Thomas Dickey | 13 Apr 03:08 2015


The current version of lynx is 2.8.8

It's available at
2.8.9 Development & patches:

2015-04-12 (2.8.9dev.5)
* add codes U+200A, U+200B to def7_uni.tbl (prompted by report by Sven
  Hartrumpf, as well as referring to -TD
* restore large buffer-size from follow_link_number() which was altered in
  2.8.8dev.10 changes to use LYgetBString() (Debian #699068) -TD, -TG
* loosen the check in IsOurFile() to permit hard-linked files
  (Debian #429606) -TD
* update ca.po, cs.po, et.po, fi.po, fr.po, id.po, nl.po, pt_BR.po, ru.po,
  sl.po, tr.po, vi.po from


Thomas E. Dickey <dickey <at>>
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Dallas E. Legan | 6 Apr 03:08 2015

Re: [larryhsfriends] Fwd: lynx: Cannot Type a Page-Number more than

> From:    Denis Briand <debian <at>>
> To:      aw585 <at>
> CC:      larryhsfriends <at>, lynx-dev <at>
> Date:    Fri, 20 Mar 2015 11:24:52 +0100
> Subject: Re: [larryhsfriends] Fwd: lynx: Cannot Type a Page-Number
>          more than
> Hello,
> I have just try with tcsh. It works fine also.
> Please send a mail to 699068 <at> and Cc to me, to explain how 
> we can
> exactly reproduce it. Its very important to find where is exactly the bug.
> Regards
> Denis Briand=20

To reproduce this:

While running lynx, with numbering of links and/or form fields activated:

1) Press the '0' (zero digit key)
2) Lynx then opens up a field at the bottom of the screen to
      accept input - a link to either activate (a simple integer),
        a link to go to (a simple integer followed by the letter 'g'),
        or a page to go to (a simple integer followed by the letter 'p').
3) After typing 4 characters, it simply does not take any more input.
   This limits the maximum link that can be activated by typing
   in a link number to a maximum of 9999,
   and a link number to go to without activating to 999 ('999g')
   or a page number to go to 999 ('999p').
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Karen Lewellen | 24 Mar 05:02 2015


Hi all,
I am a member of meetup.
they have what they consider to be a low graphics structure, a m., where 
lynx is intended to function fully.
granted they are using an older edition for the testing.

When sending a comment or a reply to a comment, sometimes the field 
produces a bad html error, although they believe hitting return will post 
the comment.
the explanation is that the coding is a different edition of html and that 
I should use something in lynx called tech soup, to send my replies.
what is techsoup, and is their understanding correct?

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Denis Briand | 20 Mar 11:24 2015

Re: [larryhsfriends] Fwd: lynx: Cannot Type a Page-Number more than

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 10:35:02PM +0000, aw585 <at> wrote:
> Larry:
> OK Dallas, sounds like what you may want me to do is complicated, we can either 
> do it `live together, or maybe even better, you can please post an analysis to 
> the lynx dev list. Certainly your analysis would help Denis fixit. Obviously on 
> shellworld, I am also in TCSH with the same issues. Now if you like, I can run 
> an experiment in bash and see if it works?
> Ok, just did a suspend-and-went in bash, where it lets me type 4 numbers but not
> a p or g. So seemingly a difference could be in TCSH max 3 chars and in bash 4. 
> In both cases I was looking at 3880 pages of items in Debian packages. Thanks in 
> advance
> Hart
> Dallas:
> OK, I did the check on your home machine myself, no need for a phone
> session.
> (chime:    2.8.9dev.1 (12 March 2014)
> Dallas Legan:  "         ( I thought it was different for some reason, 
>                             but it's not)  )
> Anyway, my experience is that the vesion on your and my PC's
> does not allow entering more that 4 characters for 
> link activation, link goto, and page goto, all of which start by
> typing in a number.  
> And actually you don't need the massive page to test this,
> it's true on anypage - you can try typing in some leading zeros,
> or a link number that is simply invalid because it is too big,
> and it quits taking characters after 4 are entered.
> For a simply invalid link or page number it should give an error
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Denis Briand | 18 Mar 18:05 2015

[bug] <P> within <UL><LI> lacks blank lines upon rendering

This is a bug from Debian bugs tracking system

message from Dan:
> <P> within <UL><LI> doesn't render the same as <P> outside <UL>. the blank
> lines between paragraphs are gone, making it hard to separate them to
> the person reading.
> I didn't test <OL>.

Here is an HTML file to reproduce it

thank you

Denis Briand




Denis Briand | 18 Mar 17:59 2015

[wishlist] lynx should ask you to confirm when you want to leave a form page.

This is a 'wishlist' bug from Debian bug tracking system:

Lynx should ask you to confirm when you want to leave a form page, to avoid 'data loss'.

Thank you

Denis Briand
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Denis Briand | 16 Mar 17:35 2015

[bug] hard limit, despite -width

Lynx doesn't print long lines intact, despite -width

to reproduce it:
> $ perl -we 'print "bla "x999'|txt2html|html2text -width 99999|perl -nwle print\ length|head
> 3995
> $ perl -we 'print "bla "x999'|txt2html|lynx -force-html -dump -width 99999 /dev/stdin|perl -nwle
> print\ length
> 0
> 990
> 990
> 990
> 990
> 46

found in 2.8.9dev1 version

Best regards

Denis Briand
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Denis Briand | 15 Mar 00:53 2015

[bug] <PRE> in <BLOCKQUOTE> is not indented


message from Dan Jacobson:
> Try this strict html out. You'll see PRE isn't BLOCKQUOTEed
> (indented), and the second depth of BLOCKQUOTEing is not further
> indented than the first.
>   <P>In fact the meter has an "Rr 13 8/9" painted on it.</P>
> <PRE>
> Subject: Re: electric meter Rr hectowatthour
> From: "Dave Dahle" &lt;dd-ah-le <at>;
> Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 06:32:29 -0500
> Newsgroups: misc.industry.utilities.electric
> </PRE>
>    <P>"Dan Jacobson" &lt;jidanni <at>; wrote</P>
>     <P>Inside my electric meter is painted Kh 7.2, Rr 13 8/9.
>     Kh=100/Rr, But why is Rr the number of rotations for a
>     hectowatthour, not a kilowatthour?</P>
>    <P>You're not taking the gear ratio between the disk and
>    register pickup gear into account!</P>
>    <P>In this case, we can safely assume it's 100 (commonly used on
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Sven Hartrumpf | 12 Mar 12:30 2015

Change display of a unicode character

Hi all.

Is there a way to change the rendering of a unicode character
in a non-unicode terminal?
(E.g. hairsp = \u200a is dropped, but should better be rendered
as a normal space, at least for some documents in the context of
screen readers.)

I am looking for a solution at lynx' invocation time or
at lynx' build time.

Thanks for your time.

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Thorsten Glaser | 9 Mar 20:15 2015

Re: help - download only the text of a domain

Coskun Akinalp dixit:

>Hi sorry was just an x.

Not a good idea. Help can only be given if the request is not falsified.

>Sorry. Can you try

Just lynx -dump then.

>Diese Nachricht wurde von meinem Android Mobiltelefon mit GMX Mail gesendet.

Das ist keine Ausrede für TOFU, und *erst recht* nicht für HTML-Mails!


> Wish I had pine to hand :-( I'll give lynx a try, thanks.

Michael Schmitz on nntp://
a.k.a. {}#news.gmane.linux.debian.ports.68k in pine

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Héctor A. Abreu | 9 Mar 17:06 2015

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden when starting Lynx


I have been using lynx in Debian and Ubuntu for some time, but for some reason I am getting now in both installation an "Alert! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden" message when I start Lynx instead of the Lynx welcome page. The message won't appear for other sites that I often use, only the welcome page.

I am not sure if it's related to any update in GNU Linux or Debian, or if it's related to my UTF-8 enconding.

I am using the versions that come with the distros, 2.8.8pre.4 on Ubuntu and I don't remember on Debian.

Thank you in advance for any hint or help.

Héctor A. Abreu
Founder & CEO
Spanish Connector L.L.C.
Atlanta, GA. USA
Phone: 404-480-9188 Ext. 8010
Skype ID: spanishconnector
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