Abdussamad | 3 May 11:02 2016

Re: PHP requirement for plugins


WordPress.org maintains stats about the PHP versions people are using. 
It's worth a look:


The data is current. The page is updated based on data from active WP 


On 05/03/2016 01:29 PM, Chloé Desoutter wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't mean to troll but why as plug-in/theme developers should we
> consider supporting obsolete, unmaintained versions of PHP that will suffer
> from huge security flaws?
> This grasping to past versions, broadest compatibility, etc. hinders with
> providing secure, reliable code.
> We should be the ones pushing hosters and hoster customers towards newer,
> better supported code versions.
> That said, your version test code needs to be the first called by your
> plug-in and to refrain from using newer syntactic elements that would cause
> parse errors.
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Stephen Rider | 2 May 23:52 2016

PHP requirement for plugins

Hi all —

Is there a standardized method in WordPress to declare that a plugin or theme requires a certain version of
PHP?  I’ve started coding my plugins to require PHP 5.4.

I know I can write code that does something like check for the right PHP version and deactivate the plugin if
it’s not met; but is there anything like this already within WP?  It would be great if we could just add a
line to the Readme.txt or the plugin Headers.


Stephen Rider

wp-hackers <at> striderweb.com

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Stephen Rider | 27 Apr 18:15 2016

Compatible Up To

Okay, I forget this every time I want to do it, and can never find the info again….  I have plugins in the
Repository. How do I update the "Compatible Up To field” so it’s reflected on the plugin’s page?  I
know I have to change the header in the Readme file, but where? Trunk? The latest Tag? Where?

(Frankly, the Latest Tag makes the most sense to me, but I don’t think that’s it.)

Somebody should really add this to the FAQ: https://wordpress.org/plugins/about/faq/


Stephen Rider

wp-hackers <at> striderweb.com

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David F. Carr | 7 Apr 16:47 2016

"This plugin is not properly prepared for localization" - what am I missing

The translations page for my plugin RSVPMaker displays the message shown


That warning links to the instructions for internationalization, which I
have tried to follow. Most of the key output strings are encoded with __()
or _e(). I've created a POT file, and a few translations have been produced
by users of the plugin. I fixed one issue with the header, where the
"domain path" for the translation files wasn't specified, but I'm still
getting the same message.

How do I figure out what I'm missing?

David F. Carr, versatile and inventive writer, editor, and web consultant
Author, Social Collaboration for Dummies
See my work on Forbes <http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidcarr/>, connect
with me on Twitter <https://twitter.com/davidfcarr>, LinkedIn
<http://www.linkedin.com/in/davidfcarr>, or Facebook

david <at> carrcommunications.com
Mark Slade | 18 Mar 21:47 2016

Splitting up the media library?

I'm working on a project where I will be attaching some custom taxonomies
and metadata to some of the items in the media library.  This is straight

It would be preferable if I could create an entirely separate media library
for this.  I'm thinking of something that is to the media library what
custom post types are to posts.  That is - something that behaves exactly
like the media library but has an admin UI distinct from the regular media
library.  My goal is twofold:

1. A separate place to view / manage the new post type that is distinct
from the media library.  I don't want users to have to navigate to the
regular media library and filter through regular media library stuff versus

2. The extra taxonomies / meta data should only apply to this new post
type.  For example if "Color" is one of the taxonomies my assets will
support, I want the assets UI to have a "Color" column but I *don't* want
the regular media library to have a "Color" column.

I can tell that WordPress doesn't support this without some extra work but
I'm wondering if anyone with more experience dealing with the media library
can weigh in.  Has anyone done this before?  Is it a bad idea?  If it's
do-able, can anyone recommend a high-level approach?

pushpendu mondal | 16 Mar 13:23 2016

Making different home URL


Guys, I came across a problem and I require some help.
The problem is that I want to have different Home_Url with respect to IP or
the location where anyone belong.

for example:
 If I stays in United States, I want to have my Home_Url like*
https://www.example.com/ <https://www.example.com/>* so when  anyone tries
to open my site he should be redirected to above link.

If I stay in Germany , I want to have my Home_Url like*
https://www.example.com/de <https://www.example.com/de>* so when anyone
tries to open my site he should be redirected to this link.

How can I achieve this, Is there any way or any plugin?



*Pushpendu Mondal* (Senior WordPress Developer)
*T :* +91 33 66155181
*M :* +91 9614648464 *Netherlands: Delgence B.V*
Liessentstraat 9a, 5405 AH Uden The Netherlands. *W :* www.delgence.com
*E :* pushpendu.mondal <at> delgence.com <prushpendu.Mondal <at> delgence.com>
Rishi Tech Park New Town,
Rajarhat ,WB,
Kol.700156. *USA: Delgence LLC*
675 Ocean Avenue. Unit 2F Long Branch, NJ-07740
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Leo Baiano | 15 Mar 21:16 2016

Project Base Plugin

Whenever I develop a plugin for a project I'm working I use a base
structure that I have here. Today I found cool offer this structure on
github perhaps serves to someone and also you can listen to criticism and
suggestions from the community.

If anyone enjoy the project and want to contribute, all help is welcome. If
you have found something that does not work right or want to suggest an
improvement or new functionality is only open an issue that I will see
whenever possible.

Link: https://github.com/leobaiano/baianada


Leo Baiano
Web Developer
Soda Pop | 7 Mar 23:42 2016


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Leo Baiano | 17 Feb 15:04 2016


I'm working to customize and came the next problem. I created a widget and
this is a text field with autocomplete, when I type the first 3 letters
WordPress is the live preview and saves these first 3 letters somewhere,
there appears to securities listing that match those first letters and I
select one of them. At this point I would like WordPress make another live
preview but he does not and even worse, if I click the save button to save
the changes, WordPress does not save the full title that is in the field,
it only saves those 3/1 letters I typed.

What I think happens is that every time I type something in one of the
widget fields WordPress is a live preview and save what was typed in
memory, when I click on the save button at the top it will not take what is
on field but the data that was saved in memory. This is a problem for me
because the autocomplete field I fill by clicking one of the options, not
typing the full title, with that the WP does not save the full title.

If I select a title in the autocomplete field and then change a common text
field WP makes live and oh yes saves the complete title.

I think if there is a javascript hook that allows me to trigger this live
preview function, and save solve, because then I would call the hook at the
click event to use to select the title.
Can someone help me?



Leo Baiano
Web Developer
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contact | 16 Feb 18:30 2016

Looking for reliable WP Developers

Hi I am currently working for a company called Purple Cow Agency. The owner
of the company has asked me to see  if I can find some good reliable
WordPress Developers that know PHP very well. We are looking for personnel
with the following credentials:

*         Work independently

*         Accurately quote time per task

*         Ability to communicate with  Project Manager so they understand
the developer needs.

*         Ask questions? What we mean by this is if your task don't have all
you need ASK QUESTIONS before giving a quote or working on the project

*         Able to use Teamwork

*         Willing to learn Git

*         Has worked in an AGILE development.

If you think you  have the qualifications then please  reply here with links
to sites you have worked on and a way I can contact you.



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Leo Baiano | 16 Feb 14:56 2016

js callback live reload customizer


I have a problem and I wonder if anyone here can give me a light. I need to
allow site administrators to edit the home page, then created a widget for
each block and turned the home page in an area sidebar which displays the
contents of widgets.

Administrators use the customizer to edit widgets and already have a
preview of how it will look.

So far so ok.

The problem is that one of the widgets has a field to select a post, and
this field has the autocomplete jQuery UI. The problem is that when I type
the first 3 letters customizer saved to memory (or somewhere else) the
first 3 letters and already makes reload the preview, when I click on the
post that desire, the auto box complete, it fills the input text, but does
not make the live reload. Worse, if I click the save button it does not
save the content that is in the input text (in this case the full title of
the post), it saves the first 3 letters I typed, I think he will get the
data in the place that you saved when you made auto save the live preciew.

What I think is to find a js callback, so the select event autocomplete I
call the callback to save it and do the live preview of the correct

I apologize if I expressed myself badly, I hope someone can shed some light.

Thank you.

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