David Anderson | 12 Dec 23:20 2014

Language packs for plugins


I'm trying the current status of language packs for plugins - 
particularly, how WordPress and wordpress.org are handling the removal 
of translations from plugin downloads themselves, to shrink their size.

I noticed that WooCommerce had removed their language packs from their 
plugin. But, https://github.com/woothemes/woocommerce/issues/5485 seems 
to indicate that they built a custom solution for this inside their plugin.

So, I think that currently WordPress doesn't yet support unbundling of 
language packs for plugins. From Google, there seems no new information 
on this idea in the last year, as far as plugins go (core now has a 
solution) - is this correct? Anyone know if/when this might change?

Best wishes,


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Luke Bryan | 29 Nov 17:12 2014

(no subject)

Greetings all,

I've been testing WP 4.1, and there's one new feature I can't quite
Clicking an image shows a new toolbar that adds left, right, center, and
no-align to the edit/delete buttons. Clicking these buttons seems to do the
same thing as clicking left, center, right align, or untoggling the current
selected (no-align) on the normal toolbar.

Is this feature redundant, or am I missing something? Are users not
connecting the use of align with selection of image?

Best regards,
Nikola Nikolov | 19 Nov 01:42 2014

map_meta_cap returns empty array for edit_post

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to conditionally set post-related capabilities and I'm surprised
to see that in certain situations that fails.

I believe the culprit is the map_meta_cap function(since in
WP_User::has_cap() $caps is an empty array). The post in question is in the
trash and I'd like to forbid certain users to restore the post. The problem
is with the following check (

} elseif ( 'trash' == $post->post_status ) {
if ( 'publish' == get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_wp_trash_meta_status', true )
) {
$caps[] = $post_type->cap->edit_published_posts;
} else {

If the _wp_trash_meta_status is not publish, then no actual capability is
mapped to the requested one. Hence WP_User::has_cap() returns true and it's
impossible to filter the capability.

Is this the intended behaviour, or is this a bug that somehow managed to
sneak-in? If it's a bug, then I'll post a ticket on Track, but if it's not
I'd be curious to hear why it works that way.

All the best,
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Haluk Karamete | 29 Oct 23:40 2014

term_exists returns (string) based $term_id value as opposed to (int).

I spotted this bug while I was migrating a legacy site into WordPress

In the wp_insert_term function, there is a section that goes like this;

    if ( $term_id = term_exists($slug) ) {

        // if you are here, then you got a string based $term_id in your
        // example: (string

    } else {

        //do stuff here

        $term_id = (int) $wpdb->insert_id;

        // here, there are no problems here... cause $term_id is forced to
be an integer!

    } endif;

    Having a string term_id causes a problem later on down the road,

    When the wp_set_post_terms() is called with its $tags argument having
string formatted term_ids, those terms are considered as no-show under the
corresponding taxonomy, and wordpress creates new terms on the fly.
רן בר-זיק | 25 Oct 19:59 2014

getting pending\future posts

Hey guys,
I have a lot of experience in develop for WordPress, but I am new at this
mailing list.

I am working on some plugin that calls future and pending posts.

There is nice core function that return the draft posts of the user:
get_users_drafts( $user_id ). But there is no other function for getting
the future state posts.

This function suppose to be very easy to write. Something like that:
Also, maybe there is a need similar function for getting the pending posts
for the user. There was function with the same functionality:
"get_others_pending", but it is deprecated.

Since I never contributed to WordPress core. Should I add those two
functions (and the matching tests of course) to WordPress user.php ?

Sincerely yours,
Ran Bar-Zik
Web Developer
Eric Mann | 24 Oct 23:09 2014

Editor Link Behavior

Before I open a Trac ticket, I wanted to talk through a minor frustration I
have with the link tool to see if a) it's an issue others have and b) if
it's something worth changing.

When I'm writing a post, I often highlight text and want to use *that same
text* as the text for the link (which is used as alt text when the anchor
tag is rendered in markup). This is particularly relevant when I'm linking
to a book title, another article, or a person's name.

What I'd really like to see is the link text pre-populated with my
selection when the link modal opens.

Does this make sense to anyone else? Does it feel like a good idea? Should
I take some time to open a ticket and work on a patch?
Dave McHale | 22 Oct 16:48 2014

auto_update_plugin trouble with self-hosted plugin

I'm having trouble configuring WP's auto updates to work with a plugin that
I have hosted on my own server. After troubleshooting within the plugin
without luck, I finally stripped everything out to a simple plugin that
ONLY tries to update itself, with no other functionality.

require_once 'classes/plugin-updates/plugin-update-checker.php';
$myPluginUpdateChecker = new PluginUpdateChecker_1_4(

add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );

The Plugins dashboard shows that an update is available for the plugin, and
clicking "Update Now" functions properly, but ideally I would like this
plugin to automatically update when WordPress goes to run its 12-hour cron
to update plugins.

By manually running the cron, I've proved that all wordpress.org-hosted
plugins *do* update automatically... so I guess my question is, what's
different? What do i need to DO differently in order to get my self-hosted
plugins to behave in the same fashion as plugins hosted in the official

In the end of this, I'd ideally like for ONLY my plugin to automatically
update (by using code similar to what's found here, only reversed logic...
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Frank Bueltge | 21 Oct 11:23 2014

Post Forking projekt acitve?

Hello at all.

I will ask here in the hackers community. Maybe you know more about the

For a year was the project very active, but currently in sleep. A lot of
pull request inside the project, but no working. I think the project have a
lot of nice features and it was helpful, that a group of guys work on it.
Thanks for hints or feedback.

Dino Termini | 17 Oct 03:04 2014

New wpdb instance

Hi list,

I need to connect to a different database to retrieve some data. So I'm 
instantiating a new $wpdb object:

$new_wpdb = new wpdb( params );

It happens sometimes that I enter the wrong credentials, and if WP_DEBUG 
is true, this renders the WP admin totally inaccessible and I need to 
rename my plugin's folder to get it back:


How can I check that the credentials I have are legit without blowing up 
the admin?

Soda Pop | 17 Oct 03:46 2014

working on developing a plugin for a client site

wondering if u wanted to work with others on this plugin/client/site you're doing...

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