Navi Charlotte | 30 Jul 11:01 2014

Keybinds to execute xdotool and emulate media keys


I am trying to emulate media keys in my keyboard by assigning a shortcut 
like Mod4 + a key in the Home block

The code its like this

awful.key({ modkey,}, "Delete", 
  function () awful.util.spawn_with_shell("xdotool key XF86AudioMute")  end 

But it didnt work. If I execute the command in a terminal, it works. If I 
asssign some other function to the same key combination, it works too.

I have tried with os.execute() and awful.util.spawn() as well, but no avail.

I also tried something like this that I saw in other post that explained 
that awesome was grabbing the key, so it needed a delay to give me time to 
release the key before xdotool was executed:

awful.key({ modkey,}, "Insert",
   function () awful.util.spawn_with_shell("sh -c 'sleep 0.5;xdotool key 
XF86AudioPlay")  end ),

And didnt work either, so I am out of ideas.
Any help will be greatly appreciated

This is the version of awesome I have
awesome v3.5.5 (Kansas City Shuffle)
 • Build: Apr 11 2014 09:36:33 for x86_64 by gcc version 4.8.2 (nobody <at> )
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Stefan Geneshky | 28 Jul 04:58 2014

Capturig the Mod key only


I am trying to capture the Mod key only. Replacing the other key with nil or "" doesn't work:

awful.key({ modkey }, nil, function() end)
awful.key({ modkey }, nil, function() end)

The above does not work.
Does anyone know how to capture the Mod key only?

Kevin Clay | 26 Jul 07:54 2014

Online manpage


I was recently going through the online manpage at and found a 
possible issue. Under Default Key Bindings --> Layout Modification: Mod4 
+ h and Mod4 + l seem to be reversed from the pattern of the following 
set for increasing and decreasing different things.


Alexandros Diamantidis | 15 Jul 23:54 2014

Fullscreen and aspect ratio hints

Hi all! I've been using awesome lately and I'm loving it!

I've encountered a little problem with the pqiv image viewer:
fullscreen doesn't work correctly in many cases. I submitted a bug
report to pqiv's bug tracker and its author believes it's a problem with
awesome, namely that windows requesting an aspect ratio not matching the
screen before going fullscreen don't actually become full-screen.

Here's the bug report:

His workaround is calling

gtk_window_set_geometry_hints(main_window, NULL, NULL, 0);

before going fullscreen.

Comments? Is this indeed an awesome bug, or maybe something that I could
fix with some local configuration?


Andrew Phillips | 30 Jun 21:28 2014

Library to configure Awesome from a file


I've written a library to read a JSON file describing your Awesome
configuration with the goal of having the same configuration file work
in both Awesome 3.4.x and 3.5.x, but not limiting the flexibility of
awesome.  My long term intent is to make this library extensible so
that the configuration could be edited with a GUI and be utilized by
other extensions to Awesome.

The code, instructions and example configuration are available here:

I am interested in any comments you wish to provide.


Andrew Phillips <theasp <at>>

Riccardo Sven Risuleo | 26 Jun 17:04 2014

Master area position

Hello all!
Mostly, I use the `tile' layout, and the fair and spiral sometimes.
I was wondering if somebody knew how to have the master area in the
right part of the screen instead, I am using dual monitors and I would like
to have the master areas to be in the center of the setup, this meaning
that I need the master area on the left screen to be on the right...

Any ideas?

BTW I am using :
  awesome v3.5.5 (Kansas City Shuffle)
   • Build: Apr 11 2014 09:36:33 for x86_64 by gcc version 4.8.2 (nobody <at> )
   • Compiled against Lua 5.2.3 (running with Lua 5.2)
   • D-Bus support: ✔

Thank you very much for the consideration,

Best Regards,
Riccardo Sven


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Matías Battocchia | 25 Jun 23:25 2014

Problem with autofocus

Hi there,

I've just upgraded Awesome. I am running version on Arch Linux with default rc.lua.

If I select a tag that contains at least one maximized window such tag does not get colored as selected nor the titlebar displays the windows title. Having more than one window allows me to focus on a non-focused one, Awesome noticing the focus. Waiting some random time (from seconds to minutes) also makes Awesome to color the tab and to write the window title.

Also, a different problem: when trying to change the layout this error happens:

init.lua:80: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'i' (a table value)

Thanks for your help.

Max Woelfing | 24 Jun 11:23 2014

Maximized wallpaper on dual screen setup

Hi everyone,

for quite some time now, I have an annoying problem; It seems Awesome is not able to maximize the wallpaper
over the 2nd. screen, if the monitor is connected on startup.
After I run 'awesome.restart', the wallpaper is set correctly.

Before restart the wallpaper overlaps the 2nd. screen a bit from the 1st. one. The leftover (more than the
half) is simply black.

On window manager startup 'xrandr' configures the screen layout, and Awesome run its function to set the wallpaper:

if beautiful.wallpaper then 
    for s = 1, screen.count() do
        gears.wallpaper.maximized(beautiful.wallpaper, s, true)

I'm using the following Awesome version:
awesome v3.5.5 (Kansas City Shuffle)
 • Build: Apr 11 2014 14:11:19 for x86_64 by gcc version 4.8.2
 • Compiled against Lua 5.2.3 (running with Lua 5.2)
 • D-Bus support: ✔

First I thought Awesome isn't able to notice that a 2nd. screen is connected, so I verified that
"screen.count()" is set to 2.

Maybe someone has an idea how to fix it.

Many thanks, in advance.




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Tomás Solar Castro | 23 Jun 20:50 2014

Move/change mouse pointer to next/prev screen

Hi guys,

I used awesome a lot, but last time I was using GNOME because a lot of things...

Well, I always missed very much awesome, so now that I have time to re-configure my rc.lua I want to come back to it. 

One thing that I used so much but I forgot is how to change or move the mouse pointer to next or previous screen. I used a keyboard shortcut but I can't remember it :(

I searched for it in the default rc.lua in /etc/xdg/awesome/rc.lua (I use Debian Sid. awesome 3.5.5)
but I did not find anything... 

Anyone knows it?

Thank you in advance!

Tomás Solar Castro
GNU+Linux Registered User #383588
¡Sé Libre!
Manner Róbert | 23 Jun 12:48 2014

java issues


I am experiencing that most java applications show blank ui, without any characters and content on them. I understand that this is a reparenting/non reparenting issue, and could be solved previously fine with "wmname LG3D" or "export _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING=1" but recently this does not seem to work any more.

I have also read that now awesome became reparenting window manager, so these are not needed. It might be that the issue is now that java thinks it is not reparenting?

Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there a workaround?

I use archlinux with latest stable packages.

$ awesome --version
awesome v3.5.5 (Kansas City Shuffle)
 • Build: Apr 11 2014 09:36:33 for x86_64 by gcc version 4.8.2 (nobody <at> )
 • Compiled against Lua 5.2.3 (running with Lua 5.2)
 • D-Bus support: ✔

$ java -version
java version "1.7.0_60"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.5.0) (Arch Linux build 7.u60_2.5.0-2-x86_64)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.60-b09, mixed mode)

Thanks in advance,

Alexis Brenon | 21 Jun 15:36 2014

Re: GUI configuration

Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the answer. I never used Qt Designer so I don't very know what it looks like. But I imagine that you can define your tags (with shifty or not), define your common widgets (with common callbacks and format (for example for clock, volume, battery), or custom (if you have particular need) and place them as you want.

I don't know if it's very clear. Maybe some sketchup and/or use case will help to identify features.


2014-06-21 15:26 GMT+02:00 Evgeny Pakhomov <p1himik <at>>:
Hi Alexis,

I think it's an interesting idea, at least from the development challenge perspective.

But how do you see it? Will it be something like Qt Designer, so a user will be available to define new widgets, configure and add them to his desktops? Or something that will change only the existing layout?


On Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 3:20 PM, Alexis Brenon <brenon.alexis <at>> wrote:
Hello folks !

I've got an idea. What about an AwesomeWM configuration generator. A small soft which allow new users to easily discover all (or at least many) options that awesome offer.

In my head, the most important feature is to generate readable file with comments which allow anyone to learn awesome API reading the generated file.

Is there an app that already exists for this ? Is anybody interested in this kind of soft ? Is anybody interested to take part in the dev process ?

Have a good day !