Derek Price | 13 Jul 19:47 2005

Moving texi2html development to

Hello all,

As part of the move to Savannah, I have created two mailing lists on texi2html-bug and texi2html-cvs.  For now, texi2html-bug
will handle all the old users <at> and
dev <at> traffic and texi2html-cvs will handle the
commit announcements.

For some time, mail to the lists at will be
forwarded to, but not the other way around.  Please subscribe
to the new lists if you are still interested in texi2html development.

You may subscribe to the new lists via the following links:


Derek Price | 13 Jul 18:05 2005

Moving development of texi2html to


Please don't commit to the old CVS repository.  I have action items open
on Savannah for import of the old CVS repository into the new and new
commits would render them out of sync.  I expect the import to be
completed shortly.


Derek Price | 21 Mar 19:54 2005

Re: Small patch suggestion for Texi2HTML

Patrice Dumas wrote:

|> Anyhow, I don't have any problem with this patch except that we
|> still
| I don't like using the script location as a basedir for the search
| of init files. I even don't like the fact that it is searched in
| the current directory. This kind of magic seems very dangerous to
| me.

I do think that any installed script should be able to find its
default configuration files without being told how by the user.
Whether the dir searched should really be its basedir or something
configured as configure time, like `/usr/share/texi2html', is another

| I'll add this command line switch anyway, it seems a good thing to
| me. What about --conf-dir ?

This does make sense for when the defaults are not appropriate.


Derek Robert Price | 9 Jun 19:34 2004

CVS Feature Version 1.12.9 Released! <strong>(security update)</strong>

Feature CVS 1.12.9 has been released.  Feature releases contain new
features as well as all the bug fixes from the stable releases.  This
release fixes several serious security issues in the CVS server
executable.  It also contains one minor bug fix and the `cvs log' and
`cvs ls' commands now output times in the client's local timezone.  We
recommend this upgrade for all CVS clients and servers already running
the feature release and for those who simply like to stay on the
cutting edge!

Take a look at the NEWS file
from the source distribution or go directly to the downloads page

I am no longer including MD5 sums with release announcements.  Please
use the detached PGP signatures included with the downloads for
release verification.

Derek Price
CVS Solutions Architect
Ximbiot <>


Email: derek <at>

Get CVS support at <>!
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Derek Robert Price | 9 Jun 18:51 2004

Stable CVS Version 1.11.17 Released! <strong>(security update)</strong>

Stable CVS 1.11.17 has been released.  Stable releases contain only
bug fixes from previous versions of CVS.  This version fixes several
serious security holes in the CVS server executable as well as fixing
one other minor bug in both the CVS client and server.  We recommend
this upgrade for all CVS clients and servers!

Take a look at the NEWS file
from the source distribution or go directly to the downloads page

I am no longer including MD5 sums in the release announcements since I
am now posting a detached GPG signature file with the downloads.




Email: derek <at>

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Kristis Makris | 31 May 02:08 2004



I'd like to announce Scmbug, a tool providing integration of Source code
Configuration Management with Bugtracking. It is meant to be a universal
tool that can glue any source code version control system with any
bugtracking tool, for all platforms.

In the current development release, Scmbug supports integrating CVS with
Bugzilla. The intention is to integrate other source code version
control tools (e.g. Subversion) with other bugtracking systems (e.g.
gnats) in a consistent and more flexible manner other independent tools
currently do so (e.g. Tony Garnock-Jones' cvszilla from, Steve McIntyre's integration from ).

I would encourage developers and users of integration glue to contribute
to this general integration tool, rather than continue the fragmentation
of individual tools attempting to resolve the same problem.

The latest development release is available at:

Kristis Makris
Tom Copeland | 14 Apr 17:57 2004

Re: Stable CVS Version 1.11.15 Released! <strong>(security update)</strong>

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 10:22, Derek Robert Price wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Stable CVS 1.11.15 has been released.  Stable releases contain only bug
> fixes from previous versions of CVS.  This version fixes serious
> security holes in both the client and the CVS server executables as well
> as fixing many other bugs, including some file resurrection issues.  We
> recommend this upgrade for all CVS clients and servers!
> Take a look at the NEWS file
> <>
> from the source distribution or go directly to the downloads page
> <>.

The source RPM (and the RH 8.0 binary RPM) are available from here:


Derek Robert Price | 12 Feb 00:59 2004

Re: CVS update: MODIFIED: doc ...

pertusus <at> wrote:

>  User: pertusus
>  Date: 04/02/11 14:03:58
>  Modified:    doc
>  Log:
>          * add texi2html.init and
>          to the distribution.

Whoops.  Sorry about that and thanks.  Now I know why someone decided to
use bin_PROGRAMS before, but this is close to Right (tm), now, I think.




Email: derek <at>

Get CVS support at <>!
Dumas Patrice | 11 Feb 14:05 2004

automake and $(EXEEXT)


At my lab, I use
[dumas <at> zeus texi2html]$ automake --version
automake (GNU automake) 1.6.3
It complains:
dumas <at> zeus texi2html]$ automake
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/bin/automake line 8449.
: deprecated feature: `texi2html' overrides `texi2html$(EXEEXT)'
: change your target to read `texi2html$(EXEEXT)'
And then make ends with
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `texi2html <at> EXEEXT <at> ', needed by `all-am'.  Stop.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/cired/zeus/home/dumas/texi2html'

If I change in
texi2html: \
        $(srcdir)/ \
        $(srcdir)/ \

texi2html$(EXEEXT): \
        $(srcdir)/ \
        $(srcdir)/ \

it works well. Reading the automake manual it seems that we should put 
$(EXEEXT) to our target. However it isn't an executable ?

I have automake-1.7.? at home and it doesn't complain. Any idea ?

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Dumas Patrice | 9 Feb 16:38 2004

when split put in a directory


When the output is split the current default is to put it in the current
directory. Maybe we could instead put it in a directory named after the manual
name. This is bad as this wouldn't be backward compatible, but
- it is what makeinfo does
- it allows for an unsplit manual in the base directory, while the split 
  manual is in a sub directory, and allows for having a lot of manuals in the
  same directory, as the splitted files are in sub directory.
- it is consistent with what will be the cross manual references produced
  by makeinfo, and texi2html if we follow the same conventions (and I strongly 
  support that, such that we can do ref to manuals generated by makeinfo
  and vice versa).


Dumas Patrice | 3 Feb 17:20 2004

doing a release ?


I think it is time for a release. I have added recently:

* support for various  <at> documentencoding
* support for utf8 output, especially in strings
* an init file, book.init, based on the scriptbasic style, with a formatting
  adapted to book.
* chm.init permitting conversion to chm, the microsoft help system. It is 
  in progress and untested as I would need windows, but it is enough for now.
  (basically it is html with some helping files).
* almost ready support for html cross references as discussed on the texinfo 

I tried to keep the documentation up to date with the changes in the 
interface for init files.