TECK | 12 Nov 13:05 2011

Nginx 1.0.9 reporting wrong version in PHP 5.3.8


I installed Nginx 1.0.9 and when I look at the phpinfo() details, it
reports as version 1.0.4.
Anyone else has this issue?


Floren Munteanu

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TECK | 12 Nov 13:08 2011

Re: Nginx 1.0.9 reporting wrong version in PHP 5.3.8

Never mind, I was on the wrong server. Sorry about that.

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xin | 12 Nov 20:47 2011

Re: Rails App, Nginx, Virtual Hosts and bandwidth shaping

Anton Yuzhaninov Hi! This means that EVERY virtualhost have that limit
or all virtualhosts together? How I could do that to limit for example
10 virtualhosts to have all together 25mbps limited bandwidth, is it
possible? 10 virtualhosts together = 25mbps limit not each..

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