Carlo Cabanilla | 24 May 05:20 2015

Moving a window's audio when moving monitors

Hello Awesome people,

I have a setup at home where I have my desktop connected to a monitor and speakers, and also connected to my tv which has its own speakers. I'd like to have it so that when I move a window playing sound like a youtube tab or mplayer from my monitor to my tv, the sound also switches from my desktop speakers to my monitor speakers. Is there an easy way to do this?

My idea was to create a timer that would call `pacmd list-sink-inputs` to get the current things that are playing sound and build a table that maps pid to sink input id (the thing playing sound) and sink id (the set of speakers it's currently playing sound out of) and every few seconds checks all the awesome clients to make sure that their sink id matched the screen that they were on. If they didn't make, called `pacmd move-sink-input` to move their sink id to the appropriate on.

The problem I'm running into is that I'm using the pid to match pulseaudio sink inputs with awesome clients, but for Chrome tabs for example, different clients will have the same pid but will be on different screens. Is there a better id I could match on? I was considering using the X window id, but I didn't know how to get that value from pulseaudio's sink inputs.


blokkie | 22 May 11:28 2015

any linux vmware image with awesomewm installed ?

Hi ,

Does anybody know a vmware linux image that has awesomewm included ? 

I don't care which linux , I only want awesomewm.


At work I only have a windows machine available with vmware-player.


PS: I don't have internet connection at work either :/


Many thanks in advance 


Rena | 22 May 02:48 2015

Combination row+column layout?

How can I achieve a layout like this?


Sent from my Game Boy.

Jeferson Lesbao | 21 May 02:59 2015

Drop Down Prompt

Today I noticed a feature that I haven't seen in awesome, maybe it's available though an external script I'm not aware of, but.

mod-r gives me an prompt where I can type programs I want to open, there's a way to this same prompt gives me a drop down options with last commands I typed or something similar ?
Thomas Baruchel | 18 May 15:45 2015

How to make a window unfocusable?


I have a window containg the xxxterm browser with a clock inside it.
With no border, menu, etc. and a dark background, the clock looks like
part of the wallpaper rather than a true window.

The clock is:

I would like to go a little further; can I expect to:
    * remove the title of the window from the taskbar?
    * make the window unmovable (my tiling mode is
      awful.layout.suit.tile ; I can change it of course,
      but what I like is to have the clock on the left "master window" (?)
      and have my xterm sharing the empty space on the right on
      this workspace);
    * make the window unfocusable; when I change the focus with the keyboard
      by cycling next/previous; is there a way to "jump" over this window in
      order to remove it from the cycle?

Best regards,


Thomas Baruchel

Jeferson Lesbao | 18 May 06:10 2015

asynchronous auto-start script


I have an auto-start script in my rc.lua, which I use to open Emacs, xtrm and other things right after awesome starts, but it's sometimes slow. Do someone have an solution to speed it up (keep this decision inside rc.lua) ? Is there a way to do this with some kind of threads ? I noticed lua doesn't have threads by default, it's 'coroutines' would be able to do this ?

Best regards,
Martin Ueding | 13 May 07:57 2015

No client focused on tag change

Hi all,

I installed the git version of Awesome on Ubuntu and tried to migrate my
configuration file. Whenever I change a tag, no client is focused. This
is rather annoying.

Then I tried the default configuration and this is not a problem. So I
assume that I broke something in the configuration.

I have uploaded the [difference between upstream rc.lua and my
rc.lua]( such that you can easily view
it with syntax highlighting.

Could you please look at it and tell me whether there is something wrong
in it?




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Andreas Radke | 12 May 17:45 2015

lua 5.3 error

Arch Linux is now using lua 5.3. Basic functions work. I get a dbus
notification error popping up:
naughty.lua attemps to call a nil value in line 556

local w, h, rowstride, _, _, channels, data = unpack(hints.icon_data)

Any idea how to fix this quickly?



[Awesome WM] Statusbar,titlebar and taglist

Hello everybody,
I'm new comer to Gnu/Linux and Awesome and I come from Madagascar. After
having installed Awesome WM, I tried out to create a second statusbar
(wibox), a titlebar (for windows) and to place the taglist after
tasklist, preferentially in the systray near textclock and layoutbox.
But I do never successed. I successed to change wallpaper, to reduce
tags number from 9 (by default) to 4, and did some customization tricks.
Unfortunately, I always failed to titlebar, a second titlebar and to
place taglist in systray. Elsewhere, I would like ask you how to create
a dockbar in Awesome ? 
In fact, I'd like to start-up a MacOSX or Gnome2-like UI. I use Awesome
3.4 for better explanation.
Yours faithfully

Martin Ueding | 9 May 19:41 2015

KDE + Awesome WM: Problems since Plasma 5

Hi everyone,

I have used KDE 4 and Awesome WM 3.4 for a while on Kubuntu now. Since
the upgrade to Plasma 5, the next version of KDE, I have a small problem
with notifications.

Since I use both KDE and Awesome WM, I am not sure where to ask. I just
think that *you* know more about using both of them then the KDE people do.

When the network manager changes the active connection, it notifies me
saying something like “connection DHCP was activated”. Before the
upgrade, this notification went away after a couple seconds. Now it
stays there indefinitely and flickers the whole time. If I click on it
to remove it, it will just appear right again.

Another issue, which might be related is the following: The background
image of Plasma (`wm_class` is `plasmashell`) is over the wibox of
Awesome WM. I added a small rule snippet which minimizes this. That has
worked with KDE 4, though.

I think that Awesome WM and Plasma 5 argue about their respective
z-index on the screen. This would explain the flickering of the
notifications. I just do not get why I cannot remove the notifications
by clicking on them and why they do not disappear on their own.

My current workaround is to restart Awesome WM once there is a
notification stuck, but that is really a solution for the long term.

I just tested it with the same `.config/awesome` (although mine is for
3.4 and not 3.5) on the Fedora 22 Beta. The same flickering and z-index
problem appears there as well, so this is not distribution specific.



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Julien Danjou | 4 May 17:36 2015

[Hajime Branko Yamasaki Vukelic] Titlebar icons

I think these icons might be really better than the default one. Anyone
is up to the task of creating a pull request with those?

(Hajim designed the awesome logo and I've recently merged its new layout

From: Hajime Branko Yamasaki Vukelic <branko <at>>
Subject: Titlebar icons
Date: 2015-04-20 20:15:47 GMT
Hey, continuing with icons, I've just finished the titlebar set, so
feel free to use them if you like em.

Also attaching the SVG sources for layout and titlebar icons so people
can edit them if they want.

branko <at>

Attachment ( application/zip, 21 KiB
Attachment ( application/zip, 46 KiB


Julien Danjou
;; Free Software hacker