Hart Larry | 6 Oct 20:35 2015

Smaller print menu in an External?

Well, seems like I solved this several months ago when pointing at my local 
lynx.cfg file, but now, especially since an account I login to switched from fre 
bsd to ubunto, but also on my local Debian machine, here's what happens:
I visit
I select an article, but an only way of reaching a printer friendly version, is 
running urlview as an external. So an external says:
EXTERNAL_MENU:http:urlview:lynx -source -base  %s |urlview -:TRUE
While an entry in an urlview file says:
COMMAND lynx % s
If I try-and-point urlview to /home/chime/lynx.cfg  it bombs out with something 
like  "no sudu alts found"
My local lynx.cfg has 14 printing options, especially "append to a local file" 
which I use alot. If you please, any ideas how to correct this? Thanks so much 
in advance

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Karen Lewellen | 4 Oct 20:46 2015

lynx_cookies issue, or perhaps lynx.cfg

Hi folks,
Let me ask this carefully so it makes some sense.
I am not exactly sure  what comprises a computer cookie,  for example, if 
the ip address is noted.
Nor am I sure where lynx goes to look for the cookie file itself.
Still, here is the situation.
Shellworld, where I do most of my lynx work has entirely changed its 
machine and servers.  A new ip address everything.
Although I have my old lynx_cookies file,  and can edit it.
gmail for example is not finding or resetting its own cookies.
I am not sure if there is something in the lynx.cfg file that addresses 
the lynx_cookies file location, or if my using my bookmark for gmail  is 
seeking the cookie based on the old ip address or what.
Still every time I check my mail now,  I must log in anew, no cookie set 
as previously.
Where do I start directing the Shellworld administrator  to fix the issue?

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Karen Lewellen | 2 Oct 03:14 2015

lynx cookie file again?

Sorry if this is a mess.  We are making  changes or having them made at 
our service.  no spell checker right now.
Anyway, I am asking for the proper lynx cookies file name again.

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Tomas Nordin | 1 Oct 23:10 2015

Options menu Cookies will not be saved

Hello Lynx mailing list

Is there any particular reason it is not possible to save the selected
option on cookies in the options menu? I always choose ignore cookies
and my browsing work excellent that way. So I would like to have that
option to be persistent.


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Jude DaShiell | 28 Sep 16:24 2015

lynx configuration

Can lynx be configured such that when it opens it opens the last page I 
visited?  Things I'm trying now often ned a second or third examination.


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Jude DaShiell | 22 Sep 11:58 2015

Re: More on "Stgrange Google problem" (fwd)


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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2015 04:08:48
From: Tony Baechler <tony <at> baechler.net>
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To: Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list <at> redhat.com>
Subject: Re: More on "Stgrange Google problem"

Exactly what versions of Lynx and brltty are you using?  I've never had this 
happen with Lynx, but I don't use Braille.  I just upgraded to the latest 
lynx-cur from testing and tried Google, but nothing unusual happened.  Also, as 
I understand it, user processes can't lock up the machine.  They can freeze a 
console, but shouldn't lock up everything.  Perhaps it's some other issue which 
is being triggered by Lynx, but not Lynx itself.

On 9/21/2015 5:33 AM, John J. Boyer wrote:
> The freezing appears to be a lynx problem. It happened again while I was
> filling out the book request form in Bookshare. It did not happen when i
> used elinks.
> John


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John J. Boyer | 21 Sep 19:26 2015

Freezing bug

I am using Debian Jessie set up for command-line only, with screen and 
with the brltty screenreader.

I have encountered strange freezes while using lynx. The most extreme is 
in trying to search on Google. While arrowing from one link to another 
the machine becomes totally unresponsive. It can't even be turned off 
with the power button. I have to pull the plug before I can reboot.

When filling out the book request form at http://bookshare.org the 
freezes after filling out the first few items. However, the machine does 
not freeze. When I type killall lynx from another screen instance the 
program stops and the prompt reappears.

I had no trouble filling out the form to subscribe to this list.

I've been told on the blinux <at> redhat.com list that the problem seems to 
occur on some machines but not on others. it seems to be unrelated to 
Debian Jessie. It did not occur when I was using CentOS some years ago.



John J. Boyer; President,
AbilitiesSoft, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin USA
We develop software for people with disabilities which is abailable at 
no cost.
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Jude DaShiell | 19 Sep 21:55 2015

Re: Strange problem with Google (fwd)


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Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015 15:44:18
From: Cheryl Homiak <cah4110 <at> icloud.com>
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Subject: Re: Strange problem with Google

It isn't a Jesse debian problem per se. A while back this would happen to me on my powerpc mac mini running
jesse and not on my intel mac mini running the same thing. In my case, it had problems anyway but the freeze
really set in when I hit slash. For unrelated reasons, I reinstalled on my powerpc machine and the problem
was gone. I don't know if it was a lynx setting or what. Another thing I should  point out is that a freeze can
also happen in some instances if you choose to have both links and form fields numbered. I've known this for
quite a while but it doesn't happen on all machines or distributions of linux. It's better to only have
links numbered. Sorry that I can't tell you exactly what your problem might be but I will say I'm not at all
sure that it's related to the fact that yo
 u are running Jesse per se.



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> On Sep 19, 2015, at 2:20 PM, John J. Boyer <john.boyer <at> abilitiessoft.org> wrote:
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miro.rovis | 19 Sep 17:01 2015

vimeo login/upload w/ lynx/other non-harvester browser?


Developers, pls. bear with me. I'll try and ask a user question.
And freely skip reading this if you are busy. Thanks for the fine
program you are working on!

I have become fully aware of why such huge work is thrown in, and
programming skills hired in the few big browser businesses that users
have at their convenience in exchange for privacy surrendered.

But my question is not about that, but is practical. By a poor user
fighting for his privacy and freedom on the web.

I use Dillo, and I use Lynx.

I can only now, after replacing the default /etc/lynx.lss with this one:
use Lynx with ease. It is a scietifically determined fact that white
foreground on black background is straining viewers eyes. See, e.g.:
and have mercy on users like me, who can't easily find time to tweak all
the programs that need tweaking because of torturous defaults. If this
goes only to Gentoo devs in charge of Lynx in Gentoo, I hope they are

I know that I can't log in to http://github.com/miroR with Dillo. (I
have discussed that with Dillo developers on the dillo-dev list, no
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contact | 15 Sep 12:06 2015

Proposal: mobile app for Lynx


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- | 5 Sep 23:20 2015

Lynx bombs with a signal 11 message

Hello, I'm new to the list.

When I have lynx running within a screen window it often bombs taking me 
back to the cli with a "signal 11" message.

This happens most often with the first request of the day to goto a net 
url or after some time of nonactivity with lynx left running in the screen 

I use os x 10.10 running lynx in the terminal, but it also happend with 
earlier versions of the os.

Has anyone had a similar experience and is there a known fix?

Thanks for any help,



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