ChunEon Park | 2 Sep 17:40 2014

[E-devel] Enventor 0.3.2 Release

Enventor 0.3.2 has just released. 

This version is more stable with some bug fixes.

The tarballs can be found at:

Major fixes:
    * Fixed memory leaks in some cases.
   * Fixed segfault in applying syntax color.
   * Fixed window title file path to be updated correctly.
   * Fixed auto completion keyword relative
   * Fixed auto completion candidation list to be updated correctly.
   * Fixed dummy object(swallow) has invisible problem.

Have fun with Enventor! 


-Regards, Hermet-
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bray | 2 Sep 04:51 2014

[E-devel] evas callback function is wrong on homescreen

Hi everyone:

I flashed Tizen IVI 3.0 into VTC 1010 and run the homescreen(ico-uxf-homescreen).
I use function(evas_object_image_file_set) to drew a lot of pictures on the home screen.

The different callback functions are registered in different images.
such as:
evas_object_event_callback_add(btn_A, EVAS_CALLBACK_MOUSE_UP,
evas_object_event_callback_add(btn_B, EVAS_CALLBACK_MOUSE_UP,
evas_object_event_callback_add(btn_C, EVAS_CALLBACK_MOUSE_UP,
Node: Function (TouchUpBtn_A ) to execute appA。 Function TouchUpBtn_B  and TouchUpBtn_C have
nothing to do.

I click btn_A to execute appA.when appA is loading, I click btn_B and appA is launched.
 After this, no matter which button is clicked, function TouchUpBtn_B will called.

Can anyone know the reason ?

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Stefan Schmidt | 1 Sep 11:14 2014

[E-devel] Weekly news from the automated build and QA front


o Coverity finally catched up with most of the closed issues. :)

This should give everyone an overview over what has happened in the last
week on the QA front. The numbers in parentheses reflect the values from
last week to give you a trend.

o Overall build statistic: 3.54% (9.75%) failed.

clang scan-build:
o EFL scan-build reports 452 (452) issues.
o Elementary scan-build reports 77 (77) issues.

Unit tests:
o 326 (399) unit tests for efl and none failing

o EFL total coverage is at 32.2% (32.2%) lines and 35.7% (35.7%) functions

o EFL: Outstanding defects 88 (171) with a density of 0.13 (0.26)
o Elm: Outstanding defects 0 (0) with a density of 0 (0)
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Carsten Haitzler | 30 Aug 04:12 2014

[E-devel] eo porting of evas callbacks has a problem

missing EVAS_CALLBACK_DEVICE_CHANGED support in _legacy_evas_callback_table in


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Carsten Haitzler | 30 Aug 03:48 2014

[E-devel] more ecore-con b0rkage

and now... thumbnails in efm are broken (e_thumb is a process launched and
connects back to e via ipc to get commands in the thumb queue). :)


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Stefan Schmidt | 29 Aug 15:06 2014

[E-devel] Efl and Elementary 1.11.1 release

We are happy to release a first stable update for the 1.11.x series.

EFL fixes:
    * evas: Evas_Wayland_Egl - change size of common gl context after 
egl make current according to current Outbuf's size
    * evas: Evas_wayland_Egl - fix black surface during resize
    * ecore_evas: Ecore_Evas_X - make sure that ecore evas post render 
is always called.
    * fix efl deadlock with thread queues
    * ecore_evas: Ecore_Evas_X - Fix broken rendering during rotation 
with resize (T1371)
    * eina_file: fixing wrong return value on access problems in file 
copy process


Building and Dependencies

If you have an existing EFL or Elementary install, you may wish to 
delete its header files and libraries before compiling and installing to 
avoid possible conflicts during compilation. If you are compiling the 
above, please compile them in the following order:

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Mike Blumenkrantz | 29 Aug 06:57 2014

[E-devel] E19 RC3

In an incredibly bold and unforeseen turn of events, The E19 Release Cycle
has skipped the beta series of releases and jumped straight from alphas to
release candidates. This extreme display of showboating has release
managers all over the world shaking their heads, but none of the referees
appear willing to hand out cards on this play.

Notable changes since the last release include:

* Numerous translation updates and fixes
* Wayland compositor rewritten/overhauled by Chris "devilhorns" Michael,
who was last seen on the sidelines muttering vague, threatening statements
concerning pointers and drag-n-drop operations
** Reduced memory footprint
** Reduced rendering complexity
** Reduced code size
** Supports running Wayland Clients inside X11 session
** Supports wl_shell and xdg_shell protocols
--- xdg_shell requires wayland 1.6 (pending release)
** Preliminary support for running Enlightenment Wayland standalone
-- No X11 required t run wayland clients
  -- Does not Yet handle X11 applications (xwayland support pending, stop
looking at my branches)
-- Still considered unstable (ymmv, it may crash, delete `C:\System32`, etc)
* Tiling usability improvements from TAsn
* Teamwork bug fixes
* Greatly improved systray handling when using fullscreen windows
* Pager16 module promoted to Pager
* Quickaccess module now more reliable across restarts
* Ibar menu now fails less frequently
* Even more translation updates and fixes
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Tom Hacohen | 28 Aug 17:12 2014

[E-devel] Killing off Eina_Bool

Hey guys,

It's been ages since we last complained about the existence of 
Eina_Bool. We all hate it and think it's useless. It's too long to type, 
and redundant. "bool" has been available for ages now. Same goes for 
"true" and "false". I think we should kill Eina_Bool and start using 
those. It doesn't have to be a sed (though we could sed it out from all 
of our sources), it can be gradual.

If someone thinks there's a platform out there that doesn't have "bool", 
we can just add a platform check and define it if missing.

What do you think?


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Daniel Kolesa | 28 Aug 11:43 2014

[E-devel] Disabling C++ bindings by default for the 1.12 development cycle

Hello everybody,

after some discussion we've decided to disable the C++ bindings during the
1.12 development cycle. The reason for this step is frequent breakages of
the bindings because of changes and new features in Eolian.

The plan is thus to disable them for the time being (developers and testers
can still re-enable them using the appropriate configure flag) and enable
by default for actual 1.12 release (as Eolian should hopefully be stable by
that point).

For regular EFL users, the generated bindings as they are now are unusable.
They still need a whole lot more work and that can still be done even if
they're disabled by default. The only purpose of this step is to simplify
development for everyone else (who doesn't use C++) - including me (as I
maintain the Eolian library and have to frequently update the C++ generator
just to make it not break) and Tom (as he's working on the new EFL
interfaces and Eolian_Cxx would very possibly become a source of frequent
breakages as new Eolian features come into more use).

Unless any serious and well reasoned objections are made, I'll disable them
within the next few days.

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Video for Nerds.  Stuff that matters. | 28 Aug 10:58 2014

[E-devel] [E_DEVEL]enlightenment support wayland

Hi, All,
   Just I tried e_comp_wl based on README.wayland in Enlightenment
upstream on my Fedora 20.
   We could run enlightenment by ./enlightenment_start and found wayland
socket in /run/user/1000/e-yanwang <at> XXX. And some applications (e.g.
calculator of Fedora 20 but terminal not) could run.
   And I tried weston (1.5.0) sample clients and seems only shm samples
could be run. Currently e_comp_wl should haven't support Wayland drm
EGL so far.
   Is it right? I have added the following:
   export E_WL_FORCE=drm
   export ELM_DISPLAY=wl
   export ELM_ACCEL=opengl

   The following is my test sample list:
   weston-simple-shm	success
   weston-simple-egl	eglInitialize() is failed
   weston-editor	segment-fault
   weston-resizor	could run but crash when try to close by press X button
   weston-scaler	success
   weston-dnd	        success
   weston-flower	success
   weston-smoke	failed, no smoke
   weston-subsurface	failed, egl_state_create()
   weston-terminal	success

Yan Wang

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Carsten Haitzler | 27 Aug 12:02 2014

[E-devel] Enlightenment Developer day is on again - Düsseldorg, Germany, 12th of October

Enlightenment developer day is on again!

come one, come all!


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