Michele R Combs | 22 Oct 23:11 2015

Help finding PBCore vocab

OK collective wisdom, my google-fu is failing me.

Where can I find the pbCore CreatorRole and ContributorRole vocabularies?   I can find information ABOUT
them, and descriptions OF them, but I can't find the actual list of actual vocab terms anywhere.  I know I
found it at some point, because I have a small subset of them in my notes labelled "pbcore roles" but of
course I didn't write down the URL.

I have tried The Registry (http://metadataregistry.org), but their search is, shall we say, less than
helpful (e.g. the PBCore instantiationPhysical vocab is in fact in there, but a search on it tells me there
are no results).  I struggled there for half an hour and now I just want to gnaw my own foot off and run away.

So, if anyone has a direct URL to the full list of vocab terms, I will be most grateful.

Apologies to those of you who get this more than once due to cross-posting.


Michele Combs | Lead Archivist
Special Collections Research Center
Syracuse University Libraries
222 Waverly Ave
Syracuse, New York 13244
t 315.443-2081 | e mrrothen@... | w scrc.syr.edu

Melanie Wacker | 16 Oct 22:27 2015

MADS XML: Suggested New Elements

Dear MODS and MADS implementers,
The MODS/MADS Editorial Committee is considering changes to MADS XML. A number of elements have been added to MARC Authorities in the last few years in support of RDA. RDF properties corresponding to these fields are being added to id.loc.gov to support the ongoing Library of Congress BIBFRAME pilot, which uses id.loc.gov for name and subject data.
Based on this development, the MODS/MADS Editorial Committee is considering the addition of a number of elements to MADS XML as well. Please see the following table. We very much invite your comments. Please submit them by  November 27th by posting to the MODS listserv.

Melanie Wacker
on behalf of the MODS/MADS EC

(* indicates fields already in MADS XML)

Element from MARC/RDA

MARC map

Caption in ID

Birth Date

046 f

Birth Date

Death Date

046 g

Death Date

Birth Place

370 a

Birth Place

Death Place

370 b

Death Place

Entity Descriptor

368 a,b, or c; 376 a


Honorary Title

368 d; 376 c

Honorary Title

Associated Locale

370 c, e, or f

Associated Locale


374 a



375 a


Prominent Family Member

376 b

Family Member

Associated Language

377 a(code), l(term)

Associated Language

Activity Start Date

046 s

Activity Start

Activity End Date

046 t

Activity End

Establish Date 

046 q


Terminate Date 

046 r


Fuller Name

378 q

Fuller Name

Creation Date Start 

046 k

Work Begun

Creaton Date End 

046 l

Work Finished

Work Origin 

370 g

Work Locale

Other Chararacteristic

381 a

Other Characteristic


   *Affiliation Address



   *Affiliation Start

   *Affiliation End


371 a+b+c+d+e

371 m

373 a

373 s

373 t

Has Affiliation

Affiliation Address



Affiliation Started

Affiliation Ended

*Field Of Activity   

372 a + s + t

Field of Activity

Thomas Scheffler | 6 Oct 10:05 2015

Critical XML Schema bugs

Dear MODS users and officials,

recently we updated our code to support MODS 3.6 and the new 
nameIdentifier which uses the type definition "identifierDefinition":

<xs:complexType name="identifierDefinition">
     <xs:extension base="stringPlusLanguage">
     <xs:attribute name="displayLabel" type="xs:string"/>
     <xs:attribute name="type" type="xs:string"/>
     <xs:attribute name="typeURI" type="xs:anyURI"/>
     <xs:attribute name="invalid" fixed="yes"/>
     <xs:attribute name="altRepGroup" type="xs:string"/>

Problematic is the fact that  <at> invalid is set to fixed="yes". When you 
use a schema aware parser to parse a MODS document this will actually 
attach a  <at> invalid="yes" on every element of "identifierDefinition" (like 
"identifier" or "nameIdentifier") that is missing that attribute.

XML Schema part 1, section 3.2.1:
"[..] fixed indicates that the attribute value if present must equal the 
supplied constraint value, and if absent receives the supplied value as 
for default."

This bug is not introduced in 3.6 but is also in older versions of MODS.

Currently all identifier|nameIdentifier get an 'invalid' label. 
Obviously this is not way it was intended.

Can you please publish updated versions of affected MODS Schema documents?

Kind regards,


Thomas Scheffler
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Thüringer Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek
Bibliotheksplatz 2
07743 Jena
Phone: ++49 3641 940027
FAX:   ++49 3641 940022

Rachel M Tillay | 21 Sep 22:20 2015

Job posting - Metadata Librarian, Louisiana State University Libraries

LSU Libraries

Metadata Librarian (tenure-track) 


The LSU Libraries is seeking a collaborative, innovative, and service-oriented librarian to provide leadership and expertise in the development and implementation of creative and sustainable metadata strategies to support digital initiatives. Under the direction of the head of Resource Description and Metadata Services the Metadata Librarian will provide leadership for the department’s creation and management of metadata. 


The Metadata Librarian will work as part of a collaborative team of librarians, archivists, and developers to make a diverse set of resources accessible and discoverable. He/she will have a thorough understanding of the various standards, practices, and emerging technologies required for effective management of digital content and will lead the selection and development of metadata standards, ontologies, policies, procedures, and workflows for digital resources. He/she will engage in authority control processes to provide intellectual control over the application of personal, corporate and place names as component of the metadata process. He/she will work with library staff to establish and maintain local policies and procedures for bibliographic and metadata services, projects, and other activities that impact the libraries integrated library system and overall access to the collections.




50%        Coordinates the development and implementation of metadata to support the discovery and management of the Libraries’ digital content, such as research data, digital scholarship, digitized content, and born-digital archives; Designs, documents, guides, and manages the processes and schemas of metadata for digital projects and repository collections; Defines strategies and creates guidelines for the authoring, harvesting, enhancement, transformation, and remediation of digital metadata; Ensures consistency in the selection of metadata schema, thesauri, stylesheets, crosswalks, and data elements.


25%        Engages in authority control processes to provide intellectual control over the application of personal names, corporate names, and place names as components of the metadata process.

15%        Works to fulfill tenure and promotion requirements.


10%        Provides leadership and training related to digital collection metadata creation and management for staff in Resource Description and Metadata Services and other Libraries’ departments; Conducts and contributes to departmental outreach when needed, such as presentations, exhibits, and publications.



ALA-accredited master’s degree at time of application; Knowledge of current metadata standards, such as BIBFRAME, RDA, Dublin Core, EAD, MODS, METS, RDF and other emerging data standards; Experience with OCLC; Ability to manage a variety of tasks and multiple priorities; Demonstrated ability to plan, coordinate, organize and complete projects; Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communications skills; Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a collegial environment.



Experience with managing collections in Fedora Commons, CONTENTdm or another platform. Familiarity with semantic web and linked data; Demonstrated skills with tools for data manipulation, such as Open Refine, XSLT, or a scripting language such as Perl, Ruby, or Python; Experience with an integrated library system, preferably SIRSI/Dynix.; Responsiveness and willingness to work on special projects or assignments; Proven ability to write and implement procedures; analytical; Instruction/training skills.


Rachel Tillay
Digital Projects Librarian
Digital Services
Louisiana State University
Middleton Library, Baton Rouge, LA  70803
office 225-578-0550
rtilla1 <at> lsu.edu | lsu.edu | lib.lsu.edu/services/digital


McCallum, Sally | 3 Sep 23:29 2015

Problem with listservs

The Library has had problems with its listservs since the shutdown last weekend (for a test of power backup).  Please save any messages you may have tried to send, that bounced, and send them again in a few days when we expect things to normalize.   We apologize for the inconvenience.  We think that messages originating inside LC are distributed, so expect that you will receive this “bulletin”. 





Sally H. McCallum

Chief, Network Development and MARC Standards Office

Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave., SE

Washington, DC 20540  USA


Tel: 1-202-707-5119 – Fax 1-202-707-0115



Trail, Nate | 27 Aug 19:53 2015

Re: LC System Maintenance (beginning 5PM Frday August 28, 2015)

Dear All,

[sorry for cross-postings]

Beginning Friday and continuing through the weekend, LC will perform major system maintenance.  All LC
systems and websites will be taken offline during this time.  This includes ID.LOC.GOV as well as LOC
metadata standards and schema sites.
See http://www.loc.gov/today/pr/2015/15-A02.html .

  Maintenance is scheduled to begin Friday 28 at 5PM EDT and to be completed by Monday 30 August at 6:00AM EDT.

We hope service to ID.LOC.GOV will be restored sooner than the closing of the scheduled maintenance

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nate Trail
Network Development & MARC Standards Office LS/ABA/NDMSO LA308, Mail Stop 4402  Library of Congress
Washington DC 20540

Alexander, Mary | 20 Aug 18:03 2015

FW: MODS Implementation Registry and Tools -- 2015 Update

Please replace the contact person and associated email address to:


Jody L. DeRidder, Head of Metadata & Digital Services



Thank you!


my best,




Mary S. Alexander

Metadata Librarian/Associate Professor

Metadata and Digital Services

Box 870266

University of Alabama Libraries

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487



voice: 205-348-1490

fax: 205-348-1699





From: DeRidder, Jody
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 10:58 AM
To: Alexander, Mary
Subject: RE: MODS Implementation Registry and Tools -- 2015 Update


Would you please take care of that, Mary?  I would be grateful.


Jody L. DeRidder
Head, Metadata & Digital Services
University of Alabama Libraries
Tuscaloosa, AL  35487
Phone: 205.348.0511
Fax: 205.348.1699

From: Alexander, Mary
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2015 8:33 AM
To: DeRidder, Jody
Subject: FW: MODS Implementation Registry and Tools -- 2015 Update

Hi Jody,


Our contact information and maybe version should be updated on the Library of Congress Registry for MODS.


It is currently:




From: Metadata Object Description Schema List [mailto:MODS-0lvw86wZMd/ipf4q2MuE5g@public.gmane.org] On Behalf Of Meehleib, Tracy
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 1:03 PM
To: MODS-0lvw86wZMd/ipf4q2MuE5g@public.gmane.org
Subject: [MODS] MODS Implementation Registry and Tools -- 2015 Update


Hi MODS Users,


We are in the process of updating the MODS Implementation Registry and Tools for MODS pages and would like to add any new projects/tools that are currently available to the community.


If you would like your projects/tools to be included, please supply information for each category in the MODS Implementation Registry http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/registry.php and/or Tools for MODS page http://www.loc.gov/standards/mods/tools_for_mods.php , and we will add your projects/tools to the registry.


If you have already registered an implementation or a tool, please take a moment to review the entry for it and send us any new information we might need to bring the entry up to date.


Thank you, Tracy


Tracy Meehleib
Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave SE
Washington, DC 20540-4402
+1 202 707 0121 (voice)
+1 202 707 0115 (fax)




Elizabeth Post | 10 Aug 15:54 2015

Job: Digital Collections and Preservation Librarian, Boston College

Boston College Libraries seek a Digital Collections and Preservation Librarian to guide digital preservation and digital archiving activities for an increasing amount of born-digital and digitized content.  Working closely with the Head of the Digital Library Program and in concert with team members and professionals across the libraries, he or she will consider all stages of the digital life cycle, from the point of capture through to repository ingest.  S/he will establish and document policies; contribute to planning for projects and ongoing production; advise on equipment, metadata, standards and formats; and communicate broadly with collaborators and stakeholders within the library and externally.

Founded in 1863, Boston College is a Jesuit, Catholic university located six miles from downtown Boston with an enrollment of 9,100 full-time undergraduates and 4,700 graduate and professional students. Ranked 31 among national universities, Boston College has 752 full-time and 1,080 FTE faculty, 2,750 non-faculty employees, an operating budget of $886 million, and an endowment of approximately $2 billion. Apply directly at www.bc.edu/bcjobs; to review all Library jobs available, and find out more about working there, visit http://libguides.bc.edu/employment

Betsy Post
Head Librarian, Digital Library Program
University Libraries
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

McCallum, Sally | 5 Aug 23:04 2015

Demographic Group Terms added to LC Linked Data Service

Demographic Group Terms available through the LC Linked Data Service


The Library of Congress announces the availability in its Linked Data Service (LC LDS) of the LC Demographic Group Terms vocabulary, which the Library is developing in consultation with the ALA ALCTS Subject Access Committee.  The demographic terms can be accessed as one composite list or through 12 lists representing various demographic categories, such as age groups and occupational groups.   Individual members of the lists may be searched via key word.  Entry to the vocabulary is through the main LC LDS portal, id.loc.gov, but the following link goes directly to the Demographic Group Terms within the LC LDS:



Approximately 400 demographic terms that were approved during the first phase of a pilot are available now, and more terms will be added in the future.  Links to descriptions of the vocabulary and its use in bibliographic control, as well as to information about the pilot, are available on the following web site:




As usual for LC LDS data, the LC Demographic Group Terms may be downloaded in various formats, with a focus on RDF.   




Sally H. McCallum

Chief, Network Development and MARC Standards Office

Library of Congress, 101 Independence Ave., SE

Washington, DC 20540  USA


Tel: 1-202-707-5119 – Fax 1-202-707-0115



Matthew Roth | 13 Jul 21:05 2015

Highwire press tags / google scholar transformation?

Dear MODS list,

We would like to output Highwire Press tags when displaying our documents 
online. It has been recommended that we utilize highwire press tags [0] in 
order for google scholar to more readily make our material discoverable [1]. 

Does a transformation from MODs, our upstream format, exist? or should I 
begin crafting my own?


[0] http://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/full/10.1108/07378831211213210
[1] https://scholar.google.com/intl/en-us/scholar/inclusion.html#indexing
Angela Di Iorio | 29 Jun 01:20 2015


it seems that this vocabulary corresponds to the mods:typeOfResource vocabulary.
But currently there isn't a way to provide authority attributes family in this element.
So do they correspond? and if yes wiil the authority attributes be provided?
Many thanks.