Luca | 3 Jul 10:23 2011

feature request: be able to delete a bookmark from the "save a bookmark" window

Hi maciej,

I know my subject sounds crazy, but that's just because the window
name is misleading in this case :)

My use case is as follows:
I push a lot of stuff I want to read to my "read later" tag. Thus, it
is already saved as a bookmark.
When I have time, I read my "read later"s using the "random"
bookmarklet. So, once I have a page in front of me, I then decide what
to do with it. I may decide it's worth keeping, in which case I assign
tags. Or I may decide I don't need it any more, in which case this
bookmark just pollutes my list.
So I'd like to delete it.

Since I use a Firefox addon, it is now very convenient for me to just
press Ctrl-D to pull up the "Save a Bookmark" window, and I'm able to
modify a bookmark, e.g. by assigning tags. I am, however, unable to
delete it from this window, which would be very helpful to me.

Perhaps you might consider adding such a button once you detect that
the bookmark is already in that user's bookmark list.


Johannes | 5 Jul 07:35 2011

Aw: feature request: be able to delete a bookmark from the "save a bookmark" window

I really would like to see that as well.
What Luca describes is also my most used use case.

smerickson | 8 Jul 23:25 2011

Networks API?

Are there any plans to include network information in the API?

clvrobj | 9 Jul 08:38 2011

I have made a Chrome extension for Pinboard

I use Pinboard everyday and love it very much.
I have made a new Chrome extension, it can:

Icon changing to show current page has been saved or not.
Delete bookmark from the popup window.



Luca | 3 Jul 10:14 2011

bug: the <at> pinboardpopular Twitter feed seems to re-post the same message

Hi maciej,

I'm not sure if this is an actual bug, but it seemed strange enough
for me to direct your attention towards it. Call it a "bug smell".

The  <at> pinboardpopular Twitter feed (which is a very helpful resource
for me, so thanks for that) normally sends me a bunch of links once(?)
per day.
For the last few days, however, it has sent me the same post several
times per day: "The Blackstag Blog Post # 5 -> Programming in Clojure
for Beginners"
I'm not annoyed by it (I find it rather comical), but it strikes me as
behaviour you would probably not have intended, so I wanted to alert
you to it :)

Receiving the same link lots of times serves no purpose and I thus
consider it a bug.
IMO, it should probably suppressed for the "popular" mechanism.

Keep up the good work

Etienne Neveu | 11 Jul 16:37 2011

[bug] Broken RSS link when multiple tags


When browsing a page filtered using multiple tags, the RSS link is

For example, on , it
targets , which
fails. I think it should instead target
, which works correctly.

Screenshot of the problem:


- Etienne

Charlie Sneath | 13 Jul 15:50 2011

Pinboard reading mode: Browsing unread items and marking them as read

A simple interface to browse unread items with a link to "go to next item and mark current item as read" would be great.

I know that Pinboard ≠ Instapaper, but this would be a quick way to go through things I've marked to look at later (often times links from starred tweets). Granted, it's totally possible right now to just uncheck the "read later" tag in the organize view, but I would love a dedicated "reading mode." (...or maybe this is just a simple Pinboard client that can be built with the API?)

Thanks, Maciej!


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Miao Liu | 20 Jul 08:01 2011

Can the "Copy to mine" function copy the tags as well?

Hi Maciej,

I explore popular and recent tags a lot to discover cool links,thus
used "copy to mine" a lot,but when copied,the tag would be
via:username,I think it could be more useful if the tags can be copied
to mine as well.


Best regards.


Nicolas Grilly | 20 Jul 17:17 2011

Re: I have made a Chrome extension for Pinboard

This is nice! I've installed it. 

Is the source code available anywhere, on Google Code or GitHub for example?

Thank you.

zak | 21 Jul 09:32 2011

Open in new window preference setting


For me, the "Open links in new window setting" seems to work for my own 
bookmarks and the "recent" page, but not the "popular" page. Just a little 
thing, I know the workarounds, but it would be nice if it were consistent.