webpost | 8 Mar 11:59 2012

RE: Re: [WebSVN] [RFC] templates: named anchor for line-numbers

The lack of this feature really stood out to me, having come from trac (at my previous employer) to
considering WebSVN at my current company.

I'm shy on time at present but when I get some I'll look at supplying a patch for the file listing view.


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webpost | 9 Mar 10:16 2012

[WebSVN] downloaded files incomplete/corrupt


I have (had) an issue with websvn where downloaded files were not downloaded correctly; the resulting file
had several empty lines at the start added, and was missing some at the end.

To fix this I added the following lines in dl.php, row 266, before the 'readfile($downloadArchive);':


This flushes the PHP output buffer, which appereantly already gathered some bogus data. This fixes the
issue I had. 

-Bastiaan van Kesteren


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Roman Zenka | 21 Mar 15:49 2012

RE: [WebSVN] [WebSVN] Feature request (maybe bug?): authz "exclusion operator" (tilde ~)

I independently implemented the $authenticated support in 2.3.3 in exactly the same manner.

It was essential to get our Subversion setup working. My authz file contains this:

$authenticated = r 

Without this feature, WebSVN will not show my repositories at all and cannot be used.

I do consider this a bug.

My patch tests for the username to be non-empty before putting the user into $authenticated, like so:

if(!empty($this->user)) {
    $this->usersGroups[] = '$authenticated';
    $this->usersGroups[] = '~$anonymous';

I do not know WebSVN well enough to determine whether that check has to be there or not.


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