Okupandolared | 2 May 04:47 2016

Gnu-Social module for Drupal

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Hi friends,

I'm looking for a module that allows me to use comments "gnu social" in
drupal drupal 7 or 8

I'm not sure if it exists, or if I have to program it.

if I wanted to create, where I find documentation for that

Thank you

Version: GnuPG v2

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Kenneth Fields | 11 Apr 14:03 2016

embed youtube video

Hi guys,
What’s the latest on embedding a youtube video in a post?

we’ve coded a "http://youtube.com/embed/bla123bla" format to work.
What is the community doing on the issue?


Michael Vogel | 22 Mar 22:04 2016

How do valid reshares and favorites look alike?


Currently I'm trying to implement reshares and favorites from Friendica
to GNU Social. I did some reverse engineering to find out the structure.
Then I tried to create something that looks similar. See the two files
that I attached.

I distributed these notes to other servers - but only some of them
accepted them.

One server with 1.2.0-beta4 hadn't accepted the second try - but the
first one. Another server with the same version had accepted both posts
- while a statusnet server with 1.1.1-release hadn't accepted any of the
reshares - and several other servers doesn't seem to be happy with the
reshares as well (while they accept my regular messages)

Same happens with my favorite messages. Some servers accept them - some
others don't (but not all the time).

Do I send some bad data? Which fields are really necessary, which ones
are optional, which ones mustn't be transmitted?


Attachment (favorite.xml): text/xml, 4504 bytes
Attachment (reshare.xml): text/xml, 7577 bytes
Norbu | 12 Mar 17:43 2016

Impossible to Register


I have issues with registration. After having comfirmed via my inbox email, I enter new password, confirm and then I got this:

Bad Request
Captcha does not match!

But I never had any captcha!

I've unable all of my protection extentions from my browser but nothing changed.

Can you help me please?

Michael Vogel | 6 Mar 19:57 2016

How can I fetch the conversation ID for a given post ID on a remote server?


I'm coding the OStatus protocol implementation for Friendica. I'm using
the conversation ID to check for completeness and to fetch missing posts.

At statusnet there was this protocol entry:

<link rel="ostatus:conversation"

Then with GNU Social I don't get the conversation ID anymore:

<link rel="ostatus:conversation"

Is there another way for me to fetch the conversation ID?


KeysXu | 5 Mar 11:24 2016

IPV6 link


I have my site www.mysite.com and ipv6.mysite.com pointing to the same gnu-social website.
and also I have set up ipv4 and ipv6 AAAA record on DNS .
as a result ,when user go to www.mysite.com ,they will go throw it as in ipv4 network.
when user go to ipv6.mysite.com,they will go throw it as ipv6 network.
there all the user ,group and post data is kept in database as absolute path ,
so there is a link like ‘<a href=“http://www.mysite.com/xujian”>xujian</a>’ ;

right now ,the current user is visit ipv6.mysite.com and he is in ipv6 network ,
but when he click this link , he will go to  http://www.mysite.com/xujian but not http://ipv6.mysite.com/xujian

Is there any method make this user goto ipv6.mysite.com/xujian but not www.mysite.com?

Kenneth Fields | 3 Mar 06:18 2016

hosting on ipv6 and ipv4 server

My server has both on ipv6 and ipv4 address.
So it has domain names: anysite.io and ipv6.anysite.io.

If I’m on an ipv6 network, I can surf the site on ipv6.anysite.io
If I have ipv4, I surf on anysite.io.

Originally, GnuS links were absolute links, so if I post on ipv4,
the permalink is anysite.io/post. Or my user path is anysite.io/user1

thus the problem,
If I am on ipv6 and click on the link, i switch back to being
on an ipv4 network. That’s not the preferred behaviour I’m looking for.

So we changed all our code to work with relative paths.
is the same thing.

Am I managing this correctly? 
With absolute urls in the database,
how does one move a database to another site, should the occasion arise.

why did SN or GnuS opt for using absolute url’s? Or am I wrong.

Thanks for the feedback,

Ivan Vilata i Balaguer | 2 Jan 12:33 2016

Ann: Colaua, Integrate GNU social conversations in static HTML pages

Hi everyone and a happy new 2016!

I've been developing a small toy project/proof of concept to show GNU
social conversations in static HTML pages by using browser-side
JavaScript.  This is similar to Las Indias' WP-GNU social plugin for
WordPress, with the difference that it applies to completely static HTML
pages and the fetching and rendering of the conversation is left up to
the browser.  Since no server-side code is required at all, HTML pages
may remain static, which makes them amenable to store in distributed or
immutable storage systems like IPFS, ZeroNet or Camlistore.

The project is called [Colaua][] and it's intended as a plugin for the
[Nikola][] static site generator.  The Nikola side isn't developed yet
though, but the JavaScript side can be used on any HTML page regardless
of how it's generated, just by adding three elements and a couple of JS
files, so you may already use it on your pages.

Introductory post:

Colaua is released under the public domain and hosted in a [Fossil][]
repository, you may download the code by running:

    $ fossil clone https://elvil.net/fossil/colaua.fossil
    $ mkdir colaua
    $ cd colaua
    $ fossil open ../colaua.fossil

Please test and report any suggestions, thanks!

[Colaua]: https://elvil.net/fossil/colaua/
[Nikola]: https://getnikola.com/
[Fossil]: https://www.fossil-scm.org/


Ivan Vilata i Balaguer -- https://elvil.net/

Evert Meulie | 18 Dec 07:59 2015

insert code into header/footer?


How do I add a little piece of code to the header or footer on all pages?

Michael Vogel | 16 Dec 08:18 2015

Salmon notifications sometimes return error 400


I'm working at the OStatus implementation of Friendica. This
implementation was improved very much in the last versions. But still
there are some problems.

We are sending salmon notifications when we are commenting in a thread.
Mostly they are accepted, but sometimes - especially with quitter.se -
our notifications are answered with the HTTP error 400.

It seems as if this error is generated when the server thinks that we
aren't mention a user on that server or maybe when we are referring to a
post that isn't available on that server.

Is there a difference if we mention a user with an SSL or an non-SSL
link? Or is is normalized before the check?

Can someone tell me how the checks work?



Stephen Paul Weber | 2 Nov 14:44 2015

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Stephen Paul Weber,  <at> singpolyma
See <http://singpolyma.net> for how I prefer to be contacted
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