Frank McCormick | 24 Oct 17:47 2014

New problems

I dl'ed and installed openbox-menu in Debian Sid, and set it up using 
openbox's menu editor as a pipe menu.

I have tried various combinations (-x for the xfce menu items and
-g for the Gnome menu)  but most of the categories when I call it up in
Openbox are (null).

Is anyone running this under Openbox?



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Micha | 24 Oct 13:59 2014

Howto highlight menuitems and howto use disabled menuitems in pipemenus ?

In the inbuild menus, there is at least highlighting with bold text.
I've tried to achieve highlighting menuitems in my pipemenus
with ANSI escape sequences and Xml-tags, neither are working.
Is it possible at all, to have the items colored and/or bold displayed ?

And how can I take use of the "disabled" formatting ?

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Frank McCormick | 23 Oct 01:36 2014

how to change language for pipemenus

Strange problem today I have never run across before. I inserted a
pipemenu in my menu today- it works...but displays in Italian. I have
exported LANG=en_US.UTF8 and LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF8 in the environemnt
in ~/.config/openbox but nothing changes.

All the other menu items are in English.

I must be missing something.

1984 was not meant as a blueprint for
democratic governments.

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E R | 19 Oct 03:50 2014

I Have Two Instances Of ' Running...

Hi Everyone,

My specs;
Slackware 14.1 x86_64
Openbox 3.5.2

When I look at htop I am seeing that is running twice

sh /home/foo/.config/openbox/
sh /home/foo/.config/openbox/

Why am I getting two instances of this instead of one?

Thank you
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Frank McCormick | 18 Oct 17:32 2014

Re: Problems starting Openbox

   Well I found the problem and it wasn't where I was looking :)

I ran the openbox autostart files which on my machine are in 
/usr/lib/i386-gnu...using the --list parameter.

The first one listed all the files it looked at but none were set to run 
for various reasons.
The second python related autostart file did the same thing but I 
discovered it was running Marco, the Mate desktop. Looking through
marco's desktop file (which was incomplete) I noticed there was no
"OnlyShowIn" or "NotShowIn" entries! So it was being wonder
the whole system crashed :) I still don't know why the Marco Desktop 
file was incomplete, but it is now.

In the process I now know more about Desktop files than I ever wanted to 
know :)

Thanks and sorry for the noise.

On 10/18/2014 11:03 AM, Dana Jansens wrote:
> You looked at these?
> ~/.cache/openbox/openbox.log
> ~/.xsession-errors
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 10:24 AM, Frank McCormick <beacon <at>
> <mailto:beacon <at>>> wrote:
>     I installed openbox on my machine a few months ago, but haven't
>     really used it very much since then. I am running Debian Sid, and
>     about a month ago switched it to the new init system SystemD. I
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Walter Alejandro Iglesias | 11 Oct 22:42 2014

Full screen windows auto raise using sloppy focus

Hi everyone,

Openbox is the only window manager that let me do what I want, except
for some details.  In order of relevance I'd like to:

  1. Avoid full screen windows "auto raise" when the pointer enters on
them (using sloppy focus).

  2. Avoid forced key accelerators in menus, and to be able to navigate
them using vi keys (a bit slower but more reliable).

  3. To have some "never focus" option for apps like xload, xbiff.

If it already exists ways to accomplish some of the above please let me



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Micha | 10 Oct 20:38 2014

Re: make the root-menu appear at a fixed location when opening it with a keyboard shortcut, possible?

Am 06.10.2014 20:42, schrieb Mikael Magnusson:
> On 6 October 2014 15:03, Micha <maria.huana <at>> wrote:
>> Nice, that you have such a high opinion of us !
> Can't blame me for having some small hope. Anyway, I realized that
> although it is very simple to add a simple option to just use an
> absolute number, it was a bit more work to use the existing code that
> allows you to say things like 2/3 and -500 to put stuff at 2/3rds of
> the specified desktop, aligned from the right edge on so on, so I took
> pity on you guys and implemented it.
> top six commits here, or
> squashed into a single patch here,
> I've only tested this lightly, so let me know if something breaks. The
> specified position will not take effect for mouse binds, and will not
> take effect if the menu shown is client-menu (it always shows up under
> the titlebar of the window it belongs to).
Not my topic here, but I think, someone should acknowledge your patch
at least, well done !

Though not obvious, but there are situations, where placing a menu e.g. at
the center can become handy.
When you watch fullscreen videos, or you are working inside a window, maybe
you shove the mouse pointer out of your view.
If you now call a menu by shortcut, you first have to search around the 
edges, to find the menu.  Here a fixed shortcut-menu position is useful.

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Alexey Korop | 10 Oct 18:16 2014

ToggleShowDesktop exclutions

Hi, All

   For some reason I use Conky windows in "own_window_type normal" mode.
In this case ToggleShowDesktop operation switch Conky windows
visibility, which is undesirable.
   Is there a way to leave the Concy windows visible despite their
"normal" mode?
   Perhaps it would be wiser not to toggle the visibility of windows
with hints "undecorated,below,skip_taskbar,skip_pager"?


Yours truly Alexey
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Ranjan Maitra | 9 Oct 21:21 2014



I use openbox without any DE and with SLiM as my login manager. I was wondering how to get ssh-askpass to work
when I log in. I looked around for some help with openbox WM but was unable to find any. I am able to find the
following setup for LXDE (which supposedly works):

$ sudo tail /usr/bin/startlxde
# set up ssh
eval $( ssh-agent -s )
ssh-add &

# Start the LXDE session
exec /usr/bin/lxsession -s LXDE -e LXDE
eval $( ssh-agent -k )

Does the above need to be set up in /usr/bin/openbox-session? 

Many thanks,

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Micha | 3 Oct 22:58 2014

make the root-menu appear at a fixed location when opening it with a keyboard shortcut, possible?

Hi folks !
I don't know, how to step into an active subject, hope this will appear
where it belongs to.:-[
When I first read the posts of this topic, I wouldn't believe, that there is
any problem achieving such behaviour.
But then I realized, there are two different actions involved:
1.: Setting the pointer ( with Xdotool )
2.: Calling the root-menu

In the OB rc.xml, this would need 2 action-tags( "execute" and "show-menu" )
performed inside one keybind-tag.
I've tested it, and both actions were working, but not together !
The pointer was placed correctly, but the root-menu was displayed at the
former pointer coordinates.
Maybe, putting the xdotool-call into a Bash script, with a little sleep 
at the
end might help to place the menu at the new coordinates.

But I ended with this weird workaround:
I just created one shortcut for the moderated menu positioning, and a
second one for the normal menu-call.
The part of the rc.xml looks like that :
     <keybind key="W-r">
       <action name="ShowMenu">
     <keybind key="W-j">
       <action name="Execute">
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Alex Henrie | 2 Oct 04:46 2014

Keybindings for window tiling


I'd like to see some basic keybindings for window tiling (Super+Left,
Super+Right, Super+Up, Super+Down) included in the default
configuration. Could you please take a look at and give me some feedback?

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