Antonio Olivares | 3 Feb 17:59 2016

MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: decode_video

Dear folks,

I have the problem above in subject line.
I updated mplayer svn to latest and now I can't play video like I used to.  It was working previously.  What can
be done to fix this?  


[olivares <at> localhost 02-02-16]$ for i in *.MOD ; do mplayer "$i" ; done ;
MPlayer SVN-r37587-5.3.1 (C) 2000-2016 MPlayer Team

Playing MOV001.MOD.
libavformat version 57.24.100 (internal)
MPEG-PS file format detected.
VIDEO:  MPEG2  704x480  (aspect 2)  29.970 fps  9542.8 kbps (1192.9 kbyte/s)
Load subtitles in ./
Opening video decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg's libavcodec codec family
libavcodec version 57.24.101 (internal)
Selected video codec: [ffmpeg2] vfm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg MPEG-2)
Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders
AUDIO: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, floatle, 256.0 kbit/8.33% (ratio: 32000->384000)
Selected audio codec: [ffac3] afm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg AC-3)
[AO OSS] audio_setup: Can't open audio device /dev/dsp: No such file or directory
AO: [alsa] 48000Hz 2ch floatle (4 bytes per sample)
Starting playback...
[ac3  <at>  0x55c9c7b09920]incomplete frame
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Tai | 31 Jan 16:38 2016

cmdlist contains mplayer version string


I rely on to wrap mplayer from my Python project. While the
wrapper isn't actively maintained, I've noticed that the recent builds
of mplayer2 now include the version string at the end of cmdlist; this
breaks 0.7.0 (or its predecessor PyMPlayer 0.6.0).

Example output from mplayer2 pulled in from debian wheezy.

mplayer -input cmdlist
seek                 Float [Integer] [Integer]
af_cmdline           String String
MPlayer2 2.0-728-g2c378c7-4+b1 (C) 2000-2012 MPlayer Team

Is it legitimate to call this a regression in mplayer?

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Mats Peterson | 26 Jan 07:36 2016

MPlayer and raw video

MPlayer naively assumes that 'rawvideo' raw video from libavcodec 
(whether it's contained in AVI, QuickTime or something else) contains 
24-bit RGB triplets. It *can*, for pixel formats like rgb24 and bgr24 
(BGR in this case), but it can also be palettized or monochrome. 
Anything that's not compressed/encoded. The following files with raw 
video will play without video in MPlayer:

QuickTime 1 bpp:

QuickTime 2 bpp:

QuickTime 4 bpp:

QuickTime 8 bpp:

AVI 1 bpp:

AVI 2 bpp:

AVI 4 bpp:

AVI 8 bpp:
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Stephen Mollett | 19 Jan 22:23 2016

Late-starting audio streams


How should one handle media with audio streams which start some time
after the video stream starts?

I have a BD with an audio stream that begins about 7.5 seconds after the
video stream. (Actually, it has two audio streams, both of which start
late.) If I just play it normally, mplayer will say:

VIDEO H264(pid=4113) NO AUDIO! (try increasing -tsprobe) NO SUBS (yet)!

and play the video stream without audio.

If I increase -tsprobe, as suggested, the audio stream is found but
begins playing immediately, so leads the video by about 7.5 seconds.
Setting -delay 7.5 to try and compensate causes all sorts of weirdness
to occur (video stops playing when audio starts, "Too many video
packets...", etc.)

Specifying -demuxer lavf finds the audio but, as with -tsprobe, it
begins playing immediately. Setting large values for -lavfdopts
analyzeduration and probesize gives an "inverse" effect - the audio
starts playing immediately then stops 7.5 seconds in when it should start!

Is there a known, "right"/"official" way to deal with this?

I've just tested the DVD version of the BluRay and it appears to also
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jd1008 | 18 Jan 22:35 2016

A video file with srt file question

Have an mkv file, accompanied by an SRT file.

I would like to suppress the non english  speech and non english subtitles.

Would greatly appreciate info on how to achieve this.
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Rarylson Freitas | 17 Jan 23:06 2016

Doubts about memory leak in MPlayerX

Hi dears,

It first, I don't know if this mailing list is the correct place to
send this problem.

Anyway, I'm using the MPlayerX project (a GUI to mplayer) in a MacOSX.
I was using MPlayer X in Yosemite and so I've update my OS to El
Capitain. After this, MPlayerX stop working. I sent an email to
support <at>, but I have no replies :(.

So I'm sending this email to this mailing list, and I would appreciate
any help to fix this problem.

The MPlayerX project itself uses a bundled version of mplayer. When
opening a movie, MplayerX launchs a mplayer instance with the video
output redirected to a MPlayerX buffer.

The GUI opens well, but when I click to open a movie (the problem
occurs with any movie), nothing happenings apparently.

If I check the `ps aux` output, I can see three process (MPlayerX plus
two mplayer processes) running:

rarybook:~ rarylson$ ps aux | grep -i mplayer | grep -v grep

rarylson 55387 72.7 18.0 4074644 1510196 ?? S 3:19PM 0:51.09
-demuxer lavf -msglevel all=-1:global=4:cplayer=4:identify=4
-msgcharset noconv -noconfig all -slave -noflip-hebrew -nodouble -dr
-cache 5000 -prefer-ipv4 -osdlevel 0 -sub-fuzziness 1 -ao coreaudio
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Sebastian Heyn | 13 Jan 08:38 2016

Cannot convert mpeg2 any longer (after update) ]get_buffer() failed (stride changed)


I use mencoder to convert a DVD to DIVX. This script has not been
altered and I use the following mencoder command line
mplayer -dvd-device  folder dvd://1 --dumpvideo --dumpfile vid.m2v
mencoder vid.m2v -ovc lavc -lavcopts
-nosound  -ffourcc DX50 -o /dev/null
mencoder vid.m2v -ovc lavc -lavcopts
-nosound  -ffourcc DX50 -o video0.avi

[mpeg2video  <at>  0xb6041400]get_buffer() failed (stride changed)
Error while decoding frame!

I tried re-encoding something that already worked before - now it doesnt.

Now version: mplayer-1.2_pre20150730

I have also tried on my slackware 14.1 system which uses mplayer 1.1 and
it can convert the dvd with no problems.

Any ideas?

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Edit B | 11 Jan 15:19 2016

Pause and UDP slave mode

Hi guys,

Controlling a file over UDP. Works swell for normal playback, but Mplayer 
does not seem to understand backwards playing, not even on I frame only 

But worse, if I pause the clip (either stop the UDP sending or keep sending 
the same time), Mplayer pauses the video but keeps playing a bit of sound. 
(some 300 Msecs) in a loop.
That gets kinda annoying.
Is there a way of preventing this?
Also, when Mplayer is paused like this, it is not responsive anymore, moving 
/ scaling the window is no longer possible.
Are there more commands I can send besides time and  "bye" ?



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Josh | 8 Jan 02:09 2016

Acceptable way to disable fontconfig caching...

I've been figuring some way to deal with fontconfig's annoying cache, a 
final nail in the coffin being that when updating the fontconfig library 
older caches had to be cleaned out or else it would keep scanning every 
single time MPlayer is run.

Compiling without fontconfig, or using -nofontconfig, works fine with 
embedded fonts but then it wouldn't be possible to specify system fonts, 
in that case MPlayer can only use subfont.ttf.

It seems removing '<dir>WINDOWSFONTDIR</dir>' from fonts.conf removes 
the scanning and caching, and still retains the ability to use system 
fonts. I tested with an external .ass changing it to numerous different 
system fonts with and without '<dir>WINDOWSFONTDIR</dir>' (and removing 
caches between tests of course) and there was no difference except an 
ominous warning message:

Fontconfig failed to select a font. Trying without fontconfig...
Fontconfig failed to select a font. Trying without fontconfig...

[ass] fontselect: (Wingdings, 400, 0) -> Wingdings-Regular, 0, 

I am using the latest libass from git. I'm thinking of pushing this 
change to my builds and even comment out the 'Fontconfig failed' 
message, if there isn't anything I overlooked. Thoughts?
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Antonio Olivares | 23 Dec 20:22 2015

compilation fails: Makefile:743: recipe for target 'ffmpeg/libavcodec/libavcodec.a' failed

CC      libavcodec/x86/h264_intrapred_init.o
In file included from ./libavutil/internal.h:165:0,
                 from ./libavutil/common.h:459,
                 from ./libavutil/avutil.h:288,
                 from ./libavutil/samplefmt.h:24,
                 from ./libavcodec/avcodec.h:31,
                 from libavcodec/x86/h264_intrapred_init.c:24:
./libavutil/libm.h:300:6: warning: "HAVE_EXP10" is not defined [-Wundef]
 #if !HAVE_EXP10
./libavutil/libm.h:307:6: warning: "HAVE_EXP10F" is not defined [-Wundef]
 #if !HAVE_EXP10F
CC      libavcodec/x86/h264_qpel.o
In file included from ./libavutil/internal.h:165:0,
                 from ./libavutil/common.h:459,
                 from ./libavutil/avutil.h:288,
                 from ./libavutil/avassert.h:31,
                 from ./libavcodec/put_bits.h:33,
                 from ./libavcodec/cabac.h:32,
                 from ./libavcodec/h264.h:33,
                 from libavcodec/x86/h264_qpel.c:26:
./libavutil/libm.h:300:6: warning: "HAVE_EXP10" is not defined [-Wundef]
 #if !HAVE_EXP10
./libavutil/libm.h:307:6: warning: "HAVE_EXP10F" is not defined [-Wundef]
 #if !HAVE_EXP10F
CC      libavcodec/x86/h264chroma_init.o
CC      libavcodec/x86/h264dsp_init.o
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Thomas Zander | 19 Dec 20:21 2015

Build regression on FreeBSD


porting an up-to-date snapshot to FreeBSD I noticed two build
regressions and want to kindly ask for resolving those upstream:

1) Makefile (at root dir)
   codec-cfg.c now includes <vdpau/vdpau.h>
   On FreeBSD this file ends up in LOCALBASE (by default
   /usr/local/include) which is not included in the default compiler
   search path, so in its build target
   codec-cfg$(EXESUF) .... the compile command
   $(HOST_CC) $(HOSTCFLAGS) -o $ <at>  $<
   is not sufficient. The include path for localbase needs to be added.

2) stream/stream_vcd.c:
   when building with libcdio, vcd_read_fbsd.h is no longer included,
   which, in turn, causes for sys/cdrio.h not to be included.
   Subsequently CDRIOCSETBLOCKSIZE is an undefined symbol and
   compilation breaks. Including sys/cdrio.h in stream/stream_vcd.c
   resolves the problem and the build completes.

Best regards
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