Calvin Webster | 22 Apr 19:12 2016

Not getting list updates

Are any of you list admins? Apparently, I've been knocked off the
Aegis-Users distribution. My last list message is "Re: [Aegis] odd
behavior from aede-policy in 4.25.D510" dated Thu, 4 Jun 2015 22:00:39
+1000 (06/04/2015 08:00:39 AM).

I'm obviously able to post to the list because Aryeh Friedman has been
answering a recent query.

Thank you

./Cal Webster

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Calvin Webster | 22 Apr 18:28 2016

aerb "file has been altered" errors after removing files in branch

I don't see any posts since 06/04/2015 - hope there are still a few
Aegis veterans watching the list.

I've encountered a particularly vexing problem that I can't seem to
overcome. After removing (aerm) a number of files in a change I was able
to develop, review, and integrate several other changes. When it came
time to integrate the branch I got the following error on just one of
the files:

[mtrev <at> pegasus2 ~]$ aerb -p av8b93.23 -c 15023
aegis: project "av8b93.23": change 15023: file
	has been altered
[mtrev <at> pegasus2 ~]$ 

I don't really care about the history on this file or the others that
were removed. These were derived files that should not have been copied
in as source to begin with. I just need to integrate this branch. Any
help along these lines would be greatly appreciated.

Strangely, all the files I "aerm'd" exist in the branch baseline without
any diff files (,D). It has been my experience that when files are
removed with aerm, the original file is removed from the branch baseline
and a ,D file is placed there. The ,D file is a diff against /dev/null
with a "-" sign in front of every line. None of these exist for the
files I removed, yet the changes in this branch never complained. Each 

Development directory style does include copies of derived files. This
may be why the original files are still there but doesn't explain why
the ,D files are missing... and why only the one file out of dozens of
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D A Vincent | 4 Jun 14:00 2015

Re: odd behavior from aede-policy in 4.25.D510

On 14 May 2015, at 12:00 , aegis-users-request <at> wrote:

> Message: 1
> Date: Wed, 13 May 2015 11:45:21 -0400

( From: Aryeh Friedman - email address removed )

> To: aegis-users <aegis-users <at>>
> Subject: [Aegis] odd behavior from aede-policy in 4.25.D510
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> If I fix aede-policy complaints as a part of aefinish and aeb, aed and aet
> have already run then aefinish closes the change set without triggering a
> new build/diff/test cycle?!?!?!?

Does this happen with other versions of Aegis?  Can you post a bit more about how I might reproduce the problem?




David Vincent
+61 (0) 404 985 493
dvincent <at>
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Aryeh Friedman | 13 May 17:45 2015

odd behavior from aede-policy in 4.25.D510

If I fix aede-policy complaints as a part of aefinish and aeb, aed and aet have already run then aefinish closes the change set without triggering a new build/diff/test cycle?!?!?!?

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,
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Pendergraft, Jerry | 23 Jan 15:58 2015

Re: how to fix a runaway scripts trash?

Perhaps and even easier way to get rid of the project is simply to:
$ rm -rf /home/aegis/10
You will still have to edit the /usr/local/com/aegis/state file to remove the name.

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Behalf Of Russell Standish
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Subject: Re: [Aegis] how to fix a run away scripts trash?

I expect you will need to edit /usr/local/com/state to give the project an acceptable name. Then you should
be able to delete it, or whatever else you want to do.


On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 09:18:20PM -0400, Aryeh Friedman wrote:
> aegis <at> rootbsd:/home/aegis% ael p
> List of
> Projects
> Page 1
> Fri Mar 14 02:17:04 2014
> Project         Directory               Description
> ---------       -----------             -------------
> 10              /home/aegis/10          The "10" program.
> 10.0            /home/aegis/10/branch.0 The "10" program, branch 0.
> 10.0.10         /home/aegis/10/         The "10" program, branch 0.10.
>                 branch.0/branch.10
>      /home/aegis/10/         The "10" program, branch 0.10.21.
>                 branch.0/branch.10/
>                 branch.21
> aegis <at> rootbsd:/home/aegis% aermpr -p 10
> aegis: the -Project option must be followed by a name
> usage: aegis -ReMove_PRoject [ <option>... ]
>        aegis -ReMove_PRoject -List [ <option>... ]
>        aegis -ReMove_PRoject -Help
> --
> Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,

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Scott Finneran | 27 Jul 03:17 2014

Peter Miller

Sadly, Peter Miller died at approximately 3am AEST today. His wife Mary-Therese 
said that he was far more comfortable than he had been over the past few weeks.

The messages from those on this list over recent days were both welcome and 
appreciated by Peter and his family.

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Aryeh Friedman | 21 Jul 23:13 2014
Scott Finneran | 16 Jul 08:04 2014

Messages for Peter Miller

Hi Everyone,

As some may know, this project's primary author Peter Miller has had a prolonged 
battle with 
That battle is in it's final stages. His wife posted the following to Facebook 

"In accordance with his wishes Peter Miller will no longer be receiving medical 

Please consider taking a few moments to write Peter a message. Whether it be to 
say thanks for all his work, an anecdote of how his software has impacted your 
life or career or even a simple "bon voyage". I'll get them to Peter while he is 
still able to appreciate them.

Messages are best sent directly to me or as a reply to this list as he is 
unlikely to be checking his own email.

Scott Finneran
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Aryeh Friedman | 28 Apr 22:58 2014

make an WebAPI for aegis

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Aryeh Friedman | 15 Mar 20:16 2014

merge return 0

I am I reading it write a merge_command="exit 0;" is sufficient to guerntee there will be no 'B's?

Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,
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Aryeh Friedman | 14 Mar 03:26 2014

multi-line copyright notices

How do I force a full BSD style copyright notice (copyright and license in one)
Aryeh M. Friedman, Lead Developer,
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