Stefan Schmidt | 21 Aug 14:19 2014

[E-devel] Upcoming stable releases next week


Now that we have 1.11 out I'm going to do a last 1.10.x stable release 
on Monday to conclude this series.

If you have anything left that needs backporting please do it until 

Depending on much fixes will land in the new 1.11.x branches I might do 
a first stable update for 1.11 end of next week as well.

Stefan Schmidt

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stefan | 20 Aug 18:40 2014

[E-devel] EFL 1.11 is Out

= EFL 1.11 is Out =

After three months of development work we are proud to announce the 
release of version 1.11 of EFL, Elementary, Evas Generic Loaders and 
Emotion Generic Players.
While we are two days behind schedule we are still proud that we are 
able to deliver new releases on a 3 months cycle. Some highlights are 
listed below.

== Download ==

= What's New =

Even if we had only three months a lot has happened during the 1.11 
release cycle.
We only cover some highlights here for the full list please look at the 
NEWS files
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Manuel Bachmann | 19 Aug 13:51 2014

[E-devel] [PATCH] [core/efl] autotools: do not link with libGL if we have "wayland-egl" without "gl"

Hello folks,

Please consider the attached patch, which applies to latest master of
"core/efl.git" and avoids linking with libGL if we do not need it
(wayland-egl, no "gl" engine).



*Manuel BACHMANN Tizen Project VANNES-FR*
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Kai Huuhko | 19 Aug 10:23 2014

[E-devel] Python-EFL 1.10.1 released

= Python-EFL 1.10.1 release =

We are pleased to announce that **Python-EFL** 1.10.1 is now released
and available for download.

== Download ==

| **tar.gz** |
| **tar.bz2** |
| **tar.xz** |
| **md5sum** |
| **sha1sum** |

For convenience the tarballs contain both the Cython sources and
generated intermediary C sources, meaning you **do not** need Cython
to compile the bindings. Full Cython sources are also publicly
accessible from our git repository at:

More information about the python bindings can be found at:

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Stefan Schmidt | 18 Aug 09:49 2014

[E-devel] Weekly news from the automated build and QA front


o A lot nuked coverity reports in EFL. Raster got a tiny coverity 
addiction for a few days. :) Good job.

This should give everyone an overview over what has happened in the last
week on the QA front. The numbers in parentheses reflect the values from
last week to give you a trend.

o Overall build statistic: 3.76% (4.44%) failed.

clang scan-build:
o EFL scan-build reports 452 (457) issues.
o Elementary scan-build reports 77 (77)

Unit tests:
o 396 (396) unit tests for efl and none failing

o EFL total coverage is at 32.3% (32.3%) lines and 35.8% (35.8%) functions

o EFL: Outstanding defects 254 (298) with a density of 0.39 (0.45)
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Carsten Haitzler | 18 Aug 08:01 2014

[E-devel] wayland.. egl.. barf!

elm engine is wayland_egl:

need i say more.



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Carsten Haitzler | 16 Aug 07:36 2014

[E-devel] Blog about EO

About time i got back to blogging about EFL etc.


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Massimo Maiurana | 14 Aug 15:57 2014

[E-devel] vlc plugin not working

Trying to use rage with the vlc plugin I get this:

max <at> rubino:~$ rage -e vlc ./Video/samu.avi
_on_low_battery_get_cb() Message error
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs - No such property OnLowBattery
_on_low_battery_get_cb() Message error
org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs - No such property OnLowBattery
*** Error in `/opt/e17/lib/emotion/generic_players/v-1.11/vlc': free():
invalid pointer: 0x00007fa5680272e8 ***
ERR<8067>:emotion_generic modules/emotion/generic/emotion_generic.c:845
_player_del_cb() player died.

Of course the default gstreamer plugin does work, but I want to try vlc
because gstreamer displays some artifacts when there are bright red
portion in the frame, while both the vlc and mplayer players do not.


Massimo Maiurana
Ragusa (RG)

Stefan Schmidt | 14 Aug 11:50 2014

[E-devel] Input for 1.11 release announcement


I would like to get some input for the release announcement again.

We will have the NEWS entries listed so all fixes and features that
git tagged accordingly will show up there.

I would like to get some more high level change descriptions for
bigger items or important fixes. If you did something like this for
1.11 feel free to add something to

Looking through the NEWS file entries I think getting some
descriptions for changes in

* Eolian
* Edje Edit
* Elua
* Edje dpi feature (?)
* DDS image file loader

would be nice.

For Elm I'm struggling a bit to pick out the changes that might be
worth noting. SeoZ any good candidates for Elm?

Stefan Schmidt

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Stefan Schmidt | 14 Aug 10:21 2014

[E-devel] 1.12 release schedule proposal


Later than usual but I wanted some time to think about how tis cycle
went and if I want to keep doing this job.

Timing wise I would leave the schedule like we had it for 1.11 which
basically means 1.12 would be release November the 10th 2014.

2014-08-18 EFL release 1.11 / Merge window for 1.12 opens
2014-09-11 Notice about soon ending first merge window
2014-09-15 First merge window is over.

    One week stabilization phase starts

2014-09-22 Second merge window opens
2014-10-16 Notice about soon ending second merge window
2014-10-20 Second merge window is over.

    Only bug fixes from this point
    Alpha release tarball
    Three weeks stabilization phase starts

2014-10-27 Beta1 release tarball

    Only critical fixes from this point

2014-11-03 Beta2 release tarball
2014-11-10 EFL 1.12 is Out

The full proposal can be read up here:
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ryuan Choi | 13 Aug 13:15 2014

[E-devel] ewebkit 1.11.0 - beta 1

= EWebKit 1.11 beta tarballs =

I'd like to share new ewebkit tarball beta.

I reduced binary size by removing big ChangeLog-XXX.
Now, binary size of ewebkit-1.11.0-beta1.tar.gz is about 18MB (the size of
alpha was about 44MB)

You can find the script in below git to know what I exclude from tarball

== Source ==
branch : ewebkit-1.11
(master branch is for sync with

== Download ==

== NEWS ==
>From the previous snapshot,

  * WebKit1/EFL was dropped.
  * fixed color picker bug (<intput type="color">)
  * refactor vibration API.
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