James LaViola | 17 May 12:31 2012

extending capture data sets pt.2

Hello Guys,

Ok, I have made some progress.

If I could get some help on rewriting this one bit of code, I think I
might be good.
I really like the features and this has been a great core for me to
build off of.
Thank you. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Ok, so heres what I could really really use some help with.

If I could get this bit of code here: from imbd.php

// Director
class="inline">\s*Directors?:\s*<\/h4>(.*?)<\/div>/si', $resp['data'],
.+?href="\/Name[?\/].+?"\s*?>(.+?)<\/A>/si',$ary[1], $ary,
    // TODO: Update templates to use multiple directors
    $data['director']  = trim(join(', ', $ary[1]));

to read this source: from http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1403865/combined

<div id="director-info" class="info">
        <div class="info-content">

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