Usamn Akkad | 26 Jun 23:30 2016

Status of submitted Arabic translation


First, I would like to thank they community behind this great project. It's awesome.

I've just updated the Arabic translation for Dokuwiki hours ago but I did not notice any change in percentage of the Arabic translation or any effect on github. I just got a thank you notification in the translation software.

How do I make sure that my translation has been delivered?

Best regards,
Christos Sintoris | 16 Dec 14:04 2015

Greek romanization (new transliteration rules)

Hi, I patched inc/utf8.php to improve the transliteration from greek to latin. The patched version covers all greek letters and creates "greeklish" filenames which use only roman letters and which are very readable to greek language speakers.
Attachment (utf8.php): application/x-httpd-php, 118 KiB
Andreas Gohr | 28 Jul 22:35 2015

Time to update translations

Hi everyone,

we'll have a new release soonish, so now is a good time to update the
translations for your language. As always you can simply use to do so.

Note: because of a rounding error bug, your language might be listed
as 100% even though a small amount of strings are missing. We hope to
fix that some day, but until then maybe check if a 100% translation is
really complete (missing strings are always listed first).




Marina Vladi | 8 Feb 14:31 2014

Upload off-line translation, continue of an existing on-line translation

Dear All,

Sorry, if I asking something that isn't new or already answered. I
couldn't find any hints how to do the following things regarding
I would like to have a new translation. Tryed to use the on-line tool
but if I can't finish the job the same day, I will not see the
translated strings of the prev. days when I continue it next day.

So, the questions are:
- How can I see my already translated strings next day?
- Is it possible to translate the lang strings off-line (ie.: on my
local computer using a simple text editor), and somehow upload it or
to send it to the dev team?

Thx. for the answer in advance.



Martin Michalek | 21 Oct 13:33 2013

new interface and plugin translation


I translated gallery plugin with new translation interface:
- Oct 07, 2013 splitbrain/ Merge pull request #39 from

Everything went well but one problem appeared:
- progress of gallery plugin translation remains 0% (probably because
[sk] translation didn't exist)

Can somebody look at it?

이명진 | 2 Oct 10:47 2013

Re: [dokuwiki-plugin-vshare] Translation isn't apply. (#16)

Klap-in commented

This issue isn't fixed yet.

I have submitted Dutch translation at different times. The last time
some minutes ago. I guess somewhere the link to github is not working.

Razvan Deaconescu | 25 Aug 12:11 2013

Romanian language file

Hello, everyone!

I've did an update of the Romanian version of the language file in
DokuWiki (inc/lang/ro/lang.php). There were several bad translations and
inconsistencies. The new file is here[1] and the diff is here[2].

I saw Andi mentioned a link for the translation interface[3]; should I
use that? Should I contact the initial authors (Tiberiu Micu, Sergiu
Baltariu, Emanuel Andrasi, Marius Olar)?

Furthermore, there are several inconsistencies in the English version of
the language file as well (inc/lang/en/lang.php):
* the use of E-mail and email (dash and no dash)
* using both "admin" and "Wiki Admin"
* using capitals and not using capitals for second and third words
* using DokuWiki and Dokuwiki
* using exclamation mark, dot and nothing at the end of
How should these inconsistencies be solved?



이명진 | 20 Aug 03:45 2013

I wonder how to multiple files are commit and pull request. (and other)

Dear dokuwiki-i18n subscriber,

Hello, this is Myeongjin.

I wonder how to multiple files are commit and pull request in Github.

And Configuration Manager Extenstion is no more translatable. I
suggest this is show under "DokuWiki" in translate's main page.

Andreas Gohr | 14 Aug 21:29 2013

New Translation Interface

Hi Translators,

in case you haven't noticed, we have a new interface up at

It makes the translation process much easier, no more downloading and
manually sending a ZIP file. Instead translations are sent
automatically to the translators.

And additionally not only DokuWiki can be translated with it but
DokuWiki plugin authors can register their plugins for translation as

So please head over to and give it a try.


PS: the tool is currently in beta, if you find things not working as
you think they should just let me know.



ZDYX | 16 Nov 11:05 2012

Important Document


I tried to call you to let you know about the transfer update, but I couldn’t get through to you,
I have also uploaded the document you requested via Google Docs .Follow the link and sign in with your email address to view document.



Erik Moeller | 19 Oct 22:21 2012

Input methods for Dokuwiki - jQuery plugin

Hi Dokuwiki folks,

just wanted to make you aware of a new input method plugin we're
working on over at Wikimedia. We've tried to make it generally usable
as a jQuery plugin and it'd be lovely to see some of our free software
friends adopt it.

Some of the other jQ libraries we're working on may be of interest as well:

Cheers :)



Erik Möller
VP of Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Foundation

Support Free Knowledge: