David Anderson | 20 Mar 23:26 2015

Re: Hosting updates for your own plugins

Gerlando Termini wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been using this for a few years:
> https://github.com/YahnisElsts/plugin-update-checker/blob/master/plugin-update-checker.php
That's the client-side code - the plugin I linked to was a plugin for 
providing the *server* end, managed through a WP dashboard.

Best wishes,


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David Anderson | 19 Mar 11:17 2015

Hosting updates for your own plugins


In case anyone's interested, an alert for a plugin I recently released...


It allows you to host and manage plugin updates for (free) plugins that 
you distribute from your own site (instead of from wordpress.org). It's 
a cleaned-up + tweaked version of code that's been in use on 
updraftplus.com for 2 years, so is pretty stable.

Best wishes,


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Luke Bryan | 19 Mar 05:25 2015

A few 4.2 questions

Greetings all,

In testing the new 4.2 I've noticed some important differences from the
older 4.1:

First of all, the redesigned wp-views - they seem to break compatibility,
even with the old minimal example on github
that has been working for a few versions now. Will there be a migration
guide for this view system soon?

Second, something I just now noticed, is the latest version seems to lack
the execCommands listing:
In WP4.1, you could run "tinymce.activeEditor.execCommands" in js console
and see what commands you could call execCommand( commandname ) on. In the
latest this seems to be missing. Was this replaced with something else?

Best regards,
Stephen Rider | 6 Mar 18:53 2015

Plugin not updating in repository

Hi --

I updated a plugin of mine a week ago and it's still not showing up on the WP Plugins site.  Anyone know who I
should talk to?


(A different plugin I updated showed up within hours.)


Stephen Rider
Haluk Karamete | 12 Feb 23:59 2015

advanced taxonomy queries thru pretty urls

A link like this

site.com /resources/?tax1=slug1,slig2&category_name=featured

runs a taxonomy query in the back end and gives us all the resources (
resources is the custom post type here ) where the resuorces are tagged by
either 'slug1' or 'slug 2' under the 'tax1' AND at the same time also
categorized as 'featured'

This is a beautiful implementation. And it just works, And thru the use of
(,) or (+) usage, one can do highly complex advanced taxonomy queries thru
these pretty URLs

2 questions here...

what do I need to replace the "resources" CPT in there to make itlink work
with regular posts? I tried "post" as a replacement and I'm getting a 404
with that link.

And also, In the codex, I could not find a 'NOT IN' operator that would
correspond to a symbol in the query string.
For example, I'm not sure what the link should look like to pull those
posts where the resources are everything **except** those that are termed
as 'slug1' or 'slug2'
Shreyans Gandhi | 12 Feb 14:19 2015

Queries for GSOC 15

Hello People,
I was wondering if Wordpress is applying for GSOC this year 2015. Since the Organisation Application has
already started, I wanted to know whether Wordpress is applying or not.
I have been working on a idea which I want to work on as a GSOC project for Wordpress.
I would be happy if I can be put in touch with some potential mentors with whom I can discuss my ideas and come up
with a good project proposal (provided wordpress is applying for GSOC). 

Thanks for taking time to read my mail.

Shreyans Gandhi,India

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David Anderson | 4 Feb 12:04 2015

What happened to plans for unbundling language files for plugins?


Does anyone know what happened to the plans for providing a way for 
plugins to unbundle their language (mo/po) files from the main plugin, 
so that WP would have a mechanism for downloading them separately? This 
mechanism now exists for core, but not for plugins, AFAIK. WooCommerce 
implemented their own mechanism, and whilst it's tempting to do the 
same, it feels like a problem that needs solving at a higher level.

UpdraftPlus, for example, now has 8Mb of language files bundled (2.4Mb 
when zipped). wordpress.org servers have shipped an extra 140 gigabytes 
worth of UpdraftPlus in the last week because of this.

Best wishes,


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Haluk Karamete | 2 Feb 06:09 2015

is there a hook firing right after the </html>?

I need to run ob_get_clean() as soon as the get_footer() is done running -
meaning as soon as the </html> is outputted.

What hook can I use for that?

more insight on why do I need that?
the goal is to put the generated html ( from <doctype to </html> ) into a
and for this goal, I set the "ob_buffer" using the get_header() action hook.
but that's only half of the deal...
I still need to catch the buffer when i am done with the full page -
meaning when I am done wirth outputting the </html>

is there a hook such as "after_get_footer" ?
ryanpruiz3 | 10 Jan 05:02 2015


Need some athletic results of mine deleted. Someone contact me. I pay well but need a good and quick job

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prateek pandey | 3 Jan 23:32 2015

I'm new

I'm new to wordpress regarding contribution. Can someone help me in getting
started. I already did setup locally. Can somebody tell me few projects
which I can start.

Prateek Pandey
Abhishek Pratap Singh | 31 Dec 08:03 2014

Looking Plugin for epub view on broserw

I am looking a free plugin that show epub at my browser online without adding any adon to browser. Means to say
any one can view my epub file any where online.
I already do some work on this with available plugin. Please go below:


		ePub WP Plugins I Tested
		Not work due to some core file problem. Given warning.
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