Bjoern Hoehrmann | 9 Jan 13:23 2005
Picon redirect

Dear Synchronized Multimedia Working Group,

  The publication of the SMIL 2.0 Second Edition Recommendation comes
with a poor design choice to redirect from
to <>. This redirect however seems to be
broken as e.g. redirects
to rather than /TR/SMIL2/page-content.html
as one would expect.

This causes a number of links to SMIL 2.0 to be broken, the current SVG
1.2 Working Draft provides a number of examples. Further breakage is
introduced for links to specific sections in SMIL 2.0 documents as noted
in <>, links to such fragments will
either not work properly or cause user agents to navigate to the desired
location but not update the address bar as one would expect.

Please either publish the SMIL 2.0 Second Edition Recommendation fully
at such that requests to that location do
not cause a redirect (i.e., return status 200) or at least fix the re-
direct such that works as


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Weinh. Str. 22 · Telefon: +49(0)621/4309674 ·
68309 Mannheim · PGP Pub. KeyID: 0xA4357E78 · 

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Robert James Steele | 21 Jan 01:45 2005

CFP: 2005 International Conference on Mobile Business until paper ** 1 month reminder until submission deadline

                          Call For Papers
        The Fourth International Conference on Mobile Business
                    IEEE Sponsored Conference
                          m-Business 2005
                         Sydney, Australia

                        July 11 - 13, 2005

           Conference URL:
  The proceedings of ICMB05 will be published by the IEEE Computer Society

The annual, International m-Business Conference, attracts leading scholars and
industry leaders in the m-Business/ wireless space from across the world. The
m-Business 2005 Conference takes place in Sydney, Australia, July 11-13, 2005
with the theme of Mobile Transformation - Enterprise transformation through
mobile technologies and applications.

The main aim of the m-Business 2005 Conference is to further research, business
understanding, strategy and policy in the m-Business wireless sector. The
conference will focus on major trends and challenges in the mobile domain and
will help provide a roadmap for future scholarship and business success in this
important and wide-ranging arena by fusing the state of the art in diverse
research fields with best practices in industry.

We are pleased to announce this Call for Papers and invite experts from
industry, academia, and government and policy makers to actively participate in
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