jon singer | 2 Mar 09:18 2011

What's your favorite local charity for kids?

Want to help YOUR favorite local charity that help children with special needs? 

It's easy - just start a fundraiser for your favorite cause at

You can help make a major difference for your favorite organization and win terrific prizes in conjunction with our 2011 Advocacy 4 All Cross-Country Tour:

1) Donate at least $25 for a chance to win one of two iPod  Shuffles
2) Raise the most money from your donors and win an iPad

Anyone who donates at least $25 on your page can win too!  And all proceeds raised through your page go to your favorite cause.

Thanks for joining us in raising $1,000,000 to help make sure no children with special needs get left behind. Learn more at 

Start your fundraiser for YOUR favorite kids charity today - this is like when someone is running a marathon for a charity, sets up a web page, and asks people to make donations.


Jon Singer


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Nicole | 9 Mar 05:25 2011

Autism Blog: "Why We Home School...A New Spin on Life"

I posted my latest blog, It is about the choice to
homeschool our daughter who has Autism. Featured is a picture that she created, and some music/dance
YouTube videos by various artists.  If you have any favorite Autism/SpecialNeeds/Homeschool resources
that you would like to share, feel free to do so in the comment section of the blog...I'm currently
compiling resources for a page to help families through the Autism journey.
If you like my blog, please join the RSS feed to keep up to date on the latest posts.
Feel free to share with others.
Peace be with you!---Nicole


Neil | 14 Mar 03:29 2011

FW: (NZASD) Does autism exist?

What is Autism?
`Aut' means or suggests `Self' apparently.
Everyone is born with Autism. I see traits of it in everyone.
There's no-one better to see these traits than
someone that has the syndrome or dis-ease of Autism itself.

Autism: Genetic, environmental or developmental?
Different types of Autism with different unknown causes,
but with one uniting label.
They have some common symptoms characteristics
but as individuals are totally unique.
Genetics tells us we are all different apparently,
even identical twins have a different character.
Even a genetic code can be rotated;
parts switched on or off to give different results.
We are all affected by the environment external to us.
Also our internal environment is important
to our health, feeling and survival.
We don't know what Autism is. It's just a label of an unknown.

What is the cause of Autism?
It's very hard to say what the cause is,
if one doesn't also know what `Autism' is.

Let's go down the developmental route
that many sociologists and females use.
Autistics are at a disadvantage in social, emotional areas etc.
Let's ignore the physical and tiredness impairments for now
and assign them as just (secondary?) symptoms.

Emotions and sleep are very important in forming memories.
Development is dependent on a normal ability to create,
retrieve and imagine with memories.
Also memory is needed to create an image of `self'
(which seems different in Autistics).
There is one very important developmental step in a baby's life,
in which, as a prelude to learning from others,
he learns what self awareness is.
It basically is the very first step from the womb.
Awareness then learning is processing inputs and
creating or imagining from the infinite of possibilities
some sense or pattern.
Autistics will often create pattern or order
by lining up plastic animals.
They are still stuck at this early developmental stage.
Until they master it perhaps they can't move on,
it's like an essential building block.

This is probably worth talking about.
What is this `self'
and what has it got to do with how everyone forms memories?
What has emotion got to do with it all?
Also how can one ultimately learn how to be `normal',
an active involved part of society?
You may find an Autistic doesn't want to.

`Self' is something that the Autistic is working on.
Also you may find that `he' tries to control the environment,
or others; in some instances, to be left alone.
My son Sais `Bye'
(the only word he has retained, after speaking and regressing
back to this present Autistic stage of development).

An Autistic is self absorbed mostly
in a world of his own, doing his own thing.
Sometimes he will be on the fringe of a social group
interested in what is happening
(perhaps in case it affects him).
Self is important to know about
because it is a vital reference point to compare it with others.
I.e. No appreciation of others is possible without an awareness of `one self'.
You many say that all Autistics do is involved with their `self'.
So why haven't they moved on?
Their abilities to form (normal) memories (I reply myself)
How does one form (normal) memories?
They simply require combining an event with a suitable emotional tag.
If one is in pain all events are associated with pain.
Who wants to remember pain?
An Autistic doesn't want pain so he tries not to imagine it.
He feels attacked from whatever, perhaps environmentally; externally or even
If the perceived attack is internal
he will produce an autoimmune response to protect himself.

This is a cyclic chicken & the egg problem.
Which came first?
Was it the autoimmune problem or the memory problem or is it some other cause
that came first?

I don't remember.
Consciousness, fear and pain is something that is learned, it takes time.
Things that take time are labelled as developmental.
Regressive Autism takes time.
Paul developed normally until others noticed a difference
(I didn't initially until others told me).
Then he became less social, more afraid, lost this language,
ability to speak and understand.
I suppose if you don't use speech you lose the ability to speak also.
It is only recently that we have discovered he does understand some of the
spoken word.
He picks out a keyword that he translates into something that makes sense to
I have always done that myself,
but was able to select three keywords and make sense of that.
It takes a lot of processing and is tiring,
hence the craving for certain sweet things (Coke) and food!
(MacDonalds, KFC, luncheon meat).
All those things that have additives (like msg), that can create hyperactivity

Those three words used to mean an infinite number of things,
hence very good for new ideas etc.
But now I'm old and tired, I time out quickly.
Basically my understanding is very literally based.
I have to work it out each time someone talks.
I don't have a good memory to recall what those three words mean.
I.e. I do such things manually compared to others automatic understanding of

The memory is poor because my emotions are suppressed.
I felt nothing when my wife died, but I feel guilty for that.
Why are my emotions suppressed?
Because I don't want to remember my constant background pain,
that can be significant.
It's a bit like putting petrol on your leg and lighting it, if you can imagine.

My son and I may not be Autistic any more;
perhaps time has removed the cause, whatever that was.
But what remains are the residuals and symptoms.
In my case I've always been able to cope,
in my own way, in a `normal world'.

I think I probably have an advantage or an emergent ability
from my disability that supersedes the ability of others (et al).
But that is my self identity saying that.
Silly logic Sais: if one can imagine everyone else is inferior,
then logically, one can be considered superior.

That's binary logic: like saying things are either true or false.
True and false don't exist; one has to imagine they do.
In my world, everything is both true and false.
Everyone has his own unique beliefs and truth,
even though they may be opposite to others.
Aren't they after all valid and co-existing?

All my senses give me different and often conflicting perspectives.
They arrive with different timings, not simultaneously;
memory often delayed a year or more, recalled in a sleep perhaps.
Can't I accept them all as valid? Can you?
How could one truth or perspective exist, it doesn't make sense to me.

One thought nags me; perhaps Autism doesn't exist at all.
It was you who wanted to give it a label hence some existence or truth.
It was you, not me; as I'm a good boy, because my Mum said so.
She believes in me … sometimes. :)

Sounds like I've wandered off topic.
I don't even remember what it was, so remind me.
Well don't, I like to keep to myself.
All mad people like to talk to themselves.
Feedback would be a nice change though.
I love it when people disagree with me;
hopefully it means that they thought about it manually, by themselves,
without resorting to an automatic programmed response.

I realise challenging others beliefs can be dangerous.
(The `twin towers' are no more)
That's why I hide behind email as I'm afraid of people.
I am an echo station, I have said this all before.

Neil Clark :- a support group


earranga | 15 Mar 04:13 2011

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Neil | 16 Mar 03:33 2011

Asp or Aspergers - fine, defined, refined - an echo

The driving force in Asperger's is attempts to be social,
well perhaps in their attempts; overdoing it, 
or not been accepted fully by others, trying. (very trying)

A trick my Asperger partner has is: to try and solve other peoples problems,
(but her own)

a) Social contact with others is made, etc repeatedly (perhaps looking for their  problems)

b) By not solving her own problems she can annoy family and any friends who want to listen, to help. -. 
Reinforcing the social bond of dependence.
By helping she takes away the independence of others IMO and makes them dependent.
IMO helping others, so they are dependent, is not help at all.

Eventually people need to be able to help themselves.
(For me that is being Autistic, left alone so I can do my own thing, myself)

I am not criticising people in general for being social.
It is probably a good survival trait, 
and makes females live longer with less stress etc.
The scientific studies confirm this.

c) The unconcious trick she has of solving a problem, is at the same time,
create two or more problems.

In this way the social network is expanded.
Now even more effort is required by others (socially and physically)
to solve the multiple problems that now exist.

d) What I'm trying to say is: 
If she creates a PROBLEM she is unconciously,
generating social contact, which she craves.

Like a self generating avalanche.
(Like a nuclear power plant getting out of control)

e) Aspergers in attempts to be social, will even create a problem or two.

f) The only solution she has is:
To learn how to be Autistic herself.

I.e. To learn how to help herself, without others, (social contact)
To learn her own worth,
rather than getting others to repeatingly define it.
She sais: "Do you love me?"
I answer: "Do you love yourself?"

Well it makes sense to me.
Helping oneself is the necessary precursor to helping others,
One needs to enable the other, that is help.
That is what they don't understand.

f) Basically I am not social - I'm Autistic (no wish to be social)
I'm stuck in the developmental stage (precrawling) 
of discovering myself and the environment.
My partner is stuck in the first hurdle after that 
which is learning from others. IMO

One needs to be oneself not another.
What one sees, is just a reflection of oneself anyway IMO

An Asperger & two Autistics, a definition of chalk & cheese.
My son is also now non-vocal (regressed Autistic Syndrome)

Feedback in any direction: nclarknz <at>
This post my appear in other groups, 
sorry I'm an echo-station.

repeating things over & over again.
I exist on the fringe of society ( well on the email/internet :-), 
no longer pretending to be normal, just being myself, and proud of it.

Regards: Neil Clark;


Neil | 16 Mar 03:59 2011

Re: Home School...- Learning -> Self learning? v Important IMO in ASD

--- In autismlist <at>, "Nicole" wrote:
> Blog, It is about the choice to homeschool our daughter
who has Autism. 

There is a developmental step B4 crawling,
The most important one includeing being in the womb.

It happens when the child discovers this environment & kicks, crys for attention.
There is a word that defines self learning, beings with auto..p...s

Its normally applied to learners, leading from their mother initially.
Who learn from their Mom and others etc.

This is true self learning, the stuff that Mother has long forgotten.
i.e. how to be a baby.
The baby learns quickly how to scream and demand attention etc.
From infinite possibilities of meaning from anything in the environment.

As adults we perceive only a few possibilities per event.
Babies are so far ahead of us they quickly learn language etc.
Try learning a new language that has no relation to any previous 
experience and see how you get on.
Like learning after a damaged spine to walk again.

Babies are learning from their parents etc.
they are delearning as they grow older of infinite possibilities. 

It is valuable to unlearn all we know in order to learn what we can never do now, eg: talk, understand, walk etc.
The Autistics are already there.
They stopped their development at the precise time of the road block.

They are telling us what we need to do.
They are doing what they need to to survive.

Oopps off topic.

Home school is where the parent learns from the child.
That is the future of education.
They know those infinite possibilities,
but we don't.

Neil Clark
nclarknz <at>


Neil | 16 Mar 23:30 2011

Safe, infectious, Autism, bowel, brown gravey?


With faecas & smear events,
no-one is safe :-(
Including parents, visitors, carer relief etc.

Facebook, Twitter: nclarknz54 
Neil :-)


jon singer | 20 Mar 12:45 2011

Please say hi when we visit your area - our x-country event schedule is online

On April 15th, we are embarking on our 2011 Advocacy4All Cross-Country Tour.

Our schedule of events is now online and if we are coming to your area, thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

We will be giving away hats, t-shirts, Apple Store gift cards and copies of my recently published Special Needs Parent Handbook.

Even if we are not coming to your area, if you set up a fundraising page for YOUR favorite local cause for kids with special needs you can win an iPad and other great prizes.

We hope to see you during our trip.



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Neil S Clark | 20 Mar 23:41 2011

Protein, brain, link, Autism story - link below at bottom

Protein, brain, link, Autism story -  link below at bottom

BBC NEWS | Health | Girls' autism 'under-diagnosed'
Girls with autism may not be identified because they do not show traditional
signs of the ... and cookies policy. News sources. About the BBC. Contact us ...
BBC NEWS | Health | Autism gene breakthrough hailed
Scientists are praised for finding new autism genes by scanning families with
the condition. ... Autism Speaks. The BBC is not responsible for the content of

BBC News - Study identifies 'many more' autism genes
The largest genetic study into autism identifies many more new genes involved in
the disorder. ... autism genes. By Pallab Ghosh Science correspondent, BBC ...

BBC News - New brain scan to diagnose autism
A brain scan that detects autism in adults could mean much more straightforward
diagnosis of the ... autism. By Jane Hughes Health correspondent, BBC News ...

Bbc News - UK Autism News
Interested in bbc news? At you find posts and
information relevant to bbc news. ... on the BBC News website in connection with
... news - 159k
Talk:Autism/Archive 6 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vandalism|Dodgy Edits|Am i autistic?|I find this...Don't mean to be rude but I
am putting this at the top for everyone to help keep an eye on vandalism;Archive_6


Protein, brain, link, Autism story -  link below\-autism/

Regards, Neil


Robert | 25 Mar 17:37 2011

Our stem cell experience

I have received so many personal emails I cannot answer them all so I will be sharing our stem cell experience
on the StemCellDR yahoo group since it is impossible to post it on every group and answer each email.  I know
so many of you as parents from our operation of Miracle Mountain which we have closed to retire but I belong
to so many groups I may miss your questions.  Judy and I both received our stem cells yesterday. Also, I do not
wish to impose myself upon this group as some think I am trying to promote something.  Dr. Anthony set up the
stem cell project in the Dominican Republic so that children and adults in the USA would have a safe place to
get stem cell.  He did stem cell with his autistic daughter, Julia, who also came to Miracle Mountain for
HBOT and this is how we became i
 nvolved.  Julia is now 19 and began talking for the first time after stem cell. I am only an occasional advisor
to Dr. Anthony because of my experience at Miracle Mountain which was non-profit and his desire to do same
for others with stem cell. So please join the StemCellDR  <at> to learn more.  When my original
investigation into stem cell began for my grandson, Garrett, who has cp, it was much too expensive and too
many unanswered questions.  Dr. Anthony has changed all that.  It is now less than $5,000 which includes the
hotel. And it is very safe with professional MD's and is done in a hospital, not a clinic.  Dr. McCandless
brought her grandaughter here and is leaving today. Both Dr. McCandless and her grandaughter had stem
cell here 2 days before Judy and I.   She is al
 so on the stemcellDR group.  

Thanks for letting me post and I have no ownership in this project so my only intent is to share information to
those who cannot afford stem cell that is presently being offered at other places. 

Robert Hartsoe,
founder of the former Miracle Mountain center in NC which provided over 22,000 HBOT treatments over a 10
year period.