Benno Luthiger | 3 May 09:13 2004

FASD project: Online survey launched

Dear Open Source developer

I am doing a research project on "Fun and Software Development" in which I
kindly invite you to participate.
You will find the online survey under The
questionnaire consists of 53 questions and you will need about 15 minutes to
complete it.

With the FASD project (Fun and Software Development) we want to define the
motivational significance of fun when software developers decide to engage
in Open Source projects. What is special about our research project is that
a similar survey is planned with software developers in commercial firms.
This procedure allows the immediate comparison between the involved
individuals and the conditions of production of these two development
models. Thus we hope to obtain substantial new insights to the phenomenon of
Open Source Development.

With many thanks for your participation,
Benno Luthiger

The results of the survey will be published under
We have set up the mailing list fasd <at> for this study. Please
see for registration to this
mailing list.


Benno Luthiger
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