Zajcev Evgeny | 2 Dec 11:26 2008

Summary for xwem--main--2.2--patch-3

Location: lg <at>

Revision: xwem--main--2.2--patch-3
Archive: lg <at>
Creator: Zajcev Evgeny <zevlg <at>>
Date: Tue Dec  2 13:26:19 MSK 2008
Standard-date: 2008-12-02 10:26:19 GMT
Modified-files: lisp/xwem-clients.el lisp/xwem-frame.el
    lisp/xwem-interactive.el lisp/xwem-keydefs.el
    lisp/xwem-launcher.el lisp/xwem-main.el
    lisp/xwem-misc.el lisp/xwem-tabbing.el
    lisp/xwem-theme.el utils/xwem-worklog.el
New-patches: lg <at>
Summary: fixes, enhances

* lisp/xwem-misc.el (xwem-cursor-recolorize): [fix] Get rid of
  xlib-non-ffi specific things.

* lisp/xwem-tabbing.el (xwem-tabber-draw-format): [fix] Use font's coding
  system only if one exists.

* utils/xwem-worklog.el (xwem-worklog-history-init): [fix] Inhibit any
  actions on `find-file-noselect'

* lisp/xwem-launcher.el (xwem-open-recent-file): [new] Command to open
  recent file with external command.

* lisp/xwem-keydefs.el (xwem-global-map): [new] `H-x f' to open recent file.

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Zajcev Evgeny | 27 Nov 14:51 2008

Summary for xlib-ffi--main--1.0--patch-2

Location: lg <at>

Revision: xlib-ffi--main--1.0--patch-2
Archive: lg <at>
Creator: Zajcev Evgeny <zevlg <at>>
Date: Thu Nov 27 16:51:07 MSK 2008
Standard-date: 2008-11-27 13:51:07 GMT
New-files: lisp/.arch-ids/
    lisp/.arch-ids/ lisp/test-xvideo.el
New-patches: lg <at>
Summary: Support for xvideo extension
Keywords: xv, experimental

* lisp/xlib-xvideo.el: [new] Support for Xvideo extension.

* lisp/test-xvideo.el: [new] Testing module for Xvideo extension.

Zajcev Evgeny | 24 Nov 18:14 2008

arch repo location

Location is actually

i've moved here due to usage convenience.  It is pretty hard and slow
for me to use kindly proposed account and place on



Zajcev Evgeny | 24 Nov 18:06 2008

Summary for xlib-ffi--main--1.0--patch-1

Location: lg <at>

Revision: xlib-ffi--main--1.0--patch-1
Archive: lg <at>
Creator: Zajcev Evgeny <zevlg <at>>
Date: Mon Nov 24 20:06:22 MSK 2008
Standard-date: 2008-11-24 17:06:22 GMT
Modified-files: lisp/ffi-xlib.el lisp/xlib-common.el
New-patches: lg <at>
Summary: Various bunch of fixates
Keywords: memory, bug

This fixates multiple memory leaks

* lisp/xlib-common.el (X-Win): [fix] typo

* lisp/xlib-xlib.el (X:Dpy-setup): [fix] Use FILTER-DOES-READ

* lisp/xlib-xlib.el (X:Dpy-filter): [fix] Rewrote to avoid uncertain

* lisp/xlib-xlib.el (X-Gc-font): [fix] Remove memory leak

* lisp/xlib-xlib.el (X:make-X-Gc): [fix] Remove memory leak

* lisp/xlib-xlib.el (X-Font-name): [new]

* lisp/xlib-xlib.el (X-Text-ascent): [fix] Do real work

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Zajcev Evgeny | 24 Nov 17:58 2008

Summary for xwem--main--2.2--patch-2

Location: lg <at>

Revision: xwem--main--2.2--patch-2
Archive: lg <at>
Creator: Zajcev Evgeny <zevlg <at>>
Date: Mon Nov 24 19:58:34 MSK 2008
Standard-date: 2008-11-24 16:58:34 GMT
Modified-files: dockapp/xwem-pager.el extra/xwem-keytt.el
    extra/xwem-ratanot.el extra/xwem-rooticon.el
    lisp/xwem-clgen.el lisp/xwem-clients.el
    lisp/xwem-events.el lisp/xwem-help.el lisp/xwem-icons.el
    lisp/xwem-keyboard.el lisp/xwem-main.el
    lisp/xwem-manage.el lisp/xwem-misc.el lisp/xwem-netwm.el
    lisp/xwem-rooter.el lisp/xwem-special.el
    lisp/xwem-struct.el lisp/xwem-tabbing.el
    lisp/xwem-transient.el lisp/xwem-tray.el
    utils/xwem-osd.el utils/xwem-worklog.el
New-patches: lg <at>
Summary: Another bunch of fixes.

* lisp/xwem-main.el (xwem-after-window-setup): [fix] Set XWEM_RUNNING to
  yes before initial management.

* lisp/xwem-main.el (xwem-initial-manage): [fix] Do not manage
  override-redirect clients.

* lisp/xwem-keyboard.el (xwem-kbd-xksym-≥xkcode): [fix] if kslist is not
  long enough, then do comparison with dummy value (-1)
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Daniel Clemente | 5 Oct 12:28 2008
Picon don't work

  these PNG images:
  cannot be displayed in Firefox, links2, emacs-w3m, gthumb and others.

  They seem to be invalid:

 : /n ; identify xwem-worklog.png
 identify: Ignoring bad adaptive filter type `xwem-worklog.png'.
 identify: IDAT: CRC error `xwem-worklog.png'.
 identify: Corrupt image `xwem-worklog.png'.

  Just that. Greetings,


Henry Weller | 29 Sep 00:00 2008

Xlib and GNU/Emacs-23

I have started my effort to get XWEM running with GNU/Emacs-23 by first getting
xlib working.  I downloaded the latest xlib from the tla repository and it built
fine with the latest GNU/Emacs-23 but unfortunately doesn't work; I get a
timeout before the simple "hello" test displays anything.  To check that it is a
problem between GNU/Emacs-23 and xlib and not my X server setup I have just
built sxemacs-22.1.9 and the latest xlib and that combination works fine.  I am
now investigating but if anybody can offer any help on this please let me know.



Henry Weller | 26 Sep 17:26 2008

XWEM on GNU/Emacs-23

Hi Zajcev,

I noticed your post on the "griddy" site:

> It is possible to create
> full-featured (S)XEmacsen desktop environment using xwem. Currently it does not
> run under GNU Emacs, due to some (S)XEmacsen features used in xwem
> implementation, however xlib already ported to GNU Emacs and seems to work. If
> you are also, along griddy, interested in hacking xwem for GNU Emacs please
> e-mail me and cc to RMS.

I am very interested in XWEM and as a GNU/Emacs-23 user and hacker would very
much like to see it ported.  I was an XEmacs user for many years but recently
moved to GNU/Emacs-23 because some of the packages I wanted to use were only
available in this version and I was finding XEmacs a bit unstable.  The only
thing missing for me is XWEM so I am using the nearest thing I could find:
StumpWM.  I have a basic but growing knowledge of elisp and an advanced
knowledge of C and C++ so I think I can help with this port but will probably
get badly stuck.  Do you have an idea of where the biggest problems are likely
to be?



Zajcev Evgeny | 16 Jul 07:49 2008

xlib, xlib-ffi and xwem archives

Hello guys!  I've just created tla archive at

you can get latest versions of xlib, xlib-ffi and xwem from there




Paul Csanyi | 23 Mar 23:09 2008

H-u and H-0...H-9 don't works


I am new to the xwem.

When I started xwem with startx I can't to use H-u and H-0...H-9
universal argument commands.

I don't know nothing about these commands.

Is there some document about this for novice xwem users?

Any advices will be appreciated!


Regards, Paul Csanyi

Paul Csanyi | 22 Mar 23:24 2008

Too big the root frame of the XEmacs


I have installed on my Debian GNU/Linux Etch system

My hardware is an old Toshiba Satellite 2540 CDS laptop.
I use its LCD monitor for display.

When I start X with startx, I get X Emacs but the root frame
is so big that I can't to see its right and bottom edge.

Maybe it is an xserver-xorg issue, or can I set up somehow
the root frame to the size that correspond to this LCD screen?

I look in the Xorg.0.log but find nothing or maybe I don't know
what to search?

Any advices will be appreciated!

Regards, Paul Csanyi