owner-voptalk | 1 Jul 22:18 2005

SiVuS Development - Call for Participation

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In the past couple of weeks we have come to the decision to post the SiVuS
source code for public accessibility.  The tool has been developed using
Java so it makes it easy to port on to more platforms other than Windows.
I can see some of you are relieved!

We would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in
supporting the development of the tool.

If you think you have the energy and creativity to contribute to the
development of SiVuS send me a note at sivus <at> vopsecurity.org along with
some background of your expertise.


Peter Thermos

rdantu | 19 Jul 07:07 2005

A testbed for VoIP Security

Greetings. Some of the researchers are preparing a funding proposal to
NSF. The goal of this infrastructure acquisition is to create a testbed
for supporting experiments that can be used for research and development
of security solutions for new services such as voice, multimedia and
As part of the funding proposal, we need to show some matching grant. We
believe that the testbed is useful for several researchers/developers =
we hope you an support us in this venture.

Here is the scope of the testbed.
(This is a working document and please note that we shall be adding
several configurations and make the testbed more flexible so that many
people can use it).

Please see the attached slides and correspond with me
directly if you are interested in participating in this
testbed activity. If you can support us in any one of
the following and able to prepare a letter, let me know
your intent before 26th of July.

i)   Funding students for measurements/operation and maintenance
ii)  Equipment dononation/lending
iii) Access to the PSTN network
iv)  Lending technical personnel/effort working as part of the team

Please write to me directly and I shall setup a conf. call with all the
participants/developers of this testbed. Again, please let me know your
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