William Hudson | 10 May 12:42 2004

Brain gender survey

(Apologies for cross-posting.)

I'm trying to collect more data on how brain gender and the extent to
which people are empathizing or systemizing is related to their job
roles in IT and new media.

The study is based on questionnaires by Simon Baron-Cohen at Cambridge
University. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the two questionnaires
(one for empathizing, one for systemizing) from the Guardian's web site
and then enter the scores on our form.

See the top of this page to get started: http://www.syntagm.co.uk/design

(I am particularly interested in getting women who would describe
themselves as technical to take part. Please pass this on if you know
anyone. Also, if you have already taken the survey, please do it again
if you can - I have made the people/technical question a scale rather
than binomial.)


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