Danny Ayers | 19 Jun 14:25 2004

Re: emo namespace

This should tie in nicely with FOAF, so I've forwarded to the list:

wiki: http://rdfweb.org/topic/FoafProject

zaczek2004 wrote:

>So far I haven't found a way to indicate emotional relationships that 
>a topic map author might have towards certain sites or items within 
>existing metadata frameworks.
>This would be useful to create a personalised map of a friendly web. 
>Metadata aware browsers would hide content marked as "boring" and 
>feed aggregators could auto-generate "Humor" columns based on the 
>author's map of topics and the maps of friends.
>Some logical inference might be used. For example person's A topic 
>map indicates that topic X is "Good" and "Serious". A metadata bot 
>engine can come accross the topic map of person B which states that 
>topic X is "Bad" or "Funny". If this is a repeating pattern, this 
>enables the bot to guess by some sort of Bayesian logic that person A 
>is likely to consider "Bad" the topics marked as "Good" in person's B 
>topic map.
>This can help the creation of an automated common interest discovery 
>engine, which would compute different people's topic maps and 
>discover possible matches of people who share a similar sense of 
>humour (defined by the common idea of "Serious" and "Funny" topic 
>boundaries etc...)
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