Karen Lewellen | 13 Sep 23:21 2014

quick cookie file reminder?

Hi folks,
Can someone remind me of the exact name of the lynx cookie file?
I am doing a detox this week....without coffee...which is hardly 
civilized! ahem, and am really having trouble remembering things like 

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Thomas Klausner | 12 Sep 23:29 2014

lynx-2.8.8rel2 bugfix for ncursesw on NetBSD


Leonard Schmidt reported a bug against lynx in pkgsrc when compiling
with ncursesw, see http://gnats.netbsd.org/49200

I can confirm that without the patch below, I get the following
compilation issue:

LYStrings.c: In function 'expand_tiname':
LYStrings.c:1009:37: error: 'strnames' undeclared (first use in this function)
     if ((code = lookup_tiname(name, strnames)) >= 0
LYStrings.c:1009:37: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it
appears in
LYStrings.c:1010:33: error: 'strfnames' undeclared (first use in this function)
  || (code = lookup_tiname(name, strfnames)) >= 0) {
LYStrings.c:1011:6: error: 'cur_term' undeclared (first use in this function)
  if (cur_term->type.Strings[code] != 0) {

on NetBSD-7.99.1/x86_64 with gcc-4.8.3.

The patch is attached, please include it.

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Lawrence Velázquez | 1 Sep 17:31 2014

Binary distribution with OpenSSL


I'm the Lynx maintainer for the MacPorts Project (https://www.macports.org), a ports system for OS X. As
part of our infrastructure, we distribute precompiled binaries for common build configurations,
subject to licensing restrictions.

Your COPYHEADER file contains what seemingly amounts to an OpenSSL exemption to the GPL, and it suggests
that you'd allow distribution of Lynx binaries alongside OpenSSL binaries. Am I interpreting it accurately?

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Jude DaShiell | 1 Sep 16:09 2014

EXTERNAL with lynx

I tried using EXTERNAL to play streams from vlc on a Linux platform.  That 
failed since the URL field would need to have a suffix of an URL to scan 
in order to enable playing of streams like .pls with vlc and lynx.  If 
that is possible using EXTERNAL, I didn't find it described in lynx.cfg. 
Might another way around this problem be some good entries in a .mailcap 
file?  If so, I could study the .mailcap file format and maybe come up 
with some good entries to share that will more completely enable mplayer 
and vlc working with lynx and share those with the list when I get them 
working.  Ultimately such a .mailcap file might be a little extra support 
for the lynx browser for users to download and install.  I have retired 
and my my own computer equipment nobody else uses so would have time to 
figure out as much as possible along these lines if there's interest. 
Finally, if for some of this the wheel has already been invented I don't 
see any good sense in reinventing such a wheel.

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Thorsten Glaser | 27 Aug 22:26 2014

lynx processes, please clean up after your children ; -)


prodded by an IRC snippet I’ll reproduce below, I just had a look:

tg <at> blau:~ $ ps x | fgrep lynx
17739 p7  ZW+     0:00.00 (lynx)
 4010 p7  I+      1:08.53 lynx

These are probably spawned by DNS. Please add the appropriate
wait*() calls to immediately reap them, and SIGCHLD handling.

06:20 < waressearcher2> I have 23 processes "[lynx] <defunct>" and they
                        consume 30% of my RAM its 300MB, how to remove
                        them ? they seem like zombie and I tryed to use
                        "kill -s SIGCHILD parentID" but it doesn't work,
                        how to solve it without rebooting ? looks like
                        they are all childs of normal lynx processes, I
                        don't want to kill normal ones, I have dozens lynx
                        open with
06:20 < waressearcher2>  web sites in screen and some of them have these
                        "[lynx] <defunct>", so I want to get rid of those
                        "defunct" ones
06:24 < waressearcher2> I don't know what are they, they just accumulated
                        over time, my system has 135 days uptime, and
                        there is only one "screen" run on it with 90 bash
                        consoles and I have 30 lynx processes and 24
                        <defunc> lynx processes, the total RAM is 1GB,
                        initially when I booted that system I had more
                        than 900MB free but little by little I 680MB
                        maximum and that is
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Mark Ryan | 27 Aug 00:52 2014

lynx 2.8.7 auto-configure blows up on UnixWare


Years back I installed Lynx 2.8.4 on UnixWare 2.1.2 (SVR4.2MP).
It built and runs great.  Thought it might be time to upgrade.

Just tried to install and build lynx 2.8.7 on the same platform
using auto-configure.  configure blew up with the message:

	checking if we have identified curses headers... none

The message is unhelpful and there doesn't seem to be anything
related in the PROBLEMS doc file or in lynx.cfg.   Hence I am
contacting your team.

The curses headers files are right where they should be:

So is the library:

How can I tell configure where to find these files or to ignore
the error?

I've never had any trouble building C apps that use curses on this
platform: just #include <curses.h> and compile with -lcurses.

Sorry to bother you, but it should build on genuine SysV UNIX
from USL (pre-SCO).   I figured you'd want to know about.
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Arclele | 26 Aug 04:31 2014

http://lynx.isc.org/ feedback

about the image inserted on the background of the page on Lynx web site,
i think this isn't the best way for show our nice lynx :) it make hard
to read the text on page.

have a nice day

It may or may not be worthwhile, but it still has to be done.

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Pre-compiled Lynx

Can you direct me to where to download the pre-compiled version of lynx for Redhat?



David Cardone (Contractor)

National Cancer Institute

Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology

9609 Medical Center Drive,

Rockville, Md 20850

Office: 240-276-5219

Email: david.cardone <at> nih.gov


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Andrea LeHeup | 23 Jul 22:38 2014

trying to see if my website is visible to search engines via your text browser


I just uploaded my new website created in Adobe Muse and was curious if it's visible to Google robots and other search engine crawlers. I'm not a coder so I don't know if there's something else that I need to do to test it. Please advise. Here's my site: www.soleilnyc.com.


Andrea LeHeup

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dwstclair@tellink.net | 21 Jul 17:02 2014

lynx.command failed

Lynx worked fine in terminal mode but attempting to start via lynx.command fails as follows:

Last login: Mon Jul 21 10:49:59 on ttys000
Douglass-MacBook-Pro:~ dwstclair$ /Volumes/Lynx-2.8.7d9-10.5.1+u/lynx.command ; exit;
-bash: /Volumes/Lynx-2.8.7d9-10.5.1+u/lynx.command: Bad CPU type in executable

[Process completed]
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Fabio F.Gervasi | 13 Jul 21:50 2014

Lynx connect_timeout problem...


I usually use Lynx 2.8.8dev.15 on Linux machines.

I trying to use -connect_timeout=N options (N=60, for example, or less, just to try), but I seem it does not work...

Where do I wrong?
Thank you,

Fabio F. Gervasi
Engineering Consultant

Web             www.centrometeo.com
g+                 plus.google.com/centrometeo
Twitter        twitter.com/centrometeo
Facebook    facebook.com/centrometeo

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