frank ernest | 23 Oct 23:56 2014

Having trouble with colors and keys

I'm having trouble with lynx, I just got done configuring the config file and placing it ~/.lynxrc. The
selected hyperlinks are green, but I never even used green in my config file. Looking at the lynx manual,
the words "http" "gopher" and others are overwritten with words from the next line. I looked at the error
file ".lynx_error" but nothing shows up so I'm guessing my configuration changes were accepable. Also, I
made some key binding changes and I'm wondering, will any conficts be reported? And if not, then, can I
unbind some keys? There are no directions in the lynx.cfg file for unbinding lynx functions, though
removing the key associated with the value might work.


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Ryan Houck | 16 Oct 06:44 2014

Help getting a lynx that will open https

Hi, my name is Ryan. I heard about ftp based browsers in one of my classes and wanted to try it out. Lynx was recommended and I found one that was already set up. The problem was it would not open any https sites. I have no experience programming and all the instructions loose me. Is there any pre-packaged version you know of?

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Ian Collier | 30 Sep 17:15 2014

Re: Need to pass ASCII-GS thru to lynxcgi: QUERY_STRING

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 10:16:53AM +1000, Mark Dewhirst wrote:
> The embedded  sub-field-terminator is always rendered by the RF-gun as  
> ASCII-GS (Group Separator,  0x1d, 035)  

> That  ASCII control character is being silently suppressed from the 
> input, and I need a way to allow it to come through

If you add this line to lynx.cfg does it help?



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David Woolley | 30 Sep 08:48 2014

Re: Need to pass ASCII-GS thru to lynxcgi: QUERY_STRING

On 30/09/14 01:16, Mark Dewhirst wrote:
> That  ASCII control character is being silently suppressed from the
> input, and I need a way to allow it to come through to the
> QUERY_STRING.      Actual display of the code-point is (from my point of
> view) optional!

That's correct.  It should be provided as a % escape.  Are you saying 
that the equipment needs an illegal URI?

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Mark Dewhirst | 30 Sep 02:16 2014

Need to pass ASCII-GS thru to lynxcgi: QUERY_STRING

Hi All,         



We have found an unusual niche for lynx:-  our warehouse management

system employs  "RF-guns"  (small screen  WiFi units with barcode

scanners, see  Intermec CK70  etc )


There are hundreds of units on the market,  and to be able to use them

all,  we run the RF-gun's  telnet equivalent program and then run  lynx 

inside that.


The various screens needed by our application are HTML pages (almost

exclusively "forms") that are generated by a cluster of  cgi-bins usually

accessed via  'lynxcgi:'


These RF-guns cause their laser-scanners to act like key-strokes.

So when the user scans a barcode,  the data is pumped into the current

field on a form, and the  cgi-bin eventually sees this as a classic  

"QUERY_STRING="   environment variable.




My problem....

Most barcodes are a single field....   supermarket-product-code etc.  

no issue.   one-scan-to-one-form-field... easy!   Even QR scans.


However there is a class of barcodes  that contain  sub-fields,  and

some of those sub-fields are allowed to be of variable length.

The embedded  sub-field-terminator is always rendered by the RF-gun as 

ASCII-GS (Group Separator,  0x1d, 035)    (see GS1 specification and 

CODE-128 symbology...  nicest web-site is,  if you have a

spare few days!!)


That  ASCII control character is being silently suppressed from the

input, and I need a way to allow it to come through to the

QUERY_STRING.      Actual display of the code-point is (from my point of

view) optional!




Mark ;-)


PS..   our current version is  2-8-7   across many platforms, but 85% are now Linux  (RedHat)...

Happy to update,  especially if the character gymnastics are changed.



tools>  r

file  *lynx*

isislynx.hp.hpux:       PA-RISC1.1 shared executable dynamically linked - not stripped   ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, not stripped ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (GNU/Linux), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.18, not stripped ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped

isislynx.risc.aix:      executable (RISC System/6000 V3.1) or obj module not stripped

isislynx.sparc.solaris: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, SPARC, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped




Mark Dewhirst | Development Manager | Microlistics


Email:  mark.dewhirst <at>

Mobile:  +61 419 306 940

Phone:   +61 3 9326 7422



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Tyson Braun | 25 Sep 21:55 2014

need lynx, please help

Hello – I’m having trouble installing Lynx. I have extracted the zip files but can’t figure out what to do next. The README file is very confusing to me. Thanks!


Tyson Braun
Associate Director

P: +1 (704) 330-1005


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Karen Lewellen | 13 Sep 23:21 2014

quick cookie file reminder?

Hi folks,
Can someone remind me of the exact name of the lynx cookie file?
I am doing a detox this week....without coffee...which is hardly 
civilized! ahem, and am really having trouble remembering things like 

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Thomas Klausner | 12 Sep 23:29 2014

lynx-2.8.8rel2 bugfix for ncursesw on NetBSD


Leonard Schmidt reported a bug against lynx in pkgsrc when compiling
with ncursesw, see

I can confirm that without the patch below, I get the following
compilation issue:

LYStrings.c: In function 'expand_tiname':
LYStrings.c:1009:37: error: 'strnames' undeclared (first use in this function)
     if ((code = lookup_tiname(name, strnames)) >= 0
LYStrings.c:1009:37: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it
appears in
LYStrings.c:1010:33: error: 'strfnames' undeclared (first use in this function)
  || (code = lookup_tiname(name, strfnames)) >= 0) {
LYStrings.c:1011:6: error: 'cur_term' undeclared (first use in this function)
  if (cur_term->type.Strings[code] != 0) {

on NetBSD-7.99.1/x86_64 with gcc-4.8.3.

The patch is attached, please include it.


--- src/LYStrings.c.orig	2013-11-29 00:52:56.000000000 +0000
+++ src/LYStrings.c
 <at>  <at>  -40,6 +40,10  <at>  <at> 
 #include <LYrcFile.h>

+#ifdef NCURSES
+#include <ncurses/term.h>
 #include <LYShowInfo.h>
 #include <LYLeaks.h>

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Lawrence Velázquez | 1 Sep 17:31 2014

Binary distribution with OpenSSL


I'm the Lynx maintainer for the MacPorts Project (, a ports system for OS X. As
part of our infrastructure, we distribute precompiled binaries for common build configurations,
subject to licensing restrictions.

Your COPYHEADER file contains what seemingly amounts to an OpenSSL exemption to the GPL, and it suggests
that you'd allow distribution of Lynx binaries alongside OpenSSL binaries. Am I interpreting it accurately?

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Jude DaShiell | 1 Sep 16:09 2014

EXTERNAL with lynx

I tried using EXTERNAL to play streams from vlc on a Linux platform.  That 
failed since the URL field would need to have a suffix of an URL to scan 
in order to enable playing of streams like .pls with vlc and lynx.  If 
that is possible using EXTERNAL, I didn't find it described in lynx.cfg. 
Might another way around this problem be some good entries in a .mailcap 
file?  If so, I could study the .mailcap file format and maybe come up 
with some good entries to share that will more completely enable mplayer 
and vlc working with lynx and share those with the list when I get them 
working.  Ultimately such a .mailcap file might be a little extra support 
for the lynx browser for users to download and install.  I have retired 
and my my own computer equipment nobody else uses so would have time to 
figure out as much as possible along these lines if there's interest. 
Finally, if for some of this the wheel has already been invented I don't 
see any good sense in reinventing such a wheel.

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Thorsten Glaser | 27 Aug 22:26 2014

lynx processes, please clean up after your children ; -)


prodded by an IRC snippet I’ll reproduce below, I just had a look:

tg <at> blau:~ $ ps x | fgrep lynx
17739 p7  ZW+     0:00.00 (lynx)
 4010 p7  I+      1:08.53 lynx

These are probably spawned by DNS. Please add the appropriate
wait*() calls to immediately reap them, and SIGCHLD handling.

06:20 < waressearcher2> I have 23 processes "[lynx] <defunct>" and they
                        consume 30% of my RAM its 300MB, how to remove
                        them ? they seem like zombie and I tryed to use
                        "kill -s SIGCHILD parentID" but it doesn't work,
                        how to solve it without rebooting ? looks like
                        they are all childs of normal lynx processes, I
                        don't want to kill normal ones, I have dozens lynx
                        open with
06:20 < waressearcher2>  web sites in screen and some of them have these
                        "[lynx] <defunct>", so I want to get rid of those
                        "defunct" ones
06:24 < waressearcher2> I don't know what are they, they just accumulated
                        over time, my system has 135 days uptime, and
                        there is only one "screen" run on it with 90 bash
                        consoles and I have 30 lynx processes and 24
                        <defunc> lynx processes, the total RAM is 1GB,
                        initially when I booted that system I had more
                        than 900MB free but little by little I 680MB
                        maximum and that is
06:24 < waressearcher2>  because of those <defunc> processes, I need to
                        get rid of them
10:00 < RadoQ> why don't you just "kill -KILL" them?
10:00 < RadoQ> why SIGCHILD?
10:01 < RadoQ> maybe you started those in background with "&" and now they
10:04 < waressearcher2> kill -KILL not working
10:06 < waressearcher2> that is what pstree shows:
10:06 < waressearcher2>   |   |   `-lynx,16813
10:06 < waressearcher2>   |   |       `-(lynx,6843)
10:06 < RadoQ> lynx normally doesn't spawn.
10:06 < waressearcher2> I'm trying "kill -KILL 6843" and it doesn't work,
                        what is that second "lynx,6843" process ?
10:07 < RadoQ> you called some external helper which died unluckily.
10:07 < waressearcher2> I run one lynx and opened google then one website
                        from the list and now there are two lynx processes
                        when one is defunc, why ?
10:07 < waressearcher2> RadoQ: so why it haven't been cleaned by parent ?
10:08 < RadoQ> waressearcher2, try with default config (rename .lynxrc and
               lynx.cfg when you changed it).
10:08 < waressearcher2> RadoQ: you use "SIGCHILD" to tell parent to clean
                        up for their children that way all zombie can be
11:44 < ivanshmakov> waressearcher2: But if the parent has somehow “lost
                     track” of that particular child, – SIGCHILD will
                     essentially be a no-op.

In this specific case, the parent probably did not lose access to
them, so, reaping is the correct fix.

On MirBSD, I only ever get one child process, though… he must be
using GNU/Linux or a similar inferiour OS ☺


> Hi, does anyone sell openbsd stickers by themselves and not packaged
> with other products?
No, the only way I've seen them sold is for $40 with a free OpenBSD CD.
	-- Haroon Khalid and Steve Shockley in gmane.os.openbsd.misc

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