Guillaume Hoffmann | 9 Nov 15:08 2015

darcs 2.10.2 release

The darcs team is pleased to announce the release of darcs 2.10.2 !

# Downloading #

The easiest way to install darcs 2.10.2 from source is by first
installing the Haskell Platform ( If
you have installed the Haskell Platform or cabal-install, you can
install this release by doing:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install darcs-2.10.2

Alternatively, you can download the tarball from and build it by hand as
explained in the README file.

The 2.10 branch is also available as a darcs repository from

# What's new in 2.10.2 (since 2.10.1) #

 * optimize patch apply code memory use
 * make patch selection lazier in presence of matchers
 * switch patches retrieval order when using packs
 * switch from dataenc (deprecated) to sandi
 * finish updating help strings with new command names
 * clean contrib scripts
 * disable mmap on Windows
 * enhance darcs send message
 * fix quickcheck suite
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Eric Kow | 8 Oct 16:58 2015

new darcs maintainer: Guillaume Hoffmann

Hello Darcs users!

So last month I had a chance to reunite with the active members of the
Darcs team (Ganesh and Guillaume) at the Paris hacking sprint.  It was
a very nice time and I hope to see everyone again soon. During the
sprint (in between hack sessions), we also spent some time thinking
about the general future of Darcs, what sorts of directions we could
go in and how we can go about getting there. For example, what if we
thought a little outside the version control box? Could Darcs find a
niche for for making patch reordering work for other version control
systems? Possibly. It's worth exploring.

It's a different world out there now (but ever changing) than seven
years ago. In particular I think we have done an absolutely *splendid*
job adhering to the old Haskell slogan “avoid success at all costs!”
;-).  On the one hand the smaller community makes it harder to find
help and get effort directed at things. On the other hand, it's also a
blessing of sorts. With a little less juggling on our hands, we can
now direct more attention to the core work of getting Darcs right
(that's why we're pretty excited to see Pijul; this sort of work is
very helpful to us).

We still love Darcs; we still think it has something unique to offer
to the world and we still think it's interesting enough to work on.
There is a lot of work to do: hammering out of the core theory,
cleaning up of the code base, improving the basic engineering, the UI,
the ecosystem… In the meantime, I am glad to have been able to spend
some more time with Darcs folks. I get a lot of happiness out seeing
that people are still interested in working on Darcs and taking us
further along.
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Florent Becker | 1 Oct 19:27 2015

Pijul 0.1

Dear darcs acolytes,

Pierre-Étienne Meunier and myself are honoured to present version 0.1 of
Pijul. Pijul is a draft of a prototype of an implementation of Samuel
Mimram and Cinzia Di Giusto's theory of patches.

Where can I learn more? Where can I find this pijul?

Pijul's homepage is ; its sources are found at "darcs
get". Both are a bit rough at the moment, but should
improve rapidly, maybe with your help…

There is a mailing list (pijul <at>, and an irc channel is
available on, channel #pijul

Currently, pijul has a preliminary implementation of darcs' basic

What is a pijul, and how do I pronounce it?

A pijul is a south american bird (Crotophaga sulcirostris), a relative
of the cuckoo. In contrast with its parasitic cousin, the pijul lays
her eggs in a communal nest, where they are incubated by the whole

Pijul is thus pronounced as in spanish, IPA [pijul], or aproximately
pee-hhOOl (the hh is the sound at the end of scottish 'loch').

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Pierre-Étienne Meunier | 18 Sep 12:36 2015

Linux binaries availability


There seems to be a problem with your linux binaries: the link referenced gives a 404 error.

Pierre-Étienne Meunier
Ganesh Sittampalam | 18 Sep 17:04 2015

suspending patches without changing their identity


One common complaint about rebase is that it changes the identity of a
patch even if you don't actually do something that requires it.

On an implementation level, I think it's hard to safely/accurately track 
whether or not something needs to have its identity changed. I'm also not 
sure about how the UI should work if it tried to track this - e.g. would 
the user be notified when a suspended patch needed to have its identity 

Anyway, I've come up with an alternative interim solution: a separate 
supercommand "stash" that maintains a separate suspended state where patch 
identity is always preserved. This is still highly experimental and even 
the "stash" name is just provisional.

If you'd like to play with it, see the wiki page:


Guillaume Hoffmann | 15 Sep 10:17 2015

pre-sprint survey: changes that should go into darcs 2.10.2


I'd like to know if people needed a darcs 2.10.2 release soon, and if
there are changes/bugs that we should particularly look at?

Since we're doing the Hacking Sprint this weekend, we can have a look
at the issues you think are most urgent.

Don't hesitate to nag me by answering this mail (posting links to
existing issues in the bug tracker, mail archive, etc.), even if it's
information that was already posted/discussed elsewhere.

Guillaume Hoffmann | 2 Sep 00:28 2015

Darcs News #111

# News and discussions

1.  The next Darcs Sprint will take place in Paris on September 18-20th.
    Please add yourself to the wiki page if you're going!

    -   <>
    -   <>

2.  Darcs 2.10.1 has been released (bugfixes, dependency versions bump):

    -   <>

# Issues resolved (19)

issue2102 Guillaume Hoffmann
  ~ -   document packs in help of clone and optimize http
    -   <>

issue2307 Daniil Frumin
  ~ -   Add information about 'darcs help manpage' and 'darcs help markdown'
    -   <>

issue2308 Ben Franksen
  ~ -   use command agnostic comment for changes summary
    -   <>

issue2327 Alain91
  ~ -   ask user to keep trying if locking fails
    -   <>

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Xan | 10 Aug 08:14 2015

issue 1683: utf-8 in logs

Can anyone solve the issue 1693 []. This is my blocker item for adopting
darcs as my default version system. It's annoying that the progress of this issue is so slow. Please,
consider to next release (2.10.2).

Thanks in advance,
Guillaume Hoffmann | 7 Jul 16:40 2015

imminent 2.10.1 release

Dear Darcsers,

I'm planning to release Darcs 2.10.1 soon, which contains a few
bugfixes and dependency version bumps. If you want to help, please
get, build and test the 2.10 branch from over there:

* darcs clone:

* zip download:

* darcs clone from mirror:

What's new in 2.10.1:


Henning Thielemann | 20 May 19:47 2015

'darcs rebase unsuspend' with unrecorded changes

'darcs rebase suspend' let me suspend when there are unrecorded changes - 
of course, because unrecorded changes must be present when I run a deep 
amend-record. But if changes remain, I cannot run 'darcs rebase unsuspend' 
because darcs says:

Rebase in progress: 1 suspended patches
darcs-2.10.0: can't unsuspend when there are unrecorded changes

What to do now? Shall I do 'darcs revert' before 'unsuspend' and 'darcs 
unrevert' after 'unsuspend'? Like 'git stash' and 'git stash pop'?
Eric Kow | 26 Apr 12:22 2015

hcar 2015-05 draft

Hi all,

For the latest HCAR, I chopped everything out and just talked about 2.10.
What do you think?

The non-boilterplatey bit is 

After three years of development, we have released Darcs 2.10 (April
2015). This new major release includes the new \verb!darcs rebase!
command (for merging and amending patches that would be hard to do with
patch theory alone), numerous optimisations and performance
improvements, a \verb!darcs convert! command for switching to and from
Git, as well as general improvements to the user interface.



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