Chasity Hardy | 5 Feb 00:45 2013

Letter for you- precious watches

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Phillip Davison | 1 Oct 21:32 2006

Supervisor was just unemployeed

Hi  .

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Phillip Davison
Lacey Blackman | 11 Aug 00:22 2006

Re: you say on slim

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observed that he carried his head with a lofty air that was condition, he felt more incapable of finishing the Memorial than
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Bug-gne <at> | 2 May 19:23 2006


Queríamos comentar que jubilarse ya no es un problema y muy BUENAS NOTICIAS, los vencimientos y pagos de Impuesto a las Ganancias y Bienes Personales se trasladaron desde el 15 de Mayo en adelante.
Tenemos agilidad y seriedad para manejar estos dos temas, también atendemos intermediarios.
Solicitar información a inforamus <at>
Cordialmente, Consultora Inforamus
Este mensaje no es correo no solicitado sino una comunicación especial del autor a su listado de empresas importantes. No obstante, si ustedes desean no recibir más este tipo de información envien un correo a bgh.info01 <at> con el asunto "Remove" y les rogamos que disculpen la molestia.
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Miss Maria Bahie | 29 Apr 11:22 2006

Cordial Request For Assistance


I am MISS MARIA BAHIE and am 26 years of age. I happen to be the only 
Surviving daughter/child of LATE MR. PATRICK BAHIE.

I have decided to contact you over a desperate and pitiable situation in 
which I find myself after loosing my parents and siblings to the civil 
crises in my country. I am left alone in the world.

I must inform you that most of my our family’s assets and funds were 
either looted or vandalized by my father’s business partners and 
government’s authorities.

At the moment, I need your cordial assistance in receiving a fund worth of 
US$18M. This fund was deposited by my late father as family belongings 
with a private security firm.

I would need your assistance in receiving and investing this funds as well 
as helping me in obtaining traveling documents to your country or any 
other western country to enable me finish my education.

I am ready to provide you with all the relevant information related to 
this deposit including all documents.

Again, my whole life will be a mess if nothing is done urgently to receive 
this funds as all my livelihood now lies on this funds. Please in any way 
you can be of help to me do as you will not only help me as a person 
rather you will be helping humanity in general.

Furthermore, I will be looking forward to your quick response to this 
effect as I will welcome your suggestions on way forward including your 
conditions of assistance.

More so, I have decided to compensate your much needed assistance with 20% 
of the total sum while any expenses you will incur in the course of the 
transaction will be refunded as soon as the business is done.

Be informed that, I am doing things on my own for now and I do not see any 
form of risk in the transaction as long as we will continue this 
transaction between us at least until I travel out from these wicked 

I will wait for to hear from you as soon as possible.


Maria Bahie  
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Instiga rock | 26 Apr 03:51 2006

Brazilian rock n roll -

Hello! Please visit our website and listen the Brazilian indie rock n roll.


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Instiga rock | 26 Apr 03:49 2006

Instiga rock independente

Oi! Como vai?

Conheça nossas músicas:

Um abraço





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Bryce Castillo | 25 Apr 21:16 2006

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Sarah Dale | 19 Apr 01:22 2006

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ngsb | 10 Apr 19:16 2006

Let's stop meaningless bloody murders

We are all guilty and we must redeem our fault!

Someone must stop these meaningless bloody murders.

Please, take your time to read our petition to The Speaker And The Members Of Assembly. Sign for it and save lives of innocent animals.

Please, read and sign:

The Tasmanian Forestry Industry continues with the policy of clear felling of old growth forest and the destruction of the habitats of native fauna (wallabies, possums, wombats, quolls, Tasmanian devils and wedge-tailed eagles) within and about the boundaries of its plantations. Further, the industry uses the method of laying poison bait known as 1080 to eradicate native animals. It also intends to destroy and or prevent the re-growth of vegetation with herbicidal poisons distributed by aerial spraying (helicopter or other) or tractor wholesale spraying.

Another way you can help us to save innocent animals is to spread our petition among all the people you know: We are struggling for the future of our planet, please help us.

Send this to your friends.

We are all guilty and we must redeem our fault.

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jimbo | 9 Apr 00:51 2006

take a look man

take a look what happen with lola last night

haha nice what :D