Phillip Lord | 17 Apr 17:58 2014

Tested up to:, how does that work?

I've been trying to follow this advice, to update my plugin version
Tested status:

"If your plugin is compatible, you don't even need to release a new version --
just change the readme value."

Now I think that I have done this. My readme.txt reads:

Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.9

And, yet, the webpage says "3.3.2"

Rather confused. Have I done something wrong? Or do I need to update the
readme on the latest tag?

I am guessing not as this read "3.3.1".

Or does it just take a while.

Adam LaBarge | 17 Apr 05:57 2014

specific file name for uploaded images - -small.jpg instead of 300x300.jpg

I would like to be able to save a file similar to how WP does, but instead of the file size at the end of the file I
want specific words.
Best I can find via searching online is:
And frankly I don't know if this is right or much less how to use it.  Even the examples online are not very
flushed out.
Basically, I want for a custom image size the file to save instead of -300x300.jpg to be -small.jpg

Dino Termini | 16 Apr 16:26 2014

How do you "version" content?

Hello list,

I am setting up a git repo to manage my WordPress "stuff". I have a 
somewhat clear idea of how to setup my environment.
However I would like to hear from the experts on what the best practices 
are to synchronize and reconcile content.
In other words, how do you keep your dev/stg/prd databases in synch? 
(both directions)

Thank you,
Ryan B | 15 Apr 19:27 2014

Change "Error Establishing a Database Connection" error message

I am wanting to change this error message to something a little more useful
to an end user, and also have it trigger an email alert to me if this error
occurs. Is there a hook or filter I could use to change the output given to
the user when a database connection error occurs?
Haluk Karamete | 15 Apr 03:51 2014

query question

I'm just curious, in this WP query, what is the number "5" referring to?

[request] => SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS  wp_posts.ID FROM wp_posts  WHERE
1=1  AND ( (
                    SELECT COUNT(1)
                    FROM wp_term_relationships
                    WHERE term_taxonomy_id IN (31,32,33,34,35)
                    AND object_id = wp_posts.ID
                ) = 5 ) AND wp_posts.post_type = 'post' AND
(wp_posts.post_status = 'publish' OR wp_posts.post_status = 'private')
GROUP BY wp_posts.ID ORDER BY wp_posts.post_date DESC LIMIT 0, 10
Amandeep Singh | 14 Apr 18:35 2014

GSOC 2014

No updates regarding project acceptance..
I would like to know how many slots are allotted btw ?


Amandeep Singh Mundra
Mike Walsh | 9 Apr 14:54 2014

Running WordPress "offline"?

I recall this question coming previously but  I must not be phrasing my
Google query correctly because I can't find an answer.

I have WordPress running in a Virtual Machine which I use for development.
 The majority of the time this works well for me.  However, there are times
when I find myself without an Internet connection (e.g. yesterday on a 5+
hour airplane flight) where I can still get work done locally but WordPress
is verrrrrrrrrry sloooooooow because it is constantly reaching out for
resources (e.g. Gravatar, update server, etc.).

Is there a setting or hook or something that will cause the external
connections to either fail much quicker or not be attempted at all?


Mike Walsh - mpwalsh8 <at>
David Anderson | 9 Apr 14:28 2014

Re: When shady people resell your work...

> Have you ever heard of Easy Digital Downloads or CodeCanyon?  We
> basically use the same business model, which seems to be in compliance
> with the whole GPL/WP business. Am I wrong?
Ultimately, all legal questions are resolved by lawyers and by court 
cases. Up until that point, nothing more than hot air exists. I like to 
do a bit of armchair punditry as much as anyone... but none of it 
changes the game being played on the pitch.

I say this as someone with every sympathy. Regardless of GPL issues (and 
all my WordPress products are 100% GPL, whether free or commercial), 
some people will see an opportunity to leech money from your hard work, 
and you need a strategy for that that is more than "tell them they're 
not allowed to". That's an overly optimistic strategy on this side of 
the end of the world.

In my view, the two main safeguards are a) continuous innovation b) top 
quality support. If you keep doing these, then the amount of new 
customers, and the purchases of happy repeat customers, will offset your 
losses to the leeches.

Best wishes,


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> Have you ever heard of Easy Digital Downloads or CodeCanyon?  We
> basically use the same business model, which seems to be in compliance
> with the whole GPL/WP business. Am I wrong?
(Continue reading)

Dino Termini | 8 Apr 18:45 2014

When shady people resell your work...

Hi list,

we were recently informed that someone was selling our plugin (available 
for free on of course), WP SlimStat.

While this is allowed by the GPL license, they re-branded it as Keyword 
Swarm and removed all the references to the original author.

On top of that, they purchased all our premium add-ons and bundled them 
with their package, even if our license agreement explicitly says that 
you cannot include any of our premium add-ons
within a free or commercial theme or plugin or other package.

This will end up damaging not just our small group, but the entire 
community around our plugin. If the already little revenue stream is 
choked, we won't be able to invest our time to improve WP SlimStat, 
which is sad.

So I thought I would come to this list to ask for opinions.

Thank you,
pushpendu mondal | 7 Apr 08:39 2014

Problem with force-line-breaks-in-post.

Hi all,

I am a  wordpress theme developer, I had a problem when i upgraded my
clients my wordpress version from 3.7 to 3.8.1.  The problem is when my
clients press ENTER to give a line space to any post in visual text. Its
doesn't get effected on the live website. When I tested, I found wordpress
3.8.1 gives a default &nbsp space when we press enter, in text window thus
its doesn't effect in live url. So ,how can  I have effect of wordpress 3.7
version i.e when i press enter i should give a new line space.

Cristovao Verstraeten | 3 Apr 14:15 2014

Menu input validation

Hi all,

I'm confused in which way I need to implement input validation
for icon fonts markup in a custom menu field.
The basic idea is to validate and restrict the input
for icon font tags only - e.g. glyphicons and font awesome.

I've detailed my question in this github issue along with screenshots and

Thanks in advance for the help, improvements and your time.


Cristovao Verstraeten
Jacob Van Lennepstraat 71
1053 HE Amsterdam
+31646549095 -