- - | 16 Dec 23:27 2012

Issue List

* I just received Stefans mail regarding the migration from Google Code Issues to Github Issues. If the
migration is possible, usable and accepted, I will start on reviewing old Issues. There are A TON of open
issues that are already fixed, but non marked as fixed. Now for the part I wrote BEFORE I received Stefans
email :)



The Google Code Issues list doesn't get a lot of love, does it?

Works fine with me. Probably been an issue for version 1.0.8, which is still the Debian-stable Cherokee release.

Works fine with me. Probably been an issue for version 1.0.8, which is still the Debian-stable Cherokee release.

Works fine with me. Probably been an issue for version 1.2.101, which is still the Debian-unstable
Cherokee release.

Most of them probably became invalid since the market is about to be removed (https://github.com/cherokee/webserver/issues/37).

Maybe remove the download from the website and tell that guy he should stick with the bigger po-file ;)
- - | 9 Dec 15:03 2012

A joined community

I tried to figure if I could do anything to fix "www.cherokee-project.com/community.html". But as far as I
can see, this is something I cannot fix because it requires knowledge about the web server and ssh access.

Then I thought about all the different places where you could discuss anything related to Cherokee.

That is:

- This mailing list (cherokee <at> lists.octality.com)

- The Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/cherokee-http)
- Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/cherokee.project)
- Google+ (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/109478817835447552345)
- Google Code (http://code.google.com/p/cherokee)
- Twitter (https://twitter.com/webserver)

And there are several bug tracker I know of:

- Google Code Issues (http://code.google.com/p/cherokee/issues)
- Github Issues (https://github.com/cherokee/webserver/issues)
- Debian Bugtracker (http://bugs.debian.org/cherokee)

Then there is also:

- http://planet.cherokee-project.com/

And of course the broken Community page:

- Cherokee Community (http://www.cherokee-project.com/community.html)

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Jeremy Morton | 8 Dec 03:07 2012

Cherokee equivalent for e-mail?

OK, just throwing this one out there.

I really like the ease of configuration that Cherokee has - it has made 
setting up a powerful, fast web server on a Linux box easy.

How about doing the same thing for e-mail as you've done for web?  Why 
not have a Cherokee equivalent MTA that would allow the quick and easy 
setup of something that supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP?  The admin 
interface could allow configuration of user accounts, domains, SSL auth, 
etc.  It would certainly be a lot nicer than spending a month reading 
the Exim / Dovecot documentation and then editing a bunch of text files. 


Best regards,
Jeremy Morton (Jez)
- - | 7 Dec 19:24 2012

libcherokee-base.so.0: cannot open shared object file

Hi people,

I compiled Cherokee today and have those errors. I did not see any errors during the compile process. Can you
help me fix it? Also, why do I have so many libcherokee-links (last shell output)?

root <at> debian:~# which cherokee

root <at> debian:~# which cherokee-worker

root <at> debian:~# which cherokee-admin

root <at> debian:~# cherokee
/usr/local/sbin/cherokee-worker: error while 
loading shared libraries: libcherokee-base.so.0: cannot open shared 
object file: No such file or directory
(critical) Couldn't find the version string: '/usr/local/sbin/cherokee-worker -i'

root <at> debian:~# cherokee-worker
cherokee-worker: error while loading shared libraries: libcherokee-base.so.0: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory

root <at> debian:~# cherokee-admin
-bash: /usr/sbin/cherokee-admin: No such file or directory

root <at> debian:~# locate libcherokee-base.so.0
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Stefan de Konink | 7 Dec 18:23 2012

Google Plus!

Hey all,

I would like to invite everyone that is currently working with Cherokee
and using Google Plus to join our Community out there. It is a bit more
shiny than the typical e-mail discussion :-)


Leonel Nunez | 6 Dec 19:28 2012

Cherokee on Debian


Cherokee was removed from he debian archive because of the release bugs it

Once Debian is released I'll be pushing the current cherokee to Debian

Do you need a Debian package ?
Do you need a backported cherokee package ?
I can do it for you and keep it updated as the Ubuntu ones.

From this list :

are you affected by any bug ?

Thank you

Leonel Nunez
Stefan de Konink | 5 Dec 16:53 2012

Re: Installing Cherokee Webserver and keeping it up-to-date

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the reply.

On 12/05/12 16:37, Jeremy Morton wrote:
> I'm a bit confused as my messages don't seem to be getting posted to the
> google group and yet you see them.  Anyway...

Saw the same thing, I think this is because someone in this thread
started to post from Google or something. I'm sure this post will end up
there too by the list.octality.com mailinglist mirror.

> Yes I suspected that it was... but I'm just saying you might want to
> re-read what you write to make sure it doesn't sound overly aggressive. 
> That can discourage people from participating which I'm sure you don't want.

I'll try to look into this more carefully, while I do spend a lot of
time in writing messages, I may need to do it in a more 'friendlyer' tone.

> Yes, but installing a package is still way easier than compilation.  You
> can get compilation errors.  

Compilation errors are show stoppers, we should not have those. If we do
it should be taken care of as soon as possible. The question here might
also be, can we expect from a user that a compilation error is reported
on github? Some users do (such as the ffmpeg case), others don't and we
lost them as potential user.

> And updating is done automatically with
> packages - does the user want to keep recompiling for every new version?
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Stefan de Konink | 5 Dec 16:18 2012

Re: Installing Cherokee Webserver and keeping it up-to-date

Hi Jeremy,

On 12/05/12 16:02, Jeremy Morton wrote:
> 1) You come across to me as very aggressive and argumentative, not
> really wanting to come to solutions with people.  You probably don't
> intend it, but maybe you should look at changing your tone of voice
> because that's how you sound.

After Gunar has posted that he wanted to stop the Debian maintainership
nobody has steped forward for a long time, while we were actively
looking for volunteers. Given we are distribution independent webserver,
we must document a proper way to compile and install Cherokee. I think
(even for Debian) we meet these criteria. Please do reply if you
disagree with what I wrote here, possibly with an intermediate solution
I oversaw.

Regarding tone-of-voice, I think the best reference is this:

My intention is not to come across as aggressive, my intention is to be
as clear (and transparent) as possible and show my complete reasoning.

> 2) You're saying that turning 9 (rather technical) steps into 1 step is
> "hilarious"ly trivial.  But surely Cherokee is all about making things
> easier, that's why there's a user-friendly admin interface.  Why does
> this philosophy suddenly disappear when it comes to installing Cherokee?

An emerge cherokee, an apt-get install cherokee, a yum install cherokee
it is indeed one line. But given virtually any open source package is
compiled using a standard autoconf/automake pattern this is something
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- - | 4 Dec 18:42 2012

Installing Cherokee Webserver and keeping it up-to-date

Hello fellow Cherokee users,

In October I asked the question "Is Cherokee Project still active?" and I want to follow up that topic.

Honestly I did not understand Stefan Koninks post - gramatically. No offense, just not sure if my english is
too bad, or vice versa ;) But my impression is that the people who are actively involved into Cherokee are
against package distributions. That might be okay from a developers point of view. But you will prevent
Cherokee from being well know as most people who would be interested into Cherokee are not that much into
updating Gits and compiling and stuff. I mean, come on. Cherokee has an easy to use web interface that the
big monster and commonly known web server Apache does not have. (I hate Apache for it's overly complicated
configuration). I still think an "aptitudeinstall cherokee" must deliver up-to-date software! (And
no, I cannot do it myself, that argument is invalid. All I can do for Cherokee is to spread the word, which I am
doing since I found it several years ago!)

I am running a Cherokee server on Debian with 10 websites on it for two or three years now and its fast, easy and
I love it!

The package in testing hasn't been updated for 1-2 years now and there was a lot of broken stuff I needed to
fix. So I build Cherokee from git source. I NEVER wanted to do this, but feeled the need of it. The last time I
compiled something was 2006 when I first got in contact with Debian. So I searched for the READMEs and found
them on git. They are two years old. I followed them anyway. Sometimes old stuff is old, because it's still valid.

Today I wanted to update Cherokee, just to know how to do it. Well, I had a very interesting discussion in
#debian on freenode (anonymized):

[17:54] == Stadpirat11 has joined #debian
[17:55] -ChanServ- [#debian] Welcome to #Debian. This is a discussion channel; if you have a question
about Debian GNU/Linux, ask and we will try our best to answer it. Newcomers should read the channel's
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Baudouin Van Humbeeck | 4 Dec 18:14 2012

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Baudouin Van Humbeeck | 4 Dec 12:59 2012

Hé ! Je loue un stand à la foire du livre. Avec toi ?

Je loue un stand à la foire du livre, mais pas tout seul. Tu m'aides ?  View this email in your browser



Oui, tu as bien lu. Je loue un stand à la foire du livre qui aura lieu à Bruxelles en mars 2013.

En tout cas j’essaie. 


Qu’est-ce qui m’a pris ? C’est expliqué dans le détail dans un post sur mon blog :


Ce que je veux faire de ce stand : un endroit où je pourrai faire la promotion de "Comment la fin de la Belgique n'a pas eu lieu (fiction)" et d'autres livres numériques dont je suis devenu l'éditeur. Je veux aussi faire de cet endroit un stand pas vraiment comme les autres où les membres de réseaux sociaux qui visitent la foire du livre puissent se donner rendez-vous.


Le quartier général de ce projet se trouve sur facebook :


Comme moi, tu as envie que ce projet devienne réalité ? Deux possibilités s’offrent à toi :


1) Gratuitement, pour pas un euro : la possibilité gratuite consiste à en parler autour de toi par mail, sur facebook, twitter ou sur d’autres réseaux sociaux. Plus il y aura de visites avant le 15 décembre sur 




plus il y aura de chances que ce projet se réalise.


2) Un peu moins gratuitement La possibilité un peu moins gratuite consiste à jouer de la carte de crédit à la même adresse et à faire bouger la ligne rouge du compteur vers la droite un peu plus près des 100%.



Peu importe la façon dont tu réagis à ce projet, merci d’avance.

Baudouin Van Humbeeck



P.S. La date-limite, si je réussis, j'ai promis un truc. J'ai fait une vidéo pour expliquer de quelle façon je vais me ridiculiser :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H77C36B6fhI
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