Philip Bergen | 3 May 16:39 2006

Re: Milestones in tickets disappear

It is very consistent on sandbox/workflow. I do have a small number of 
local changes, but that should only affect what statuses are considered 
'closed' in milestones.
Any ticket assigned to a milestone that is closed will leave 
'Milestone:' selecting an empty element in the combobox when the ticket 
is edited.
At the top of the ticket the milestone reads 'Release 5.6' and in the 
milestone choice at the bottom only open milestones may be chosen. Any 
modification to the ticket will overwrite the milestone with an empty 


Matthew Good wrote:

>On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 13:30 +0000, Philip Bergen wrote:
>>When a milestone is closed it no longer appears as a choice in tickets. 
>>Makes sense for tickets already assigned to that milestone. If you go in 
>>and close released tickets they will now quietly lose their milestone 
>>assignment. This -from my point of view- is a bug.
>Closed milestones are only unavailable when creating new tickets.  For
>existing tickets the full list of milestones is available.  On the Trac
>site it's not uncommon to realize that certain tickets were resolved
>after a release, so they may be assigned to a closed milestone.  If you
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