Julian Martinez | 4 Sep 19:53 2015

rc.lua - configure to open a file using vim using keyboard shortcut

How can I define a keyboard shortcut in awesome to open a file using vi or vim in the shell? I tried the following (I also tried replacing vim with vi, and replacing spawn_with_shell with spawn):

awful.key({ modkey, "Shift"   }, "y", function () awful.util.spawn_with_shell("vim /home/julian/Documents/Information/zen.txt") end),

I thought the problem might be caused by using zsh, but when I switched to bash, this still doesn't work. Plenty of my other config shortcuts work - for example, this works:

awful.key({ modkey, "Shift"   }, "`", function () awful.util.spawn("i3lock -t -i /home/julian/Pictures/awesome_background.png") end),

This does not work:

awful.key({ modkey, "Shift"   }, "y", function () awful.util.spawn("vim /home/julian/Documents/Information/zen.txt") end),

If I reload and run the above, the cursor blinks but nothing happens; I'm guessing that it executes in a shell, then exits.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Marc Petit-Huguenin | 3 Sep 18:02 2015

Awesome in Awesome

I am using a guest Linux instance with Awesome in Virtualbox.  This Virtualbox guest is itself running in a
Linux host that is also using Awesome.

The Mod4 key works fine with key sequences in the guest - i..e. when pressing Mod4+Enter, it opens a new
terminal in the guest, not in the host.  This is when using Mod4+Mouse that things start to break: When I try
to move a Window in the Guest, it is the VirtualBox window that moves.

So my questions are:

- Is there a possibility to fix this by configuration?

- If not, where should I look to fix that?  Would it be in the Awesome running on the host, the Awesome running on
the guest, VirtualBox or X?.


Carlo Cabanilla | 27 Aug 04:09 2015

keeping awesome responsive

Is there a good way of keeping awesome responsive even when certain clients are using up all the cpu? Maybe something clever with cgroups?


Abraham Baker | 17 Aug 01:54 2015

Random error?


I just got this random error that occured without any kind of trigger:
Oops, an error happened!
/usr/share/lua/5.3/lgi/component.lua:302: bad arg #2 to 'element' (Pango.Layout expected, got userdata)

This happened many hours after I booted up; I haven't restarted awesome by itself today for any reason, and I haven't changed any config settings today.

I'm using Arch but I haven't updated very recently; I'll update and see if that prevents this from happening again.

The only thing that I can think of that might have caused this error is that I've suspended/resuspended a lot today, which sometimes causes problems like the taskwarrior server quitting and failing to restart.  

This error itself doesn't seemed to have broken anything.

In the future, would it be better to send info about bugs like this to https://github.com/awesomeWM/awesome/issues , or is this mailing list just as good?  

Thank you,

Elv1313 . | 12 Aug 15:44 2015

Re: Execute command and wait until it's execution finishes


The one I posted above in this thread and using pipes to awesome-client, also mentionned in this thread.

On Aug 12, 2015 12:53 PM, "Jayson Willson" <jaysonwillson245 <at> gmail.com> wrote:
Yes, one man told me that. Is there any other way to run system command and lua command one after another, but without freeze? I have created a question is Awesome issue. https://github.com/awesomeWM/awesome/issues/403
Olivier Peyrusse | 11 Aug 13:43 2015

Re: (KDE) Plasma 5 and Awesome

Hello Max,

I also used plasma 5 and awesome on debian.
I still have some issue but here are my findings. Awesome bar does not display on the first tag. It is hidden by plasma main window - that you can hide with meta+n. On the other tags, it works fine.
For me, window management worked fine. However, notifications did not work correctly. I had to compile awesome from git to have correct support.

Good luck with your integration

Le 10 août 2015 11:50, "Max Görner" <max.goerner <at> tu-dresden.de> a écrit :
Thank you for that instant reply.

Option 1 is what I used and what I like. Since the KDE-Prefix changed, I had
to copy the awesome.desktop file to reenable that solution.

Unfortunately, Awesome and Plasma 5 seem to not go well together. Awesome's
bar did not appear, as in my first try. More severe is that I cant enter text
anywhere and basic window managment as changing virtual desktops or windows
does not work.

Has anyone experienced or even solved these problems?
Jayson Willson | 10 Aug 20:06 2015

Re: Execute command and wait until it's execution finishes

Actually, there is no reason not to use them. I just do not know, if 
this way is the correct and the optimal one. And, really, I do not know 
what "pipe" is.. :-)

Jayson Willson | 10 Aug 18:15 2015

Execute command and wait until it's execution finishes

Hello! I need the following: execute some command and go to the next 
command of the function only when the first command is finished.
What I have now:

awful.key({}, "XF86AudioMute",
	function ()
		awful.util.spawn("amixer set Master toggle")

Thus "update_volume" takes place earlier, than "amixer set Master 
toggle" finishes it's execution, and I do not get required result.

One guy suggested using popen:
	function ()
		local f = io.popen("amixer set Master toggle")
It works fine, but I wonder if there is a way to implement it without 
pipes. Could you please help me? Thank you.

Max Görner | 10 Aug 11:16 2015

(KDE) Plasma 5 and Awesome

Hey there,
I updated my Debian Stretch to Plasma 5 now. With KDE 4 I used KDE as a window 
manager for KDE. Now thats not possible anymore.

One main problem is that I can't choose Awesome as a window manager from the 
settings as it was possible in KDE 4. There may be ways around it (see 
https://barlog.rusu.info/valentin/blog/?p=292 for example), though.

I'm a bit anxious to try thoose since I would prefere to not alter basic 
configuration files. I also would like to have a solution which is easily 
reversed. Has anyone combined Plasma 5 and Awesome already and some 
experiences to share?

Also, can anyone tell how good Plasma 5 and Awesome go together? I tried to 
kill kwin_x11 and to start awesome afterwards but the result was not promising 
since Awesome's task bar was missing.

Thanks alot,
Max Görner
Jayson Willson | 6 Aug 13:55 2015

Open floating windows in the middle of the screen by default

Hello! I would like to have the following behavior: floating windows 
should be opened in the center of the screen by default (and if this 
place is already taken, they should be opened somewhere else). That is 
what I have in my rc.lua:

client.connect_signal("manage", function (c)
if not c.size_hints.user_position and not c.size_hints.program_position then

It prevents windows from overlapping and appearing outside the screen.
I have also added the following to rules:

rule = { },
callback = function (c)

I thought: If window is not floating, than it is tiled, so this setting 
will only take effect on floating windows. However, this solution 
doesn't seem to be very elegant.
I also face a problem: if there is a maximized window on this tag


then floating windows open in the left bottom corner of the screen by 
default, though in other situations (fullscreen window, tiled window, 
another window) new floating windows appear in the center.

So, there are two questions:
1.) What should I add to rc.lua, to make floating windows appear in the 
center of the screen by default?
2.) How can I overcome that problem with maximized windows?

Thank you in advance.

Fran | 5 Aug 10:19 2015

Menus without icons

Hi all,

I'm new to awesome, been using it for the last week or two and really enjoying using it.

I've got two probably stupid questions but my googlefu is failing me.

1) menus - I'd like text rather than the awesome image to click on to open my menu. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to do this? I'm guessing maybe I could do it with a textbox widget but I'm completely out of ideas.

2) tags - if you've got named tags rather than numbered how do you refer to them? I've got different tags on each screen and I want to make certain that Firefox only ever opens in the WWW tag on screen 1. Can I refer to this by name? If not how do I know which number tag it is?

Thanks in advance!

<at> draigwen

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