Guillaume Hoffmann | 25 Jun 06:55 2014

Darcs News #108

# News and discussions

1.  We have a few updates from the Google Summer of Code projects.
    Alejandro Gadea about history reordering:

    -   <>
    -   <>
    -   <>

2.  Marcio Diaz about the cache system:

    -   <>

3.  Incremental fast-export is now provided to ease maintenance of git mirrors:

    -   <>

# Issues resolved (8)

issue2244 Ale Gadea
  ~ -   darcs tag should warn about duplicate tags
    -   <>

issue2314 Benjamin Franksen
  ~ -   output-auto-name in defaults file
    -   <>

issue2361 Ale Gadea
  ~ -   optimize --reorder runs forever with one repository
    -   <>
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Dmitry Bogatov | 29 May 20:12 2014

Return value of hooks


It seems, that I can set {pre,post} -hooks for record command, but
I cannot find a way to use their exit status.

What I want, is get `darcs record` to ask me to choose chunks, apply
them, run test and refuse to record, if it fails. Is it possible?

PS. Sorry for possible duplicate

Best regards, Dmitry Bogatov <KAction <at>>,
Free Software supporter, esperantisto and netiquette guardian.
	GPG: 54B7F00D
Eric Kow | 11 May 22:33 2014

HCAR 2014-05

Hi everyone!

Any comments on our latest Haskell Communities and Activities Report draft?

Lines 31-47 are new, with a brief description of our (exciting!) GSoC projects for 2014.

Thanks :-)


Eric Kow

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darcs-users mailing list
darcs-users <at>
Guillaume Hoffmann | 5 May 20:35 2014

Darcs News #107

# News and discussions

1.  Darcs has received two grants from the Google Summer of Code program,
    as part of the umbrella organization
    Alejandro Gadea will work on history reordering:

    -   <>

2.  Marcio Diaz will work on the cache system:

    -   <>
    -   <>

3.  Repository cloning to remote ssh hosts has been present for years as
    `darcs put`. This feature has now a more efficient implementation:

    -   <>

# Issues resolved (11)

issue851 Dan Frumin
  ~ -   interactive mode for whatsnew
    -   <>

issue1066 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   clone to ssh URL by locally cloning then copying by scp
    -   <>

issue1268 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   enable to write darcs init x
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Dominic Steinitz | 14 Apr 20:44 2014

darcs does not install in a fresh sandbox

Anyone got any ideas?

~/Dropbox/Private/darcs $ cabal sandbox init
Writing a default package environment file to
Creating a new sandbox at /Users/dom/Dropbox/Private/darcs/.cabal-sandbox
~/Dropbox/Private/darcs $ cabal install darcs
Resolving dependencies...
cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
trying: darcs-2.8.4 (user goal)
trying: darcs-2.8.4:+terminfo
trying: darcs-2.8.4:-force-char8-encoding
next goal: terminfo (dependency of darcs-2.8.4:+terminfo)
rejecting: terminfo- (conflict: darcs-2.8.4:terminfo =>
trying: terminfo-
next goal: base (dependency of terminfo-
rejecting: base- (conflict:
darcs-2.8.4:force-char8-encoding => base>=4 && <4.4)
rejecting: base-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (global constraint requires installed instance)
Backjump limit reached (change with --max-backjumps).

Note: when using a sandbox, all packages are required to have consistent
dependencies. Try reinstalling/unregistering the offending packages or
recreating the sandbox.

Dominic Steinitz
dominic <at>
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Vikraman | 21 Mar 15:44 2014

RFC: GSoC proposal: Distributed Issue Tracking in Darcsden

Hello everyone,

I am proposing a GSoC project with darcs. The idea is to improve the
issue tracker in darcsden, by implementing distributed issue tracking
using patch theory. Any feedback is welcome!

You can read my proposal in markdown here[0], and a pdf version here[1].



darcs-users mailing list
darcs-users <at>
Ale Gadea | 20 Mar 06:46 2014

Request for comments: GSoC proposal.

Hi everyone!

My name is Ale, i'm finishing the proposal for the GSoC and
Guillaume suggested send it to the list searching for comments, 
suggestions, reviews, etc. Anything is welcome :)

One thing i don't make clear is, how i will communicate with 
community. Looking others years, the students used blogs, i can
add do that if seems well, not sure what other options exist or if there
some preference. For the moment can assume i will use a blog.

Originally the proposal was written in plain text with a little of markdown,
what i'm sending is a pdf versión (prettier). Not sure it there some preference
or is indiferent.

Thanks and regards.
Ale Gadea
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darcs-users mailing list
darcs-users <at>
Guillaume Hoffmann | 17 Mar 21:12 2014

Darcs News #106

# News and discussions

1.  Darcs is participating once again to the Google Summer of Code, through
    the umbrella organization
    Deadline for student application is Friday 21st:

    -   <>
    -   <>

2.  It is now possible to donate stock to darcs through the Software Freedom
    Conservancy organization. Donations by Paypal, Flattr, checks and wire
    transfer are still possible:

    -   <>
    -   <>

3.  Dan Licata wrote a presentation about Darcs as a higher inductive type:

    -   <>

4.  Darcs now directly provides import and export commands with Git. This code
    was adapted from Petr Rockai's darcs-fastconvert, with some changes by
    Owen Stephen from his Summer of Code project "darcs-bridge":

    -   <>

# Issues resolved (6)

issue642 Jose Luis Neder
  ~ -   Automatic detection of file renames
    -   <>

issue2209 Jose Luis Neder
  ~ -   Automatically detect replace
    -   <>

issue2319 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   make changes non-interactive if fed to a pipe
    -   <>

issue2332 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   ignore case of characters in prompt
    -   <>

issue2335 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   one liner when adding tracked files if not verbose
    -   <>

issue2348  Ryan
  ~ -   switch to cabal's test framework
    -   <>

# Patches applied (34)

2014-03-02 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   pandoc-ize README and remove mention of old flags and warnings
    -   resolve issue2332: ignore case of characters in prompt

2014-01-26 Dan Frumin
  ~ -   Making sure darcs builds on OSX Mavericks

2014-02-08 Ganesh Sittampalam
  ~ -   hashed-storage: GHC 7.8 build fix
    -   support GHC 7.8 and various assorted other version bumps
    -   drop support for GHC 7.0/7.2
    -   get rid of now redundant conditionalisation
    -   remove accidentally added file
    -   fix hashed-storage build on Windows
    -   we need utf8-string on Windows too now for the fast-export/import code
    -   bump cryptohash dependency

2014-01-25 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   Implement convert --export and --import for git conversion

2014-01-10 Jose Luis Neder
  ~ -   resolve issue2209: Automatically detect replace

2014-01-08 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   remove useless check of xml-output in get and convert
    -   add hashed-storage 0.5.11

2013-09-15 Jose Luis Neder
  ~ -   resolve issue642: Automatic detection of file renames
    -   Show fileid info with show index

2013-11-28 Ryan
  ~ -   resolve issue2348: switch to cabal's test framework

2013-11-27 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   fix bug when global prefs dir does not exist and try to save author name

2013-11-26 Ganesh Sittampalam
  ~ -   improve help text
    -   need to use ByteString to read tests on unix
    -   fix warnings
    -   add a TODO comment
    -   add pragmas to shell tests to allow for the test to specify
    -   remove explicit choice of Myers diff from test
    -   add command-line options to control global test options

2013-10-11 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   resolve issue2335: one liner when adding tracked files if not verbose
    -   announce added files with existing infrastructure
    -   rename changes command to log, keep changes as alias
    -   output darcs changes to a pager if more than 20 lines big
    -   Make changes non-interactive by default again

2013-06-14 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   make changes non-interactive when given flags --count or --xml-output

2013-05-09 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   fix issue2270 test since piped darcs changes is now never interactive
    -   resolve issue2319: make changes non-interactive if fed to a pipe
Dave Love | 10 Mar 13:32 2014

build failure on Debian

I can't build the current screened or reviewed repos on Debian stable
(haskell-platform-2012.2.0.0) as I used to be able to.  After cabal
update I get:

  $ cabal install
  Resolving dependencies...
  cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:
  trying: darcs-2.9.7 (user goal)
  trying: darcs-2.9.7:-use-local-data-map-strict
  next goal: containers (dependency of darcs-2.9.7:-use-local-data-map-strict)
  rejecting: containers- (conflict:
  darcs-2.9.7:use-local-data-map-strict => containers>=0.5 && <0.6)
  trying: containers-
  trying: datetime-0.2.1 (dependency of darcs-2.9.7)
  trying: QuickCheck-2.4.2/installed-41c... (dependency of datetime-0.2.1)
  next goal: template-haskell (dependency of QuickCheck-2.4.2/installed-41c...)
  rejecting: template-haskell- (conflict:
  containers==, template-haskell => containers==
  rejecting: template-haskell-,,,,,,,, (conflict: QuickCheck =>

Is Debian stable just not supported now (which I think would be
Guillaume Hoffmann | 11 Feb 17:02 2014

Google Summer of Code 2014: ideas wanted


this year's google summer of code starts quite early. Student
application deadline is March 21st and Internship happens between May
19th and August 18th.

But most importantly now, organization application deadline is Feb
14th, that is, next Friday. Darcs will probably be part of the organization like every year, but it's always good to have
our own Ideas page up to date and as full as possible (we may apply
ourselves anyway).

So you have ideas for a project, please edit ,
or if you don't have a wiki account, just shoot here and I'll add it
to the page.

Also if you're a student and want to participate, please talk to us
here or on IRC.

Eric Kow | 19 Jan 09:34 2014

Darcs as a higher inductive type

Hey darcs-users,

Thought you might be interested in Dan Licata's slides on Darcs as a
higher inductive type.


Eric Kow <>