Daniel Dekany | 1 Mar 21:12 2004

FMPP 0.9.7 is released

FMPP 0.9.7 is released

Direct download:

New features, improvements:

* New setting: "freemarkerLinks". This is a dirty hack to satisfy a
  frequent demand: <#include ...>/<#import ...> files that are outside
  the source root directory (as FTL macro libraries used by more

* Later nightly FreeMarker 2.3 build is included.


* Warning! Incompatible change! From now, native separators (as
  backslash under Windows) are not tolerated in the paths used in
  <#import ...> and <#include ...> directives. You must use / there.

* Fixes in the Manual and in the the API JavaDocs.


Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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