Jim | 9 May 00:50 2016

Borrow Feature Fails

After updating my web server computer software to Ubuntu 16.04 (which includes PHP 7 and updating VideoDB software to the latest available with some PHP 7 fixes I noticed the Borrow feature fails.

The Error I get is:

Database Problem

Expression #4 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'videodb.videodata.subtitle' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
SELECT who, DATE_FORMAT(dt,'%d.%m.%Y') as dt, lent.diskid, CASE WHEN subtitle = '' THEN title ELSE CONCAT(title,' - ',subtitle) END AS title, videodata.id, COUNT(lent.diskid) AS count, users.name AS owner FROM lent, videodata LEFT JOIN users ON owner_id = users.id WHERE lent.diskid = videodata.diskid GROUP BY lent.diskid ORDER BY who, lent.diskid

I presume this is another issue with compatibility with PHP 7.  Has anyone come up with a fix for this?  I would appreciate a fix for this because we do use that feature.

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videodb-devel mailing list
Jim | 30 Dec 18:25 2015

Image Wrong

I have one entry in my VideoDB (version v4.0.0) that on the Browse and 
View (Edit) pages shows the wrong Cover image.  Clicking the magnifier 
glass icon on the View page for the cover image opens the expanded view 
and shows the correct image.

I tried clearing browser cache, updating the movie entry and everything 
(except deleting the entry and adding a new entry for this video) I 
could think of, but the image shown remains the wrong cover art.

Viewing the file in the Cover URL field for the affected video entry 
(cache/img/1024.jpg) it is the correct image.  Why would the Browse and 
View pages show the wrong image for this video entry?  But more 
importantly how can I get the correct image to show on those pages?


Jim Irving | 18 Mar 23:41 2015

Remove Articles Function

Just a note for some future change to videodb -

This is not very important.  Not a bug, but an improvement.

It appears the removeArticles() function in videodb/core/core.php is not 
sensitive to language settings.  It would be nice if it used an array 
that only included articles appropriate for the user's selected language.

I am using v4.0.0.  While cleaning up my video collection my "Die Hard" 
movies Titles got changed due to "die " being treated as an article.  So 
I went searching and discovered the $articles array is not sensitive to 
the language in use.  Of course I could edit my local copy for the only 
language I will ever use, but I suggest a more permanent solution be 
included in videodb.

So, please add this to the list of things to do in future updates.


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Jim Irving | 9 Feb 23:38 2015

Videodb on a Netgear NAS

I currently run videodb on a desktop with LAMP stack but would like to 
move it to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device which also seems to 
have a LAMP stack working.  Has anyone done that?

Many PHP MySQL applications are available to be installed on the NAS 
(see http://apps.readynas.com/pages/  for info).  I have no clue what 
would be required to get videodb to run on the NAS, but suspect it 
should only require configuration and installation being compatible with 
the NAS hosted software.

Any ideas, suggestions?  Thanks!

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Jim Irving | 7 Nov 00:00 2014

V4.0.0 Questions

I downloaded v4.0.0 from GitHub site and updated my old VideoDB installation.  VideoDB seems to be working fine but I have some questions.

1.  Can the size of the Comment field be increased?  Probably an enhancement for later, but I would like the field to permit a longer comment.

2.  Some of my entries have the External Id field set to include the IMDB ID with the leading "tt" characters and some do not and it seems that field now includes "imdb:" as a prefix for the IMDB ID in some of my newer entries.  What should that field contain (I am in the USA if that matters)?  Should include the imdb: prefix with just the seven digit number (no "tt") or does it matter to the logic?  Just curious.

3.  My PDF Export button; bottom of elegant (modern) template, gives an error message:

Character set conversion error

Error converting from utf-8 to iso-8859-1.

Is that error due to some setting I can control or is this a bug in VideoDB?  If that is due to some setting I have control over where & how do I correct that.  I remember converting my videodb database to utf-8 a few years back.

It might be good if someone added some instructions for using the GitHub website.  I notice there is another Release (4.1) but the 4.0 is the one in the Download on the GitHub page.  Should I have gotten version 4.1 instead of 4.0?

Thanks for this wonderful application and continued support.
videodb-devel mailing list
Jim Irving | 5 Nov 00:58 2014

Update VideoDB

How do I get the current files for VideoDB?  The Sourceforge page says 
CVS is not maintained.
I have version 3.1.0 and it appears version 4 is current.  In the past I 
used CVS to update my videoDB software - is that still valid or is there 
a new process?    Thanks.

Dirk Vornheder | 4 Jan 10:03 2014

Searching new dvds with Amazon AWS doesn't work

Hi !

Searching new dvds with Amazon AWS doesn't work.

I get only the message "nothing found".


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Andreas Goetz | 14 Nov 16:50 2013

Re: [volkszaehler.org] Enhancement: add support for further Databases (#60)

Hi Justin,

Du scheints ein Problem mit dem Issue zu haben.

so here we have the first issue that omits 90% of possibly useful information:

  • the code USED to work on DBMSs other than mysql
-> Falsch. Wie ich bereits schrieb funktionierte der Code bzgl GroupBy bereits vorher nicht z.B. mit SQlite.
Siehe oben. Wenn Du keine Patches von mir willst sag es einfach. Anderenfalls verzichte bitte darauf einen "Schuldigen" zu suchen. So macht mir jedenfalls die Sache keinen Spass.

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 2:49 PM, r00t- <notifications-9UaJU3cA/F/QT0dZR+AlfA@public.gmane.org> wrote:

otherwise your intention is not clear.
do you intend to:

  • restore the originally present support for non-mysql? or
Nochmal. Diesen Support gab es auch ursprünglich nicht. Ich suche Dir auch gerne noch die Codezeilen raus.
  • introduce a NEW abstraction layer to support yet more DBMSs? (i''d not consider that a useful project, given that we support(ed) enough of them as it is (was), and already have performance issues)
Exakt. Andere Projekte nutzen GitHub Issues vom Typ "enhancement" um solche Ideen zu dokumentieren. Damit kann jeder der neu reinkommt schauen was benötigt wird und sich so eines Themas annehmen. Noch einfacher wirds wenn der Maintainer die Issues dafür taggt (Bug, Enhancement, Wontfix etc)...

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videodb-devel mailing list
mtnlyon001 | 6 Oct 21:30 2013


Is anybody else having a problem getting the cast from IMDB?
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videodb-devel mailing list
Andreas Goetz | 26 Apr 17:46 2013

New GIT repository

Hello all,

I'm planning to move videoDB from SF to GIT. The initial GIT repository 
has already been created at http://github.com/andig/videodb and 
populated with Release 4.0 (most fixes should be in now).

Feel free to start using the GitHub Issue tracker as well as the "pull 
request" functions.


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Plotin | 18 Apr 14:53 2013

output.php bug

Hi there,

I think, output.php is currently broken in CVS. Function out_genres 
creates a new HTML table ($out = '<table class="genreselect">) but it 
never closes it before returning the output. This results in at least 
elegant theme to be broken (edit page looks awful here).

Attached patch should correct the problem.

Attachment (output.php.patch): text/x-patch, 664 bytes
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