Antonio Terceiro | 18 Feb 14:05 2012

Re: awesome-freedesktop code license

Hello Alexander,

Alexander Yakushev escreveu isso aĆ­:
> Greetings, Antonio!
> I've been using you aweseme-freedesktop module for some time and I
> found it very useful. Recently I've used its code to build my own
> dmenu-style menu extension (here it is:
> Now I want to commit my
> extension to the Awesome upstream and here's the problem I've ran
> into. Your code lacks any form of copyright notice so oficially I'm
> not able to use put your code into a GPL project (even with all
> attribution).

I really don't known why the heck I didn't include an explicit copyright
notice in the first place, since usually I am the one who asks people to
add proper copyright notices to their code. :-/

I've pushed a commit that adds a copyright notice. The code is hereby
licensed under the same terms as Awesome itself.

> If you don't mind this piece of code making it into upstream and
> willing to spend a fraction of your time removing this obstacle then
> I welcome you to the awesome-devel list (awesome-devel <at>
> <mailto:awesome-devel-subscribe <at>>). This is the thread
> where we discuss this issue:
> <at>
> Probably you'll only need to add a copyright notice at the top of the
> file or just allow me to commit your code under GPL (attribution to
> you included).  Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for
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