Daniel Juyung Seo | 30 Oct 14:03 2014

Re: [E-devel] [EGIT] [core/elementary] master 01/01: entry/test: make scrollable entries visible

On Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 9:28 PM, thiepha <at> gmail.com <thiepha <at> gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Yes, we can do that way too.
> The reason for fixing is that I just want to see entries at the beginning,
> so that we can notice entries exist.
> Before that, I always forgot about their existence.


> I think it would be a normal  operation if the entries do not show their
> content when we resize, since window is small.

That must be not what users want who use entries IMO.


Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ)

> Best Regards,
> Thiep Ha
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Christian Stroetmann | 29 Oct 01:30 2014

[E-devel] Evas 3D

Aloha everybody

I am looking for informations related with Evas 3D and so far I only 
found the webpage Evas 3D Tudo by Hermet and a video made in 2010 or so.

In this relation I would like to ask some questions:
Could anybody be so kind and give me some more informations where to 
look at?
Is this is a 3D canvas?
How does it compare to a scene graph commonly used with e.g. OpenGL?

Best regards
Christian Stroetmann

Cedric BAIL | 28 Oct 01:22 2014

[E-devel] First ever EFL developers day in the US


This third time EFL developers day has been way to dense with way to
much to talk and discuss ! Many of the people involved in the event
have raised that point and I started looking for a solution for next
   We can't really divide yet in multiple track, so we need more day
together. Also everyone can't travel from one continent to another.
Taking all this into account, we came up with the following proposal.
We will try to organize two developers day next year. One in the US
next to ELC and one in Europe next to ELCE. Hopefully it will work out
well. It should open the possibility to split the day in two, one
dedicated to user of our code and another part dedicated to the core
technology that are being developed.
   So ELC coming quite soon, it is already time to try to plan it.
Samsung Reseach America is considering hosting it as ELC is really
next door. The question is now, who and when will people be able to
show up ! I have setup a slowvote on phab and will close it in maybe 2
or 3 weeks, but answer as soon as possible !


Have fun,

Cedric BAIL

Stefan Schmidt | 27 Oct 14:42 2014

[E-devel] 1.13 release schedule proposal


We are in the final stages for 1.12 so it is about time to think about
the schedule for 1.13.

This proposal will follow the simplification I proposed during the EFL
dev day and here on the mailing list. It changes to a simplified 8 weeks
development followed by 4 weeks stabilization model.

I heard the comments about going down to 3 weeks stabilization but
looking through the feedback it seems we should at least give 8+4 a try
for the first time. We can always adjust for the next cycle.

1.12 is planned for November 10th which would normally mean we start the
development window at that day (minus the days we might need to delay).
When doing the schedule like this I discovered two problems date wise
which I would like to avoid. Number one is that the merge window would
close at the 5th of January next year. Given that many western
developers are on vacation end of the year and beginning of the new one
that would mean that they would in worst case only have 6 weeks time and
the stabilization phase would directly begin at the end of their vacation.

The second date conflict would be the release date of 1.13. It would be
the 2nd of February a day where I will most likely will travel back from
FOSDEM. Both of these date conflicts made me think that we should just
start our cycle a week late for 1.13 (at the 17th of November). That
gives people a week after new year vacation to ring in their last
changes and myself a easier last week for preparing and releasing 1.13.

Full schedule would look like this:
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Stefan Schmidt | 27 Oct 14:03 2014

[E-devel] EFL and friends 1.12.0 beta 1

A bunch of fresh new tarballs with our latest work waiting for your
testing before we can go into the final stages of releases.

= EFL, Elementary and friends 1.12 beta tarballs =

One week after our alpha 1 tarballs we just released our first beta
tarballs. Please grab and test.

== Download ==
Its getting a long post so the most important stuff upfront. Downloads. :-)






= What's New =

New since alpha1:

== EFL ==
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Stefan Schmidt | 27 Oct 10:02 2014

[E-devel] Weekly news from the automated build and QA front


o First week into the stabilization phase
o Nightly builds have been fully run through since a long time

This should give everyone an overview over what has happened in the last
week on the QA front. The numbers in parentheses reflect the values from
last week to give you a trend.

o Overall build statistic: 11.11% (15.54%) failed.

clang scan-build:
o EFL scan-build reports 462 (447) issues.
o Elementary scan-build reports 79 (79) issues.

Unit tests:
o 408 (405) unit tests for efl and none failing

o EFL total coverage is at 33.7% (32.5%) lines and 36.7% (35.9%) functions

o EFL: Outstanding defects 58 (59) with a density of 0.09 (0.09)
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Philippe Caseiro | 27 Oct 09:25 2014

[E-devel] FOSDEM 2015 Desktops DevRoom Call for Talks

FOSDEM is one of the largest gatherings of Free Software contributors
in the world and happens each February in Brussels (Belgium). One of
the tracks will be the Desktops DevRoom (formerly known as
“CrossDesktop DevRoom”), which will host Desktop-related talks.

We are now inviting proposals for talks about Free/Libre/Open-source
Software on the topics of Desktop development, Desktop applications
and interoperability amongst Desktop Environments. This is a unique
opportunity to show novel ideas and developments to a wide technical

Topics accepted include, but are not limited to: Enlightenment, Gnome,
KDE, Unity, XFCE, LXQt, Windows, Mac OS X, software development for
the desktop, general desktop matters, applications that enhance
desktops and web (when related to desktop).

Talks can be very specific, such as the advantages/disadvantages of
development with Qt on Wayland over X11/Mir; or as general as
predictions for the fusion of Desktop and web in 5 years time. Topics
that are of interest to the users and developers of all desktop
environments are especially welcome. The FOSDEM 2014 schedule might
give you some inspiration.

Please include the following information when submitting a proposal:

Your name
The title of your talk (please be descriptive, as titles will be
listed with around 250 from other projects)
Short abstract of one or two paragraphs
Short bio (with photo)
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Viacheslav Reutskiy | 24 Oct 09:10 2014

[E-devel] Ecore Thread: stop/kill thread

Hi everyone.

I have one little question about Ecore Thread.
I need to stop the running thread and get
notified, I mean call callback, about it event.

Ecore Thread has the function ecore_thread_close(),
but if this func not stopped the thread, Ecore
Thread waits until thread is finished, and then call
the cancel callback.

How I can stop or kill the thread? And if this
functionality is not available, any plans to add


Best Regards
Viacheslav Reutskyi (rimmed)

Philippe Caseiro | 23 Oct 09:29 2014

[E-devel] FOSDEM 2015


  Like winter FOSDEM is coming so we need to be prepared.

  Since 2011 I'm involved in the organisation of the Destkop DevRoom
(aka Cross Desktop).

  We are about to launch the call for proposal.

  Like each year since 2010 we are going to ask for a Stand, we
probably have it.

  So what we need is "Volonteers" to keep the stand open during all
event. Any help is welcome.


Philippe Caseiro

Change your computer life

Daniel Zaoui | 22 Oct 15:39 2014

[E-devel] Herdsman commit access

Hi boyz, girlz, Raster,

I would like to recommend that we grant Daniel Hirt (herdsman) commit
access. He has been working on text for almost one year and made a great
job by proposing good patches and by making his best to help people on
text issues.
And well, just know that the reason why Tom is less annoying all of us
this last year is because Dani disturbs him every time. So I really
think he deserves it (and kudos for the sacrifice :P). Tom, just for joke!

If there are no objections during the next days, I will add him to the devs.

JackDanielZ, alias D2

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ChunEon Park | 22 Oct 15:33 2014

[E-devel] elemies in tizen sdk

Hi, elemies developers.

if tizen sdk includes elemies  as one casual game sample, 
It will be more attractive for tizen application developers.

Jerome and it's contributors,  what do you think about?

if you don't mind, then i try put the game into tizen sdk.

-Regards, Hermet-
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