MJ Broadbent | 1 Mar 23:01 2009

[Sigia-l] [EVENT] IxDA NYC – Tue 3/10 – Interaction 09 Conference Recap

In early February, more than 450 interaction designers from around the  
world converged in Vancouver to discuss, debate, and share a spectrum  
of topics that are important to our community of practice. The  
Interaction 09 | Vancouver conference featured three days of tactical  
workshops, smart sessions filled with practical advice, and a  
fantastic collection of inspirational keynotes.

Please join IxDA NYC as we recap this amazing conference experience  
during an evening of short presentations and open discussion.  
Exclusive video highlights will be shown and a select panel of  
respected NYC professionals will share key content and emergent  
themes. You'll see and hear what was unique about the pre-conference  
workshops, the variety of content presented in lightning rounds,  
speaker sessions, and keynotes, and get an overview of the multi-modal  
social networking in play – including the "Stratweetegy" (all about  
the Twitter experience).

Tuesday evening,  March 10, 2009
6:30 - 7:00 Refreshments and networking
7:00 - 8:30 Presentations and discussion
The event is free of charge

(Details will be provided after RSVP)


Hope to see you there!
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Peter Van Dijck | 2 Mar 16:03 2009

[Sigia-l] Balsamiq mockups review

Hi all,(apologies for crossposting)

There were some questions about Balsamiq mockups recently. I am using it in
a real project and wrote a review here:


me: http://petervandijck.com
blog: http://poorbuthappy.com/ease/
global UX consulting: http://290s.com
free travel guides: http://poorbuthappy.com
Belgium: (+32) 03/325 88 70
Skype id: peterkevandijck
IA Summit 2009: 
Peabody Hotel in Memphis
Pre cons on March 18 and 19   
Sessions on March 20, 21, 22  
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Rebecca Allen | 3 Mar 02:02 2009

[Sigia-l] (Event) Auto Tagging Requirements & Advances

Auto Tagging Requirements & Advances

Taxonomy Community of Practice Call Series
Session Date:  March 4, 2009

Please join us for our monthly Taxonomy Community of Practice Call. This month's topic is Auto Tagging
Requirements & Advances

Date:  Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Time:  1:00 - 2:00 Eastern Time
Cost:  $50 Per Registrant
For additional details and registration information, visit:  http://www.earley.com/_March2009.asp

You will receive dial-in instructions and slides in advance of the call. 

Session Description
Auto tagging is one of those areas that has been full of promise, yet fallen short of expectations. Over the
years, vendors have developed various approaches to deriving and applying metadata to content but some
require more effort (such as development of large training sets) than manual tagging would. However,
algorithms have gotten better and engines smarter and there are new approaches to auto tagging that we
will explore. Many organizations are realizing that they need more metadata on content and are
increasingly investing in these approaches. We'll discuss what works and how to address tagging requirements.

Even for a taxonomy team that believes in the superiority of human editorial processes, automatic
techniques of tagging, extraction, and categorization can offer a critical business advantage in
numerous situations. The most obvious is when you have too much information to index using only humans,
but how much is too much? And just how far are you willing to trust a machine? Our session presenters will
provide business-oriented recommendations about automatic indexing systems: where they come from,
how they work, when best to use them, and how new and existing taxonomies can be leveraged or managed to
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Andrews, Julie | 3 Mar 18:10 2009

[Sigia-l] IA position in Boston area

Information Metadata Architect position

I'm conducting a search for client in the Boston area (with a reputation
for taking great care of its employees!). We're looking for an IA with
at least five years of experience designing information architecture for
complex systems.  Ideally, we're seeking a blend of IA with metadata
experience.  Primary must have is IA.  This person will be doing more
"big" and "little" information architecture. They still need an
understanding of metadata and taxonomy, but their focus will be to build
the "little" IA of individual web applications (internal and external)
and make sure they fit into the "big" IA of other applications (not
necessarily enterprise wide, but that there are logical
links/structure).  We need research, usability background and understand
methodologies for evaluating this information and making
recommendations.  If you're interested in this position, please forward
your resume and salary history to
julie.andrews <at> trakrecordsandlibrary.com .

Thank you!

Julie Andrews

National Recruiting Executive

TRAK Records & Library

(888) 399-TRAK(8725) - direct

(202) 261-7200 - main

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Sarah L Naasko | 3 Mar 22:55 2009

[Sigia-l] [JOB] Research Director, Usability Research & Consulting - USA - Market Strategies International - full time

*Research Director – Usability Research & Consulting*

Market Strategies is seeking a *Research Director* for the Usability
Research & Consulting Group.  We have 1 opening to be filled, preferably in
either Livonia, MI or Portland, OR, although other locations are available.
The Research Director is responsible for developing relationships with
current clients and prospects to generate new business, grow existing
accounts, design and deliver custom research studies and ensure that all
deliverables given to clients meet or exceed expectations.


   - Develop business relationships with new and existing clients.
   - Prepare proposals for projects involving high-level research design.
   - Serve as the primary client contact for all project-related issues and
   oversee project teams.
   - Design research approaches to achieve complex research objectives,
   applying creativity and innovative thinking as appropriate.
   - Explore and evaluate emerging methodologies for usability research.
   - Manage project budgets to ensure that they meet profitability revenue
   - Moderate research sessions, conduct analysis and write highly useful
   and usable reports.
   - Presents research findings.

*Required Qualifications:*

   - Bachelor’s degree in human factors-related discipline (cognitive
   psychology, industrial design/engineering, human-computer interaction,
   information science, etc.), or combination of education and relevant
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Richard Hill | 4 Mar 18:21 2009

[Sigia-l] New at IA Summit 2010

Some of the changes for this year below.  Still time to register.

Welcome Reception - 
Hear and dance to "Elmo and the Shades," have champagne and cake, celebrate
our 10th meeting, courtesy of Yahoo!

Saturday evening, *Who's game?*
Apples-to-Apples, Killer Bunnies, Carcassone, Fluxx... Whether you love
board games or haven't played since you were a kid, join us for a fun
evening of game playing and conversation. Visit http://cli.gs/M1zpgq and
help decide which games we'll bring -- invite your friends!

Pre-conference sessions: March 18-19, 2009 Conference: March 20-22, 2009 
Conference hotel: Peabody Memphis,
Memphis, TN, USA.

Still time to register at  http://iasummit.org/2009/

Dick Hill
Richard B. Hill
Executive Director
American Society for Information Science and Technology
1320 Fenwick Lane, Suite 510
Silver Spring, MD  20910
Fax: (301) 495-0810
Voice: (301) 495-0900 

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Carol Taylor | 5 Mar 15:05 2009

[Sigia-l] Wanted: Full time/Freelance UIDesigner/Designer/Copywriter/Sr. Art Director positions in NYC

Hi All,

One of my clients, an international creative/interactive consultancy, is
doing great - and needs to hire some top talent for their Manhattan office

Senior Interface Designer (Freelance ASAP): Interesting website project with
an interface that is driven by highly personalized content. The
functionality operates more like a piece of software than a traditional
website. Designer needs to have experience with complex interfaces juggling
deep content. Timing: ASAP minimum 7days - max 6 weeks. We are wrapping up
UX and starting design next week. Freelance for approx. 7 days - if design
selected then would be on for approx another month till project complete.
Budget: $575/day max.  Interested parties, please submit resume and
portfolio (must contain at least 10 samples of complex UI web design
projects - including wireframes, schematics, visio diagrams & finished web
design). This position is 40 hours/week, 100% on site through completion.

Mid-weight Designer (full time ASAP): This position is 60% Design, 20%
Concepts and 20% Production. This person will be the right hand to the
senior art director - it's a great opportunity for growth within the rapidly
growing agency. They will touch a large variety of projects. Position is
full time, 100% on site only. Budget: $70k

Conceptual Writer (temp to hire): This position is 75% Concepting; 25%
Copywriting. This position will start out as a freelance position, focusing
on heavy concepting. Hopefully, this position will turn into a full time
position in 4th quarter. Position is freelance with option to go full time,
100% on site only. Budget: $50-70k annual.

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GSLIS CE2 | 5 Mar 18:36 2009

[Sigia-l] Practical Keyword Invention Workshop -- For Indexers, Taxonomists, and Information Architects

Simmons GSLIS Continuing Education

Practical Keyword Invention

Saturday, March 14, 2009
9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Simmons College, One Palace Road Bldg, Boston
Cost: $160 (Simmons GSLIS Alum $125)

Knowing how to control a vocabulary is important, but what if you don’t 
have a vocabulary? This workshop provides participants with a simple 
algorithm for inventing all those words you forgot to invent last time, 
along with several practical examples. Whether you’re an indexer looking 
to lengthen your index, or a website owner looking to get more Google 
hits, you’ll appreciate a fast, fresh look at words, words, and more 
unencumbered words.

Faculty: Seth Maislin is a leader in the indexing industry. He is 
past-president of the American Society for Indexing; managing partner of 
the indexing firm Potomac Indexing, LLC; and founder of the techindexing 
community. He teaches a comprehensive remote-learning class on indexing 
through Middlesex Community College and has spoken at numerous 
conferences and companies. A long-time freelance indexer and mentor, you 
can learn more about him at his website at http://taxonomist.tripod.com 
and his company at http://www.potomacindexing.com; 
seth.maislin <at> potomacindexing.com

Please register by Wednesday, March 11th to ensure your space in the 
workshop (if your institution is paying, it is fine to register first 
and arrange for payment later).
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Chris Masterton | 10 Mar 19:47 2009

[Sigia-l] Graphical IA generation

Hi IAers,

Wondering if anyone has heard of a tool that generates a graphical  
depiction of an information architecture or site map based on some  
kind of input file such as XML or Excel.

I hate having to move widgets around and re-connect my IAs in visio or  
omni-graffle each time a client changes their mind (which is quite a  

The idea being that even a tabbed text file can show a hierarchy but  
outputting that hierarchy to a nice to view format is more time  
consuming. This seems like a fairly simple programmatic challenge but  
I haven't seen a product that can do it.

Anyone know of one?



IA Summit 2009: 
Peabody Hotel in Memphis
Pre cons on March 18 and 19   
Sessions on March 20, 21, 22  
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michael lascarides | 10 Mar 21:17 2009

Re: [Sigia-l] Graphical IA generation

Hi Chris,

You might want to take a look at TreeJack from the Optimal Sort guys.


It's not exactly a graphical representation like you'd get in
Visio/OmniGraffle, but if you're still at the rapid-turnover point of the
project where the structure of your hierarchy hasn't been nailed down, it
might be an alternative way to solve the problem. Might even be better for
some clients, since it feels like clicking through the navigation on a site.

- Michael.


Michael Lascarides
User Analyst
Digital Experience Group
New York Public Library
212 592 7184 (new number!)
michael_lascarides <at> nypl.org

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Chris Masterton <
chris <at> optimalinterfaces.com> wrote:

> The idea being that even a tabbed text file can show a hierarchy but
> outputting that hierarchy to a nice to view format is more time
> consuming. This seems like a fairly simple programmatic challenge but
> I haven't seen a product that can do it.
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