Rafał Miłecki | 13 Aug 19:14 2015

[bisected] 1.4.36 regression: uploading 4 MiB+ files results in 413 - Request Entity Too Large


I'm experiencing some problems with Redmine registration, so I decided
to report my problem on the mailing list. I hope someone can look at
this issue despite not using Redmine.

I use a static HTML page with a trivial file upload form:
<form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="" method="POST">
Send this file: <input name="userfile" type="file" />
<input type="submit" value="Send File" />
Please note it's only about lighttpd handling POST request. I
currently don't run PHP or anything.

Unfortunately after upgrade from 1.4.35 to 1.4.36 it doesn't work
anymore for 4 MiB+ files. There are some file sizes I tried and the
results (using 1.4.36):
4210000 Didn't fail once in 50 tries
4220000 Fails sometimes
4225000 Fails with 413 or 500 (randomly)
4230000 Fails with 413

Seeing error 413 results in following log message:
(chunk.c.461) denying upload as opening temp-file for upload failed:
Too many open files

Seeing error 500 results in following log message:
(mod_indexfile.c.181) file not found ... or so:  Too many open files / -> /www/

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Rafał Miłecki | 13 Aug 18:52 2015

Failing redmine registration


I wanted to register my account to be able to report some lighttpd
issue. Unfortunately after filling a form on
http://redmine.lighttpd.net/account/register and sending it, I'm

> Internal error
> An error occurred on the page you were trying to access.
> If you continue to experience problems please contact your Redmine administrator for assistance.
> If you are the Redmine administrator, check your log files for details about the error.

I tried 3 browsers and 2 different IP addresses (1 from U.S., 1 from Europe).

Could someone take a look at it, please?



Vanessa Lopes. | 4 Aug 06:30 2015

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Vanessa Lopes.

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Jungle Boogie | 12 Jan 20:54 2015

Lighttpd for playing mp4 video

Hello All,

I'm running FreeBSD 10.1-Release with Lighttpd from pkg version 1.4.35_5 
compiled as shown here: https://www.freshports.org/www/lighttpd/

Is it possible with my current configuration to have mp4 files played in a 
browser and NOT downloaded?

I have added a line in /usr/local/etc/lighttpd/conf.d/mime.conf to read like this:
61:  ".mp4"       =>      "video/quicktime",

So now in the browser is displays the type correctly but it still wants to 

I don't need linking to a specific timecode, just start and stop.

Is there something additional that need installing to complete this?



inum: 883510009027723
sip: jungleboogie <at> sip2sip.info
xmpp: jungle-boogie <at> jit.si

Fernando Sousa - Financeiro | 18 Nov 09:08 2014

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Departamento Financeiro | 7 Nov 01:56 2014

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Edgar Fuß | 14 Feb 19:08 2014

phsysical.basedir vs. physical.doc_root

I have a Lua script that modifies lighty.env["physical.doc-root"], yet, in the FastCGI handler, the
value of the DOCUMENT_ROOT environment variable doesn't reflect that change.
I found out that, in mod_fastcgi (and mod_cgi and mod_scgi), DOCUMENT_ROOT is set from physical.basedir,
while in mod_ssi, it's set from physical.coc_root.

So, what's the difference supposed to be between physical.doc_root and physical.basedir? The choice of
which of both to pick looks erratic to me, but that's probably due to my lack of understanding.

In response.c, both are set to the same value, but from there on, their use disgresses in a way not obvious to
me. mod_alias modifies basedir in a way I don't understand (it looks erroneous to me); mod_simple_vhost,
mod_indexfile and others operate on doc_root as I would expect.

Can someone please enlighten me?

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David Narvaez | 10 Jan 18:08 2013

Code Coverage Mode


Is there any way to make Lighttpd run in "Code Coverage Mode" for PHP?
What I'm trying to achieve is a way to run, e.g., XDebug's Code
Coverage functionality in a non-intrusive way (without modifying the
PHP code to include code coverage  statements) once the server starts
and have a log of all lines and counts once the server shuts down (and
while the server is running, with a refresh interval).

I've read around and it looks like WebSphere + Rational Application
Developer provides such functionality, is there anything similar for

Thanks in advance.

David E. Narváez

Anthony L. Awtrey | 3 Aug 19:39 2012

Lighttpd plugins and debian packaging


Short version:

Can someone more-or-less officially provide guidance to distro
maintainers on how to build lighttpd plugins outside of the source tree?

Longer version:

I am migrating from Apache to Lighttpd and want to port some of the
custom plugins I've written. I found the official way to develop
plugins for lighttpd is by working in the source tree, copying the
mod_skeleton.c and hacking up the build to compile it together with
the lighttpd daemon.


This has some obvious drawbacks from my point of view. I run Debian
and if I maintain a custom lighttpd package version with my plugins,
then I have to update my lighttpd package manually every time a new
lighttpd release comes out that fixes bugs or provides security fixes.

The Debian maintainers don't want to provide a lighttpd-dev package
because they are convinced it deviates too much from upstream. When I
asked about it, I was told that:

"well, upstream would need to provide a set of headers, libraries and
tools which are explicitly meant to develop. This isn't the case for
Lighttpd. We only could pick some random headers and maybe the skeleton
example and package it as -dev packages. These may, or may not be stable
APIs and headers - we can't know."

Full thread here:


Based upon this other, 6 year-old lighttpd thread it appears to be
relatively straight-forward to build and maintain plugins outside the


Another point is that Ubuntu seems to deviate from Debian's lighttpd
package and *does* provide a lighttpd-dev package for this purpose, so
it appears to be at least possible.

Can someone more-or-less officially provide guidance to distro
maintainers on how to build plugins outside of the source tree?

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to using lighttpd more often in
production once I can get issue this resolved.