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Re: please change your attitude towards latex, please

Maybe alt.misc.abuse.LaTeX would be a better place to discuss this...

I fully agree with Bernhard Kleine and appreciate his opinion.

However ignoring may be the best way to deal with abuse. (I am not following my own advice ;-) )

Lasse Greiner

> Dear Christopher Heckman,

> i have been reading the miktex mailing list for quite a while. May be it
> has been a realm of politeness and lack of rudeness. Writing this i will
> directly add that i have been very much surprised by the change of tone
> you have added recently to this list. I have been using tex for more
> than 15 years writing my larger and smaller documents. I have not
> acquired a deep knowledge of tex by itself, since i have no time for
> that. I have, however, acquired a knowledge of using a couple of macro
> packages for adding features to documents which were otherwise out of
> reach.

> I am quite sure that i am not alone with this practical use of tex.
> Obviously you have had enough time to learn tex from the start. I envy
> this. I regret, however, that you have found that plain tex is so
> superior to latex that you have to tell of its superiority to everybody
> else. It would be a pleasure to get this information in a kind manner,
> but

> "This is a LaTeX question; I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole." as
> you write and other sentences in your recent contributions to the list
> suggest that you have become a warrior for the purity of tex. In a way
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Lasse Greiner | 5 Apr 13:55 2002