William Hudson | 15 Jul 13:50 2005

New release of SynCaps card sorting and cluster analysis package

We're pleased to announce version 1.1 of our SynCaps card sorting and
cluster analysis software (SYNtagm Computer-Aided Paper Sorting).

SynCaps version 1.1 adds several exciting new (and useful) features:

- It will read input files from IBM's EZSort suite (.rec files created
by USort or similar). This means that SynCaps can be used as a robust
replacement to the analysis portion of EZCalc.

- SynCaps supports two new card sorting concepts: sub-groups (as found
in USort) and multiple-copy sorting. The latter allows participants to
work with more than one copy of each card and to include these in
different groups.

- The item file and proximity matrix are output in dendogram order. For
the proximity matrix this means it is now very easy to use Excel (or
similar) to produce a surface map (see our web site for examples).

There are also improvements to existing features:

- The import and export dialog is easier to use and provides greater
control over processing options.

- The instructions are now more extensive and provide step-by-step
details on how to perform additional analyses.

Users of SynCaps V1.0 can upgrade for free - just download the new
executable plus either the revised A4 or US Letter templates and
instructions. New users can try SynCaps free for 30 days. 

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