David Anderson | 23 Nov 11:31 2015

Re: Contents of wp-hackers digest...

On 22/11/15 12:00, wp-hackers-request <at> lists.automattic.com wrote:
> Firstly, searching for single words is not the best way to search the
> plugin directory. Single word searches are largely useless. We're searching
> the readme.txt files. What did you expect to find with simplistic searching?
Hi Otto,

Thanks for replying. I wasn't personally suggesting searching using 
single-word terms. I was assuming that real-world users do that, and 
that giving them better results where possible would be a reasonable 
thing to do.

I don't have access to the search engine stats. Some stats on the 
average length of searches would be interesting. It may be a non-problem.
> However, "backup" was modified 7 hours ago,
Something interesting seems to have happened on this one. Here's the 
ancient "backup" plugin I was referring to via the Internet Archive, 
which was the 'live' one until I sent my email: 
It seems that someone then got in with a different one for 1 day: 
. It's now gone: https://wordpress.org/plugins/backup/ - returns no 
direct result for that slug.
>   "contact" in the last year, and
That's what I said: '"Contact" - brings up a plugin last modified > a 
year ago, tested up to WP 4.0.'. My point wasn't that they're all 
necessarily ancient; just that they're not good #1 results for the 
search term entered, when all the possible search factors that could be 
involved are taken into account (reviews + ratings, downloads, whether 
the plugin is maintained, + other indicators of how much the author 
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David Anderson | 21 Nov 12:10 2015

WordPress.Org plugins directory search suggestion


I didn't want to post this to the wordpress.org plugins email address, 
as I realise that's busy enough for the team there and didn't want to 
force them to read it. But, if anyone has time to here (and a public 
answer that's Googleable might not hurt)...

The wordpress.org plugins directory always returns any plugin whose slug 
you enter exactly as the #1 result. That's hard-wired. That seems 
reasonable - if someone searches directly for something, then that 
should come first.

However, that breaks down badly when slugs are very generic terms - 
especially single words.


* "Backup". The result is unmaintained for 3 years, tested up to WP 3.4, 
and is only for Google Drive, using a Google API that doesn't exist any 
more - so, useless.

* "Contact" - brings up a plugin last modified > a year ago, tested up 
to WP 4.0.

* "Pinterest" - brings up a plugin last updated  4 years ago, tested up 
to WP 3.3. (I realise that a new submission of this sort would fail the 
new trademark policy).

It seems to me that at a minimum, the "always return a plugin whose slug 
exactly matches" should not apply on single-word searches. Otherwise, 
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Ian Dunn | 14 Nov 20:28 2015

Re: Why WP_Error Sucks

Resurrecting this old topic because I came across the following posts 
this morning, which offer an interesting back-and-forth between Spolsky 
and Ned Batchelder.


Michael D Adams wrote:
>/Joel Spolsky's opinion: />/http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2003/10/13.html (Exceptions
are />/worse than GOTOs) /
Funkatron | 10 Nov 18:26 2015

Media Modal issues when using exclude in library

Hello!  Haven't seen any activity here but I hope someone is still
listening here.  I have a problem that I need help solving, related to this
ticket: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/34465#comment:3

Basically, the bug I found is if you create a media modal and set the
library to exclude any attachments, the media modal won't update when you
upload files.  Code to replicate the bug is in the last comment on the
ticket.  Thank you to anyone that replies
David Anderson | 10 Nov 15:38 2015

Plugin updates, licensing + renewal plugin


Some of you may recall that some moons ago, I released a free plugin for 
providing plugin updates services for free plugins, managed from your WP 

The plan was to then have a paid version that added features for paid 
plugins (specifically, licence management). I've now changed course, and 
released the would-have-been-premium version for free. This plugin is 
the full version of what's used at updraftplus.com since 2013 to deliver 
hundreds of thousands of updates to customers (though, updraftplus.com 
isn't yet update to the latest major version, and relies on bespoke 
coding for some features before they were added to the main plugin).

It allows distribution of free and paid plugins, and handling of 
licences (add, delete, renew, reset), and automatic sending of reminders 
to licensees with expiring licences. There's even a class so that you 
can integrate an updater into your plugin with 1 include and 1 line of 

The plugin is here:

What's the catch? No catch... but there is a paid add-on for WooCommerce 
integration (automatic creation and renewal of licences, renewal 
discount coupons, linking orders with licenses, links in renewal 
reminder emails to automatically pre-fill the cart). If you're 
interested in an integration for another e-commerce plugin, then give me 
a shout off-list.
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huthbot | 10 Nov 14:51 2015

Fw: new message


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Agbonghama Collins | 2 Nov 11:49 2015

Re: wp-hackers Digest, Vol 130, Issue 1

Are you sure you are alright?

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ssc tet | 31 Oct 15:43 2015

We are Anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget


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wp-hackers | 24 Oct 16:44 2015

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Barry Ceelen | 4 Sep 17:31 2015

Prevent attaching unattached attachments (nice!) on sending to editor

Hi All,

Unattached images inserted into a post via the media library tab automatically get attached to the post.
I’m looking to prevent this from happening.

The wp_ajax_send_attachment_to_editor() function
has a filter at the end, but by that time the attachment is already attached.
Any tips on handling this?


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Chris McCoy | 23 Aug 17:44 2015

fetch_feed and feed include

is the include_once( ABSPATH . WPINC . '/feed.php' ); 

needed when using fetch_feed inside a plugin?

i see its loaded in wp-settings.php, on the codex page in the example it shows the include, curious if i need it.