Rahul Raja | 18 Sep 21:36 2014

Wordcamp Android App

Very enthusiastically i have started working on the  Wordcamp Andriod app.
As a first step,i am getting hands on with Wordpress Meta Environment and
WP-API ( because i think thats the API i have to rely on to fetch the

After i am sure of the ways the things have to be done, i will start
working on the requirements and then  design and development.

So  it will be great if any UI designer or developer would like to join me
in this development from scratch. A team would be good for this so that we
could chalk out the plans and then have some great designs built
 conforming the material design guidelines and then it will be fun to make
the app.
Eric Andrew Lewis | 14 Sep 20:00 2014

A new lightweight documentation resource for advanced WordPress development

Hi friends,

I'd like to invite you to make a new resource
with me, for both us and our fellow WordPress developers.

I would like this resource to be as lightweight as possible. I am not
interested at the moment in creating a new, canonical encyclopedia for
developer documentation. If we tried to, we might get excited about it,
assume some responsibility and cobble some notes together. But we would
realize the project is too ambitious. We would write some stuff, but end up
with a poor mans Codex. I'd feel sad and beaten down, and you'd feel the
time you committed to the project was a waste of time.

Therefore it will take the form of a curated collection of links, similar
to lists like these <https://github.com/dypsilon/frontend-dev-bookmarks>.
Folks have written articles, tutorials and other forms of documentation on
specific topics around the web, in detail. Folks have created plugins that
offer awesome functionality for us. Let's make a table of contents of these
resources we find absolutely useful in our ongoing effort of being
world-class WordPress developers.

Here's the list in its current state
Feel free to create open up an issue sharing resources / thoughts.

To go along with this, I'm hosting a weekly chat about said resources in
our IRC channel #wordpress, Wednesdays at 1900 - 2000 UTC
<http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?hour=19&min=00&sec=0> (3
PM Eastern).
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David Anderson | 12 Sep 14:07 2014

Action called when a comment is marked as spam?

On 12/09/14 13:00, Per S?derlind wrote:

> You can get this information from $wpdb->comments. In my
plugin,http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-denyhost/, I do:
Hi Per,

It's real-time tracking across a large number of aggregated sites that 
I'm looking at. I use a PHP file that is invoked via auto_prepend_file 
on every site on the server, to hook relevant actions. This saves the 
effort and performance cost of manual scanning of WP installs and tables 
(and of maintaining plugins on every single site). So, it's the best 
hook that I'm really interested in.

Best wishes,


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David Anderson | 12 Sep 11:12 2014

Action called when a comment is marked as spam?


I'm looking at collecting IP information on my servers for IP addresses 
that send comment spam.

Looking in the hooks database at http://adambrown.info/p/wp_hooks and 
with some Googling, it looks like the comment_post action is the best 
place to hook. I'd then need to check the comment status (see if it's 
spam), and that's about it. If I understand rightly, all plugins (like 
Akismet) that can mark a comment as spam, will have done their work by 
this point.

Does that sound right?

Many thanks,


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Haluk Karamete | 10 Sep 00:03 2014

non-ascii characters at URL and pasrsing those chars at string level

First off, I need to get you what non-ascii chacters I'm talking about.

For instance, just type in 'Slobodan Milosevic' in Google Search and go to
the first suggested wikipedia link.

You will see that the URL contains very unusual characters that is well
beyond the common ASCII set. I'm simply curious if WordPress support that.

Though this is not a feature I particularly like (to say the least), I do
confess that I find it quite interesting from an HTTP point of view.

But my real question (or pain to better put) is this.
Say you are scraping that data and you came across that title with those
funny characers...  and you want to create a tag out of that.

Is there a conversion function that I can pass in that string and get back
the ASCII 128 or below translated version?

So I pass in 'slobodan_milo%c5%a1evi%c4%87', and I get back the good old
'Slobodan Milosevic'

Does such a function exist? Or how do you deal with that situation?
Jeff Lambert | 8 Sep 03:49 2014

Syndication Input Sought

Looking to see if anyone has ideas on the best approach to this scenario:

I have a client who has a couple of sites that we want to syndicate, partly
through opening up a JSON tunnel and also by serving up a page within an
iframe on the subscriber¹s site.

To get here my plan was to bring the content of our two sites together and
syndicate the centrally managed content out to our two sites, as well as to
those who sign up for our service.  This is the path I¹ve taken.

In researching this awhile back I came across this offering by VIP
WordPress, http://vip.wordpress.com/plugins/syndication.  Perfect solution,
so, I did some hunting and found there is a plugin, developed by Automattic,
up on the plugin repository, http://wordpress.org/plugins/push-syndication/.
While it hasn¹t been updated in awhile there were some answers to somewhat
recent support topics and a reference to a more current version on github,
which I¹m running.  Unfortunately, my support posts go unanswered and I now
have run into a new issue and will likely not use this option anymore unless
someone here has some thoughts about it.

So, I¹m looking for suggestions on a different approach.  if I pull the two
sites onto my multisite and run them as sub-sites, is there a good way to
parse out the posts from the primary site to these sub-sites?  Anyone done
this?  I¹m not worried about search engine hate as I¹ll be ³blocking² the
search engines from my main content site and those who sign up for our
service are only displaying content on their Intranets.

Specific info:

Main content management site is:  http://accuranews.com
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Bart Schouten | 2 Sep 03:38 2014

is_single() includes attachments

(I wrote this two weeks ago).

Hi all,

There seems to be a bit of a confusion all around about the "is_single()" 
template function.

From the Codex:

"This conditional tag checks if a single post of any post type except 
attachment and page post types is being displayed. (...). To check for all 
the post types, use the is_singular() function."

However when you check the code it is clear attachments are included, not 

(Talking about 3.9.2 now)..

query.php: WP_Query::init_query_flags() initializes $this->is_single to

query.php: WP_Query::parse_query() then does:

if ( ('' != $qv['attachment']) || !empty($qv['attachment_id']) ) {
      $this->is_single = true;
      $this->is_attachment = true;

Also, further down:

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Bart Schouten | 2 Sep 03:20 2014

Blocking SEO robots

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 9:26 PM, Daniel <malkir at gmail.com> wrote:

> Set up a trap. A link hidden by CSS on each page that if hit, the IP 
> gets blacklisted for a period of time. No human will ever come across 
> the link unless they're digging. No bot actually renders the entire page 
> out before deciding what to use.

This is awesome stuff.

Personally I am annoyed by the pollution of page hit (visitor) statistics. 
So the same trigger cq. trap could be used to filter out those. At this 
point I am probably not allowed by my host in any way to start blocking 
IPs at the Apache level (even that) but it is easy enough to implement it 
in PHP at least for my purposes.

I guess it should then just be the first link on every page, which is 
currently a "home" link. It could be something ridiculously funny like 
geteatenalive.php but that might also tempt some human diggers :P.

Alright let's see what it does. I have this table:

CREATE TABLE wordpr_trap_victims (
   ip_address VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
   host_name VARCHAR(255),
   user_agent VARCHAR(255),
   referer VARCHAR(2000),
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Luke Bryan | 27 Aug 09:10 2014

Extensibility and shortcodes

Greetings all,

I was looking at the wp media shortcode and wp-views, and noticed a few
things that seem not-too-portable in the view ajax and rendering:

In ajax-actions.php of Wordpress 4.0 we see this render-and-return routine
requiring a post_id of post the user can edit:

function wp_ajax_parse_media_shortcode() {
    global $post, $wp_scripts;

    if ( ! $post = get_post( (int) $_REQUEST['post_ID'] ) ) {

    if ( empty( $_POST['shortcode'] ) || ! current_user_can( 'edit_post',
$post->ID ) ) {

    setup_postdata( $post );
    $shortcode = do_shortcode( wp_unslash( $_REQUEST['shortcode'] ) );

    if ( empty( $shortcode ) ) {
        wp_send_json_error( array(
            'type' => 'no-items',
            'message' => __( 'No items found.' ),
        ) );

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Dino Termini | 21 Aug 05:24 2014

Language Packs for plugins


does anyone know what's the status of this feature?


Otto had announced this feature in version 3.7: is there a page where we 
can learn more on how to implement it in our plugins?

Dino Termini | 20 Aug 14:01 2014

Work on draft while page is published

Hi all, 

Say I've already published a page or post. I now want to make changes, but I want a colleague to check them over
before they go live. Is there any way of doing this? 

Thank you, 

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