TT | 1 Sep 08:34 2015

compiling openbox 3.6.1

so i thought why not compile openbox myself, disable some unneeded stuff.
i now have a reduced version running, and it's much snappier.
i don't notice any other difference, and that confuses me a little because i disabled a lot of things.
this is on an archlinux plain openbox install, no desktop environment. xorg-server is 1.17.2-4.

i did the usual:

./configure --help
./configure <see below>
sudo make install

question is:
i could not find any documentation on what those options do exactly, besides from what is in ./configure's help message. or if there are even more options.
a pointer to the right resource(s) would be appreciated.

if you could also take a look at my options and maybe explain some:

? i have no clue what these mean! i just disabled them, and everything works fine.

as i understand, these 2 disable icons support. i don't use icons in menus anyway.
but i still have icons in the titlebar, and they also look the same as before.

kind of self-explanatory, and the behavior is as expected

i took this to mean ui internationalisation. i use english anyway, so no difference

? it's still possible to start openbox with openbox-session.
maybe it applies to more complex setups (desktop environments).
i suspect xdg-autostart doesn't work anymore.

i still have my normal cursor theme (not the inbuilt default) when hovering over windows? huh?

i vaguely understand what xinerama does, and i have no desires for customized multi-monitor setups.
anyhow my system works nicely.

huh? does that mean i can compile ob without support for the xorg-server?
i tried, and it threw an error (no X found or something).
(this is the only option i took from the original PKGBUILD, all others are added)

thanks for reading this far,


is it possible to compile without xft or freetype (=using only xfonts)?
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Ian Zimmerman | 23 Aug 07:33 2015

XML schemas (schemata?)

Does anyone have a RELAX NG schema for rc.xml and/or menu.xml?  The
tools for conversion from the .xsd format seem to all suck [1], and TBH
the existing .xsd don't quite constrain the format enough, anyway :-)



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Frank McCormick | 15 Jul 18:37 2015


I recently have returned to using Openbox and am having the same
trouble I had before using Debian Sids openbox-menu

The pipemenu works...but all the categories except for one (Chrome Apps)
are listed as NULL.

The last time I tried this I nave figured out what was wrong...I am hoping
someone will be able to point me in the right direction this time.



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Ian Zimmerman | 7 Jul 17:49 2015

Directional switching

I am disappointed by the result of the directional commands in the
following specific situation.  I have a grid of windows of the same
size, lined up so they all touch (I guess "tiled" is a good description)
and I go switch with direction == northwest (the same is true for
northeast etc.)  The window selected by the algo is the one directly to
the north from the focussed one, and not the one diagonally to the
northwest as I expected.

I looked at the code ie. focus_find_directional in openbox/focus_cycle.c
and I cannot say I understand it.  Is there a paper I can read with a
rationale?  Or can the author(s) of the code explain?

I hope after I gain understanding of the current algo's goal, I can
offer a patch to make it behave better in the situation I described.


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33413b4f | 4 Jul 15:51 2015

Re: Better support of touchscreen?

Any way to map touching the screen in a certain place or a certain manner (say touching at two corners at once)
to emulate a right button? Any other way to make right "button" work by touching a touchscreen? I can't see
any way to do it under xdm with openbox.

John Pezzano

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Garry Hoberg | 4 Jul 12:07 2015

Is a borderless dock area possible?


I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of the border around the
openbox dock area.


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Ian Zimmerman | 2 Jul 18:22 2015

Client list wish

I wish the client list menu started with the currently focussed window
selected, and not always the first window in the list, as it does now.

What are the chances of getting such a feature into openbox, by any
means necessary? ;-)


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Mikael Magnusson | 1 Jul 11:33 2015

Openbox 3.6.1

On Fri, Jun 12, 2015 at 12:16 PM, Andrej N. Gritsenko
<andrej <at>> wrote:
>     Hello!
> Are you aware that libobrender in 3.6 is binary incompatible with 3.5.x
> due to commit 24bb21a124a088008524184add2e152501f3c554 ? It violates now
> the rules for ABI because after such changes release should have also ABI
> changed, but libobrender still have version 29. I would suggest to make
> change and release fixed version (3.6.1 perhaps) ASAP.
>     With best regards,
>     Andriy.
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Oops. I have released 3.6.1 now, with no other changes than bumping
the .so version and release version in I also took the
liberty of uploading a .xz version of the tarball, if anyone prefers
those. .gz will still be available for the foreseeable future.


Mikael Magnusson
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Scott Robbins | 29 Jun 01:30 2015

2 multiple monitor questions

I have a set up of 4 monitors set to Xinerama (using NVidia's config tool)
There are three things I can do with dwm (which recognizes each monitor as
what they call a screen) that I've not yet been able to figure out with

One is to change focus to a monitor.  That is, if I'm on monitor 1, is
there a way to change focus to monitor 2 without using the mouse?  I can
get to monitor 2, assuming there's an application open in it, by using
alt+tab till I hit said application, but I'm looking for a way to just
change focus to monitor two without there being an open application.  o

Next--I've found (only on an Ubuntu forum, I didn't see this in the docs) a
way to send a window to the next monitor, using <action> MoveResizeTo  <monitor>next</monitor>
tags, but it doesn't seem to work with <monitor>previous</monitor>.  Is
there a  way to do that. I can move it with other keyboard shortcuts and
get it to the previous monitor, but I would think that if next works,
previous should also work. I'm fairly sure I'm not mistyping. 

Lastly--I feel as if this is in the docs but I'm just not smart enough to
get it.  With dwm, I can move to what they call a new tag, similar enough
to a desktop.  On this 4 monitor setup, If I'm on monitor 2, I can just
move monitor 2 to a new tag (desktop) while the others stay the same. Is
there a way to do this in openbox?  That is, if while focused in monitor
one if I use the keys ctl+alt+right to get to desktop 2, I only want that
to happen with monitor 2, not the other 3. Is there a fairly simple way to
do that?

All of these are things I can work around--I tend to change between openbox
and dwm, but there was another odd problem that seems to have been tied to
the tint2 task bar, and I just figured that out this morning.  Due to said
problem, I hadn't used openbox in awhile.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this, and I'd be grateful for any


Scott Robbins
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Klebezettel | 28 Jun 19:27 2015

Missing some actions, most importantly "GoToUrgentClient"

Dear openbox users and developers,

I've just switched from the awesome window manager to
openbox and there are some bits that I couldn't figure yet
out. I'm on openbox 3.5.2 and as far as I can tell, openbox
3.6 [1] can't help me with these either. Apart from that,
thanks for this wonderful piece of software.

1. Action for toggling between normal/top layer?
    I don't have a use case for the bottom layer (what would
    the typical one be?) and so I miss a key binding for
    toggling a client between these two layers. Currently I
    have to use *two* key bindings for this (SendToLayer).

2. Toggle decorations for *all* (normal) clients?
    I need this one for colleagues that are used to a title
    bar and are otherwise helpless (e.g. co-workers coming to
    your machine to debug sth...).

3. Exclude iconified windows in A+Tab dialog and
    restore/focus last iconified (stack)?
    This is useful if you know that you are not going to work
    with some windows for a while.

...and now the most important one:

4. I'm looking for sth. like "GoToUrgentClient".
    Awesome has "Mod4 + u" which will "Focus first urgent
    client" (man awesome). This one is super handy and my so
    far concrete use cases both involve urxt with

      (1) IM/IRC message arrived, go there.
          (e.g. weechat inside urxvt)
      (2) Long running build job finished, go there.
          (Urxvt+tmux monitor for activity/silence)

    Now being able to focus the urgent client is on thing,
    another is to get *notified* about urgent clients. Since
    openbox is solely a window manager, there is no
    widget/panel that could notify me. Awesome has the pager
    integrated in the panel by default and would indicate an
    urgent client in the pager (red background).

    So I started to look at tint2, which is quite nice,
    except for the case that there is no way to get notified
    about an urgent client if you use the single_desktop
    setting (taskbar_mode = single_desktop), which I use...
    There is a bug report / wish for this.

    How do you solve the problem?

Best regards,

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Dave Coventry | 16 Jun 10:29 2015

Shift key misbehaviour in Openbox


I have 2 machines both running Openbox as their window manager.

I have a laptop and a Desktop with multiple monitors.

I run Blender, the 3d modelling program on both (

This application uses the shift key to make multiple selections.

On the laptop this works as expected, but on the Desktop machine the
shift key modifier disables the click. (Leastways, nothing happens
when a second item is clicked with the primary mouse button)

I have already driven the Blender3D forum mods to distraction trying
to find the cause, but it turns out it works fine under another WM
like KDE.

Any suggestions?

~ Dave.

PS thanks for a great WM, by the way!
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