Thomas Dickey | 30 Apr 02:00 2016

Re: ANN: lynx2.8.9dev.9

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| Hi Thomas,
| On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 01:12:32AM +0000, Thomas Dickey wrote:
| > * restore fix to filter out left-to-right marks which was broken in
| >   refactoring in 2.8.9dev.2, and also filter out right-to-left
| >   marks
| >   (Debian #808949) -TD
| Thanks for taking care of bugs reported in Debian!
| Nevertheless, in this case, the fix might have broken something else
| as it probably caused the following regression reported in Debian
| today:

yes/no: the report noted breakage in an earlier fix to remove the feature:

    ignore LEFT-TO-RIGHT-MARK (U+200E) in HTML files (Debian #408835) -TD

If someone sees it "working" in some version, that is accidental (i.e., a bug), since
neither ncurses nor slang actually support bidi in the sense that they know
what's on the screen between the (zero-width!) markers.

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Vincent Lefevre | 29 Apr 16:29 2016

Re: ANN: lynx2.8.9dev.9

On 2016-04-29 13:12:27 +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> I can't reproduce the regression in an uxterm since it always seems to
> show the exclamation mark at the end, independent of the lynx version.

AFAIK, uxterm, like most terminals, don't have bidi support.

> (mlterm shows the exclamation mark indeed at different places, but
> only shows boxes instead of hebrew characters for me.)

To see the Hebrew characters, you may need to disable Xft in the
font config. I got them with:


which is chosen by default once Xft is disabled (but then, the
behavior may also depend on packages that are installed).


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Thomas Dickey | 27 Apr 03:12 2016

ANN: lynx2.8.9dev.9


2016-04-26 (2.8.9dev.9)
* add workaround for servers such as which fail to close
  the connection when they finish sending compressed data.  This relies on
  the content-length (report by Klaus-Peter Wegge) -TD
* restore fix to filter out left-to-right marks which was broken in refactoring
  in 2.8.9dev.2, and also filter out right-to-left marks (Debian #808949) -TD
* fix build for current gnutls configuration which dropped the
  gnutls_protocol_set_priority function (reported by Axel Beckert, Andreas
  Metzler) -TD
* modify CF_LD_RPATH_OPT configure macro, changing FreeBSD case to use
  -Wl,-rpath rather than -rpath option.  According to FreeBSD #178732, either
  works since FreeBSD 4.x; however scons does not accept anything except the
  -Wl,-rpath form -TD
* add null-pointer checks for ssl_ctx in HTTP.c in case of error from calls
  on SSL_CTX_new (report by Yuan Jochen Kang) -TD
* update config.guess (2016-01-01), config.sub (2016-01-01)
* update da.po, fi.po, tr.po from


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David Niklas | 19 Mar 18:08 2016

Re: Lynx-dev Digest, Vol 145, Issue 6

On Sat, 20 Feb 2016 13:01:21 S.ndor wrote:
> 2016/02/18 01:21 ... Karen Lewellen:
> > Larry,
> > these pages are not blank.  they simply do not accept the user header.
> > If you change the send user header option the page will show
> > correctly. However that option is not permanent for good reason.
> > Unless others have ideas, that is the best and fastest way, it is a 2
> > second fix at most.
> > Does someone mine explaining to Larry why the header does need to be
> > present the rest of the time?
> > I know sites behave strangely without it, but others may be able to
> > help him understand as much.
> And I think of the suggestion when changing the User-Agent header that 
> no known webbrowser be named, but instead a variant of "Lynx ...", very 
> good, in that if the webmaster looks at the visitor log, he will see 
> that in spite of all a Lynx-user visited.

I'm confused, do you mean that you want us to visit the web page with the
user agent set to lynx so that the admin might allow lynx?

Thanks, David

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Snowczar | 17 Mar 23:11 2016

Lynx NTLM proxy authentication support


I love using Lynx but I recently switched jobs and I can't seem to get Lynx to authenticate with the proxy
server at work.  Looks like it doesn't support NTLM authentication?  My searches seemed to show this came up
a long time ago and nothing was done?  In curious if this support can be added for the next release?


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Thomas Dickey | 29 Feb 03:04 2016

website down for maintenance

I've submitted a ticket to my ISP to deal with a problem which cropped up today.
I expect it'll be back up in a day or so.


Thomas E. Dickey <dickey <at>>

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Hart Larry | 18 Feb 06:54 2016

Can I Permanently Fix these Blank Pages?

Several months ago when this subject of a 406 error or maybe another type of 
blank page came up, there was a fix on the fly to display. But instead, I wunder 
if there is something I can put in my lynx.cfg to finally correct these? I think 
this site is wordpress related?
I go here for listings of debates-and-primaries, among other things. I really 
find it irritating that I must visit in E L I N K S.
An example I mentioned months ago was
Here on Shellworld, we have version 2.8.9 dev6
Here at home, I have dev8
Thanks so much in advance for solutions

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Dan Schmidt | 25 Jan 01:22 2016

Newer DOS Lynx Port

It's kind of a pain to get all the modules & CA cert, but SSL works.  Kaufman's port is great, but lacks current SSL.

I use a small enet/wireless usb bridge.  I can boot & get the weather faster on my twenty year old laptop than my two year old chromebook. 
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Thorsten Glaser | 24 Jan 02:33 2016

scrolling bug


when the status line (on E) begins with…

Edit the current link's URL: ←somelinktext_

… and then you fill it up, it doesn't scroll after filling
the second-to-last column (as it does when you don’t have
that little ← there) but only one after it, which kinda is
irritating with a block mode cursor that hides that character.


Stéphane, I actually don’t block Googlemail, they’re just too utterly
stupid to successfully deliver to me (or anyone else using Greylisting
and not whitelisting their ranges). Same for a few other providers such
as Hotmail. Some spammers (Yahoo) I do block.

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Axel Beckert | 23 Jan 20:42 2016

Lynx 2.8.9dev.8 doesn't build against GnuTLS 3.4.x: gnutls_protocol_set_priority removed


GnuTLS 3.4.8 arrived in Debian Unstable and Lynx no more builds since
then. Reason is the usage of gnutls_protocol_set_priority in
src/tidy_tls.c as gnutls_protocol_set_priority has been removed from
GnuTLS since 3.4.0.

It only seems to be used for cipher/protocol removal in Lynx, so the
following patch makes it build again.


* I'm not sure if the changed code paths are really used in my
  environment, and

* I'm quite sure that this patch is probably not suitable for general
  inclusion as it is probably GnuTLS-specific and also doesn't take
  into account that others might build Lynx against older versions of

So you likely need to adapt that patch to be more suited for upstream

Index: lynx/src/tidy_tls.c
--- lynx.orig/src/tidy_tls.c	2015-12-21 10:11:11.719618478 +0100
+++ lynx/src/tidy_tls.c	2016-01-23 20:01:04.100447994 +0100
 <at>  <at>  -262,27 +262,6  <at>  <at> 
     ctx->verify_callback = verify_callback;

-static void RemoveProtocol(SSL * ssl, int protocol)
-    int j, k;
-    int changed = 0;
-    int *protocols = ssl->ctx->method->priority.protocol;
-    for (j = k = 0; j < GNUTLS_MAX_ALGORITHM_NUM;) {
-	if (protocols[k] == protocol) {
-	    if (++k >= GNUTLS_MAX_ALGORITHM_NUM)
-		break;
-	    changed = 1;
-	} else {
-	    protocols[j++] = protocols[k++];
-	}
-    }
-    if (changed) {
-	gnutls_protocol_set_priority(ssl->gnutls_state, protocols);
-    }
  * Initiate the TLS/SSL handshake with an TLS/SSL server.
 <at>  <at>  -294,9 +273,7  <at>  <at> 
     const char *aname;

     if (ssl->options & SSL_OP_NO_TLSv1)
-	RemoveProtocol(ssl, GNUTLS_TLS1);
-    if (ssl->options & SSL_OP_NO_SSLv3)
-	RemoveProtocol(ssl, GNUTLS_SSL3);
+	gnutls_priority_set(ssl->gnutls_state, "VERS-TLS1.0!");

     while ((rc = gnutls_handshake(ssl->gnutls_state)) < 0 &&
 	   !gnutls_error_is_fatal(rc)) {

		Kind regards, Axel

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Daniel Bridges | 21 Jan 15:11 2016

Help customize: screen size, color, text size; status bar covers hotkey listing

‎Thank you for your time. I am an intermediate computer user, having failed to use multiple versions of Linux in the past (mostly Ubuntu). Currently using Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, on the Surface Pro 4 in Japan (USA regional settings, English from first-time screen), I used the Win32 installer lynx-cs-setup.exe , likely from ; I think it was “Current patch built with curses (color-style)”.


My overarching problem is that manual installation and editing configuration files appears advanced; I don’t know what to do. I tried figuring it out months ago on an old MacBook Pro and wound up installing lynxlet instead after writing to you. I cannot use the Lynx main help and User Guide because I cannot see it (e.g. recurring blue text on black), and because it is not clear to me which section has the answers I seek; I don’t currently have time to read it cover-to-cover.


My problems are:

1.       The content does not resize with making the window larger; I’d like to use it full-screen in addition to any size.

2.       Blue text is basically impossible for me to read against the black background. (I want to keep the black background.)

3.       I would like to make the text larger. It is a little too small, difficult to see.

4.       For ‘a name’ hyperlinks to a section of a webpage, there appears to be no text highlight when moving between them with the down arrow. (Example: ; is there a way to copy-to-clipboard the current page’s URL from within Lynx?)

5.       Text remains ‘burned onto’ the screen after navigating away, apparently from resizing the window – clicking the ‘maximize’ and ‘unmaximize’ button in the top-right window corner, and scrolling the text back into view after unmaximizing, and then navigating to a new screen.

6.       The status bar, e.g. “press space for next page”, covered the hotkey info, i.e. the “H)elp O)ptions” etc. listing, I think after maximizing the window, possibly the first time I used it after installation. I have not been able to cause this problem to repeat.

7.       I understand Lynx uses the terminal or something similar (bash?) and there’s a good reason why the mouse and clicking doesn’t work, but it would be nice if this feature could be implemented, to click on links (or use touchscreen). I could list other things I’d love to see, e.g. the “pinch out to zoom in” type touchscreen features.


I found documentation seemingly related to problem #1, I think from the User Guide:

>For win32, allow the console window to be resized to the given values. This requires PDCurses 2.5. The values given are width,height.

>Default value


> Support for this setting was disabled at compile-time.


Does this mean resizing the content to match window size is impossible if one has used the lynx-cs-setup.exe Win32 installer? Is there a better 64-bit version instead?


I intend to browse the help documentation mentioned on the startup window eventually, but I have very little spare time.

Would you please add this software to the Windows Store? I think it could become more popular. I did not find any Apps like Lynx searching for text web browsers.

I am very grateful for a text web browser, and would like to become a supporter and proponent of it. In addition to being ad-free, I think it promotes mental health and productivity. Thank you for making it! (What programming languages would I need to learn to contribute?)



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