Stefan Schmidt | 31 Aug 09:53 2015

[E-devel] Weekly news from the automated build and QA front


o Many nightly jobs haven't been running due to a problem with one test 
case. Disabled that on for now and started the nightlies again. Should 
hopefully produce new coverity runs today.

This should give everyone an overview over what has happened in the last
week on the QA front. The numbers in parentheses reflect the values from
last week to give you a trend.

o Overall build statistic: 6.85% (8.81%) failed.

Unique Jenkins build failures:
o Open:
	Test case fail in eina_quaternion on x86:
o Resolved:
	elm stable did not build after bump to efl version 1.15.1

o Random:

Clang scan-build:
o EFL scan-build reports N/A (N/A) issues.
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Andrew Williams | 30 Aug 11:39 2015

Re: [E-devel] Elementary Handling of Standard Icons for Applications

I agree with this, I can't ship any large featured app using elm icons at
this time, I have to use an fdo lookup.

If elm were a complete icon theme (including all E, efm and media player
etc icons) the current ordering makes sense - but not until then.

Therefore I propose for efl 1.16 we need either:
1) import a complete icon theme that works; or
2) change the lookup order so efl apps don't look a mess by default.

And possibly in either case:
3) add an elm api to set strategy for the whole app

Primarily I want an elm app to be consistent in itself but overall it
should be consistent with E or the desktop it's running within.


On Tue, 11 Aug 2015 15:39 Stephen Houston <smhouston88 <at>> wrote:

> At any rate, Raster's reasoning is only good if the theme provides a
> complete icon set... so for that to make sense right now, someone needs to
> finish the elm theme icon set or as Davide said just import an already
> complete icon set into the elm theme.
> On Tue, Aug 11, 2015 at 7:35 AM, Davide Andreoli <dave <at>>
> wrote:
> > 2015-08-11 2:14 GMT+02:00 Carsten Haitzler <raster <at>>:
> >
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Tom Hacohen | 30 Aug 10:46 2015

Re: [E-devel] Object data lost with an Eo instance

You are not allowed to make most EFL calls outside of the main thread.
Watch out if you have more.


On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 11:54 PM, Andrew Williams <andy <at>>

> Hi,
> Turned out to be lack of locking - some Eo calls were being made outwith
> the main_thread context - helgrind found it pretty fast.
> Thanks for all the help,
> Andrew
> On Tue, 11 Aug 2015 19:58 Andrew Williams <andy <at>> wrote:
> > Hi JackDanielZ
> >
> > Thanks for looking into this, I appreciate the help. I think you're
> seeing
> > this other bug:
> >
> > I have no idea yet why this is being freed but I have noticed that the
> > widget sometimes disappears before crash which I guess means something is
> > actually removing the widget. Any ideas how I could track that down?
> >
> > Thanks,
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Andrew Williams | 30 Aug 02:10 2015

[E-devel] EDI release 0.1

Hey there,
I'm excited to announce the 0.1 release of EDI.
This is the biggest release ever of EDI and we have a great mix of features
and stability. Please check it out and let me know of any feedback.

downloads at: (can anyone tell me how to upload to the main downloads


   - Added a monospaced font picker to settings
   - Indent newlines to match whitespace in the previous line
   - Trim trailing whitespace when saving

Bug fixes:

   - Stability improvements
   - T2057 Line numbers are not fully visible in new windows
   - #3 <> assume bash as
   default shell when creating a new project
   - #4 <> Unable to compile

Happy IDEing :)

Jérémy Zurcher | 26 Aug 15:58 2015

[E-devel] eo refs

that's what I think should be the correct behaviour:

regular case :
    o = eo_add(CLASS, NULL);
// o is destroyed, you own it, you do what it pleases you with it.

but :
    o = eo_add(CLASS, parent);
// o still leaves, it is referenced by parent.
// you gave up working with it, as you wish,
// but parent still owns a reference to it.

moreover :
    o = eo_add(CLASS, parent);
// ERROR msg and no destruction.
// you try to steal the ref you gave to the parent, that's bad behaviour.

the only right way to do so is :
    o = eo_add(CLASS, parent);
    eo_parent_set(o, NULL);
// o is destroyed. no question asked.

there is always an exception :
    o = eo_add(CLASS, parent);
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Daniel Juyung Seo | 26 Aug 09:34 2015

[E-devel] EFL and Elementary 1.15.1 release

First update for the 1.15.x series.
With the help of a lot of passionate developers, we were able to fix many bugs.
Kudos to all!

Efl fixes:

  * ecore_evas: fix first render skip in several windows
  * ecore-wl: do not nul terminate drops
  * Evas language: fix script run code (T2670)

Elementary feature:

  * popup: make scroller optional in popup (T2651)

Elementary fixes:

  * focus: add del callback always.
  * Tooltip: reset content delete callback directly after invocation
  * elm_toolbar: fix icon_size to consider edje base scale
  * spinner: Add to support spinner value %d format.
  * cnp: init wayland dnd handlers upon creating the first drop target
  * cnp: initialize Elm_Selection_Data.action for wayland drops
  * cnp: fix wayland drop format selection
  * cnp: pass wayland drop event size to handler, do not nul terminate drop data
  * cnp: end wayland drag on allocation failure
  * cnp: only nul terminate wayland drops for text type drops
  * cnp: redo wayland drop to nul terminate for text_uri drops and
free on every drop
  * list: fix crash while setting nearest item in viewport (T2662)
  * scroller: fix the focus move bug in scroller.
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Daniel Juyung Seo | 24 Aug 19:42 2015

[E-devel] Pre-release tarballs for efl and elm 1.15.1


I just uploaded the tarballs for 1.15.1 which will become the final
release if I hear nothing problematic within the next 24h.



Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)

Simon Lees | 24 Aug 11:29 2015

[E-devel] logging into phab 401 (Missing oauth)

Hi All,

When trying to log into phab when using a google account from a machine 
that hasn't before, I get a 401 complaining about a missing oauth. If i 
log in with a machine I use regularly that stores my login it seems fine.


Michael Blumenkrantz | 22 Aug 19:15 2015

[E-devel] Pending release of E-vacation 0.20

Hi all,

Development of this version of E-vacation has been in progress since 2013, and
I'm planning to release it on 24 August 2015. The expected runtime for
the execution of this release is approximately two weeks, during which time I
will be focusing all available resources towards debugging E-vacation. As a
result, I will temporarily not be active in managing Enlightenment-related
issues, responding to Enlightenment-related requests, writing
Enlightenment-related code, or punting further Enlightenment releases.

If anyone needs me urgently I can be contacted directly at
zmike <at>, though please note that I'll also be involved in
testing the qBooze mobile platform for the duration of the deployment,
resulting in a high system load and severely impeding my ability to respond in
a timely fashion.

tl;dr: I'm going on vacation for two weeks starting Monday.

Mike Blumenkrantz | 22 Aug 00:05 2015

[E-devel] Enlightenment DR 0.19.9 Release

This bugfix release improves on the 0.19.8 release and resolves a number of


Carsten  <at> raster Haitzler (1):
      e - systray - add more sizes to icon hunt to fix missing icons

Cedric  <at> cedric BAIL (2):
      temperature: let's finally allow the temp process to rest also when
enlightenment die.
      battery: let's finally allow the battery process to rest also when
enlightenment die.

Mike  <at> zmike Blumenkrantz (25):
      add event rect for deskmirror in pager/taskbar modes
      reject x11 NotifyVirtual and NotifyInferior mouse in events more
      use better keybind activation logic
      do not modify E_Client->visible value in show/hide callbacks
      unset E_Client->want/take_focus flags in hide callback
      only use deferred focus-setting on desk flip focus if client is not
      don't set E_Client->changes.visible on successful show/hide
      set 'stopping' during logout action
      do not relaunch relaunchable quickaccess windows during logout
      redo fileman menus to only scan the first 100 items found
      feed mouse-up event during mouse down on menus
      force render queue and check for redirection on clients with 0x0
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Daniel Hirt | 20 Aug 07:59 2015

[E-devel] Phabricator auto-closes tickets from non-master branches

Hey all,

Yesterday I had a little mishap with a phabricator ticket: it seems that
pushing fixes to branches (e.g. devs/herdsman/my_branch) is triggering
an auto-close to the ticket that's referenced there (e.g. "Fixes
T1234"). I expect that it should do that only if I push to master.
Can someone look into the auto-close configuration and see if this can
be avoided?

Thanks in advance.

  Danny (herdsman)