


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Please see below for more information.
Wanted: Covered/secure parking space for bicycle
Reply to: hous-904390368@...
Date: 2008-11-03, 12:26PM

Nothing Without Effort is a new bicycle taxi service serving Berkeley, Emeryvile and Oakland. I am looking
to store one or two pedicabs (bicycle taxi, rickshaw). The bikes will need about 5'x8' total -- two can
probably share the space of one Toyota Corolla-sized vehicle.

The space must be protected from rain, sun and thieves. Since these bicycles will be serving the
Berkeley/Oakland area, ideally your land will be somewhere in between the two downtown areas. Must have
"business hours" access, with potential late nights on busy nights Friday-Saturday. The bicycles of
course do not have gas engines and are quiet. They do not leak engine oil. Your area will be kept clean.

Ideally there will be something solid to lock the bicycles to. This would not necessarily rule out a
potentially great space however.
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Kevin Dalley | 5 Nov 16:53 2008

[Ebbc-Talk] Bike stolen from Capitol Corridor this morning

There was a bike stolen from Capitol Corridor at the Davis station
today, as reported by a conductor.

The conductor suggested locking up bikes on the train.

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Kevin Dalley | 5 Nov 16:59 2008

Re: [Ebbc-Talk] Thoughts on BRT?

Insist that the driver have a hearing for her misbehavior.  Find a
supervisor who will carry through with this.

Of course, it is probably too late now, but it should be done.  

I have attended a hearing against a driver, due to his habit of leaving
a stop early, which is also against their rules.  I won, the driver was

Kidnapping is against the law, as is her driving.

Hearings are painful for all involved, but they will happen if pushed.

On Wed, 2008-10-22 at 12:03 -0700, Zach Kaplan wrote:
> On 22 Oct 2008, at 10:37, RBishop747@... wrote:
> > As far as professional drivers, bus drivers are typically better,  
> > but I  have
> > been cut off many times and almost run over as a pedestrian  
> > recently, while
> > wearing high visible clothing in a crosswalk.  The schedule often   
> > becomes
> > more important than safe passage.  Perhaps the schedule and the   
> > rapid speed
> > should not rate as high as safety.
> Most of the AC Transit drivers are good but there are some out there  
> who shouldn't be driving. In the summer of 2007, the driver of a 72R  
> bus cut me off on Broadway after passing and suddenly pulling into a  
> bus stop. If I hadn't slammed on my brakes I would have impacted the  
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megalopta | 6 Nov 07:57 2008

[Ebbc-Talk] bay trail south from Hwy 92?

I just did a great ride from oakland to union city bart via the bay trail, and noticed what looks like a new
EBRPD parking lot and trail system just southeast of the entrance to the san mateo bridge (hwy 92), at the
corner of Eden Landing Road and Arden Road.  What is this area, and where do/will the paths go? I lifted my
bike over the "closed for construction" sign, and rode a nice dirt road along an old levy parallel to Arden
road.  when the path turned south, away from Arden, I freaked out about getting stuck in a maze I didn't know,
and slipped through a gap in a fence behind a parking lot to re-join Arden road.  However, in looking at
satellite photos now, it seems like that path might have continued on and come out further down Union City
Blvd, or even to the EBRPD's Alameda creek bi
 ke path.  Of course, lots of things look possible from the satellite photos!

can anyone explain what the deal is with this area?  would the path have gone through?  is is part of a future
park, and if so, what's its status now?  It would be awesome to have a non-city streets connector from the
hayward shoreline area to Coyote hills.

Also, there seem to be a lot of bike paths in hayward-union city-freemont that aren't on the ebbc map.  Is
there any directory or map online of these?

thanks a ton for any help!
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Robert Raburn | 6 Nov 08:15 2008

[Ebbc-Talk] Park District Election Results

EBBC's 501(c)(3) nonprofit status prohibits us from supporting or opposing
any candidate for public office. Now that the election is over I have a
feel-good story to share.

On the morning after the election I rushed to leave home for the Caldecott
Fourth Bore Coalition VS Caltrans hearing in Superior Court. A quick scan of
the newspaper election results for Director of East Bay Regional Park
District Ward 1 (north Berkeley, Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond to Crockett)
showed that Richmond activist Whitney Dotson was trailing his opponent
20,377 (48.8%) to 21,402 (51.2%). It was one election result that did not go
the way I personally had hoped.

I've worked with Whitney for years to protect the Richmond shoreline and
improve public access. He has the respect of the community. During a
nonpartisan voter forum he had promised to fairly represent all park users. 

Returning to the office in the afternoon after court I received a call from
one of Dotson's trusted supporters. "Did you see the Alameda County
results?" I was asked. I verified having seen the results. I noted that EBBC
could always remind Whitney's opponent that despite his backing by a major
environmental group, the winner could hardly claim a mandate to steadfastly
block bicyclists from park trails. 

"I don't think you understand that Whitney won," said my friend. "The vote
in CoCoCo was overwhelmingly in favor of Whitney."

When I re-examined the newspaper report under CoCoCo for EBRPD Ward 1 it
said "see Alameda County." More reliable results were posted at the League
of Women Voters SmartVoter.org site:

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Robert Raburn | 6 Nov 08:24 2008

Re: [Ebbc-Talk] bay trail south from Hwy 92?

Hi Adam,

The paths your refer to are in the Baumburg Tract. The northernmost paths
are slated to open in 2009. One bridge is already complete. You can see the
details on EBBC's brand new Map 1: West of the Hills (2008).

-Robert Raburn, Executive Director
East Bay Bicycle Coalition     www.ebbc.org
PO Box 1736               tel:(510)533-7433
Oakland, CA  94604        fax:(510)533-7432
Fruitvale Village, 3301 E12th St, Suite 143 
"To Promote Bicycling as an Everyday Means of Transportation and Recreation"

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> Subject: [Ebbc-Talk] bay trail south from Hwy 92?
> I just did a great ride from oakland to union city bart via 
> the bay trail, and noticed what looks like a new EBRPD 
> parking lot and trail system just southeast of the entrance 
> to the san mateo bridge (hwy 92), at the corner of Eden 
> Landing Road and Arden Road.  What is this area, and where 
> do/will the paths go? I lifted my bike over the "closed for 
> construction" sign, and rode a nice dirt road along an old 
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