Robin Fairbairns | 1 Mar 20:44 2000

Re: CTAN submission --- appendix package

Peter R Wilson writes:

>    I have uploaded appendix.dtx and README.appendix to the UK
> incoming directory. Could you please use these to replace the
> corresponding files in macros/latex/contrib/supported/appendix?
>     They are released under the LPPL.
>     The appendix package provides additional appendexing
> capabilities than the simple \appendix command provides. New in this
> release is support for per chapter (or section for non-chaptered
> documents) appendices.

i've installed the files as requested.  thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

Robin Fairbairns | 2 Mar 01:12 2000

Re: CTAN submission -- midpage, nextpage and ifmtarg packages

Peter R Wilson writes:

>     I have uploaded three itsy-bitsy packages to CTAN UK /incoming,
> as midpage.sty, nextpage.sty and ifmtarg.sty. I guess they should go
> under macros/latex/contrib/supported/misc.
>     They are all released under the LPPL.
> o midpage package provides the midpage environment for vertical
> centering (corresponding to the center environment for horizontal
> centering).
> o nextpage package provides additional \ and
> \ commands, which are generalisations of the standard
> \ and \newpage commands.
> o ifmtarg package provides an "if-then-else" command for processing
> potentially empty arguments.

i've installed the packages as requested, in a new
macros/latex/contrib/supported/misc directory.  thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

p.s. -- apologies to anyone who sees this announcement twice: i
thought i had sent it earlier, but it definitely didn't make it into
comp.text.tex either here or at Peter Wilson's site.

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Reinhard Zierke | 2 Mar 10:40 2000

CTAN submission -- limap.dtx

----- Forwarded message from Gerd Neugebauer <gerd.neugebauer@...> -----
I have uploaded limap.tar.gz to
I propose to put the files contained in the archive into a new directory


The files may be distributed under the terms of the LPPL.


The Information Mapping method  provides a methodology for structuring
and presenting  information.  It claims  to be useful for  readers who
are more  concerned about finding  the right information  than reading
the document  as a whole.  Thus short, highly structured,  and context
free pieces of information are used.

limap.dtx  provides  a LaTeX  style  and  a  LaTeX class.   The  style
contains  definitions to  typeset  maps and  blocks  according to  the
Information  Mapping method.  The  class provides  all definitions  to
typeset a whole document.
----- End forwarded message -----

Thanks for the submission.  I installed it on in
/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/other/gene/limap as suggested.

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

Reinhard Zierke | 2 Mar 10:46 2000

CTAN submission -- dvipsconfig

----- Forwarded message from Volker Kuhlmann
<kuhlmav@...> ----
License: public domain
To replace existing version: dviware/dvipsconfig

This is an update to my collection of dvips postscript header and dvips
config files. They control certain features of the printer, e.g. duplex

I know it is bad practice to embed this kind of control instruction into
the postscript file itself, but mickey$oft users only need to click a
box and problem solved. Unix users often pull their hair out standing in
front of a printer thinking "I really want to print this A3, not A4" or
"I want this in colour on transparency, not paper, thanks". It's also
a *lot* easier to delete these extra lines from a PS file than to put
them in in the first place...

In brief, these printer features can be controlled: A4, A3, usletter,
simplex, duplex / long edge, duplex / short edge, screen frequencies of
images, black/white invers, select transparency / paper for tektronix
550/560, and printing a postscript grid underneath the page material -
very useful for measuring and eliminates paper feed errors!

As much as possible care has been taken to allow for different postscript


(Thomas: any interest including this in tetex?)
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Rainer Schoepf | 2 Mar 16:32 2000

Re: CTAN upload: utf2any additions

Peter Kleiweg writes:

 > Today, I uploaded a few additions for the utf2any package to
 > CTAN at
 > These files should go to support/utf2any
 >     update:
 >         README
 >     additions:
 >         maps/
 >         maps/
 >         maps/
 >         maps/
 >         Changes

Thanks a lot for the update, I installed it.
 For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

Rainer Schoepf | 2 Mar 16:34 2000

Re: Upload mparhack package

Stefan Ulrich writes:

 > I've just uploaded the file
 > mparhack.tar.gz
 > to the incoming directory of
 > mparhack.tar.gz will unpack into a directory `mparhack'
 > containing the files:
 > mparhack.ins
 > mparhack.dtx
 > Please install the `mparhack' directory under
 > CTAN:macros/latex/contrib/supported
 > License is gpl.
 > Purpose of the package:
 > Implements a workaround for the LaTeX bug that marginpars
 > will sometimes come out at the wrong margin.

Thanks a lot for your submission, I installed it in the indicated

For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

Rainer Schoepf | 2 Mar 17:05 2000

Re: CTAN Submission -- thumbpdf 2.1

Heiko Oberdiek writes:

 > I have uploaded '' to
 > * Dear CTAN maintainers, please install the files in the new
 >   directory:
 >     CTAN:support/thumbpdf/
 >   And remove the old directory CTAN:macros/pdftex/thumbpdf/.
 >   Perhaps it can be replaced by a symbol link for some weeks.
 >   (Reason: thumbpdf also supports the dvips/ps2pdf route
 >   since version 2.)
 > * Dear TeX distributors, the TDS location of `readme.txt' has
 >   changed from
 >     texmf/doc/pdftex/thumbpdf/readme.txt
 >   to
 >     texmf/doc/generic/thumbpdf/readme.txt
 >   (Reason: thumbpdf also supports dvips/ps2pdf and the package
 >   thumbpdf.sty works with both latex and plain formats).
 > 'thumbpdf' provides support for thumbnails with pdfTeX
 > or dvips/ps2pdf (NEW), plain/latex formats. It consists of
 > four files:
 >   * readme.txt:    documentation.
 >   *   perl script.
 >   * thumbpdf.tex:  TeX program, used by the perl script.
 >   * thumbpdf.sty:  package for the user.
 > Requirements: Perl5, ghostscript, pdfTeX
 > Changes of Version 2.1:
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Rainer Schoepf | 2 Mar 17:08 2000

Re: Upload

Thomas Reinhardt writes:

 > Program: WinLatex 0.8 FrontEnd
 > File:
 > Upload:
 > Licence: pd (cardware)
 > Description:
 > FrontEnd for TeX, Win98/NT, needs Microsoft VisualBasic-DLLs

Thanks a lot for the upload, I installed the files in


For the CTAN Team
  Rainer Schöpf

Rainer Schoepf | 2 Mar 17:15 2000

Re: Files uploaded to CTAN

Harold de Wijn writes:

 > + I have uploaded to CTAN at  the following files:
 >   fnts.tex    font selection for plain TeX
 >   fnts.doc    documentation
 >   and have stored them in a directory named  font_selection
 > + An appropriate place for the directory  font_selection  would be
 >   /macros/plain/contrib/font_selection
 > + Licensing conditions GNU General Public License
 > + The purpose of fnts.tex is, in abstract form:
 >   - 21 sizes in the range 7 to 154 points;
 >   - 16 typefaces, including Italic Bold, Calligraphic Bold, Sans Serif,
 >     Sans Serif Italic, and Sans Serif Bold;
 >   - Boldmath, inclusive of subscripts, superscripts, and symbols;
 >   - a few useful macros.
 > + Note:
 >   The file has evolved over the years from v1.0 in 1994 to the current
 >   v3.0.  I feel that I should finally submit it to CTAN to "pay my little
 >   dime toward the TeX community", to whom I owe so much.
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Robin Fairbairns | 3 Mar 08:32 2000

Re: CTAN submission --- ccaption package

Peter R Wilson writes:

>     I have uploaded ccaption.dtx and README.ccaption to the UK
> incoming directory. Coulkd you please use these as replacements in
> macros/latex/contrib/supported/ccaption?
>     They are under the LPPL.
>     The ccaption package provides a variety of captions:
> continuation captions, unnumbered captions and legends, captions
> outside float environments, bilingual captions, etc. It also enables
> the definitions of new float environments and their captions. New in
> this release is more flexible positioning of subfigure
> (continuation) captions.

i've installed the files as requested.  tanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team