Reinhard Zierke | 1 Jun 10:02 1999

CTAN Submission -- vmargin (update)

> From: Volker Kuhlmann <kuhlmav@...>
> I have uploaded:
> This is version 2.2 of my vmargin package for setting paper sizes and
> margins. While still operational under LaTeX 2.09, it works with LaTeX
> 2e with and without compatibility mode. Under LaTeX2e I have introduced a
> few package options which allow to set the paper size, paper orientation,
> and to disable headers and footers.
> vmargin does not rely on other packages and was designed with speed and
> size in mind. Its user interface might not be very fancy, but it's fast,
> small, and gets the job done. If you are looking for something more
> elaborate try the geometry package.
> vmargin replaces the earlier vpage which is mentioned in (at least in
> earlier editions of) the LaTeX Companion.
> This package was supported and will remain supported - please install
> it under ../contrib/supported if possible and delete the version under
> contrib/other.

Thanks for the new version.  I installed it in
replacing the old version in

At the same time, I moved
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Robin Fairbairns | 1 Jun 22:53 1999

Re: CTAN Submission --- Half Uncial fonts and packages

peter wilson writes:

>     I have uploaded huncial.tar to Could you
> please install this under the fonts/bookhands directory?
>     The distribution is released under the LPPL.
> From the README:
>     The huncial and allhuncl packages provide Metafont fonts based
> on the Half Uncial manuscript book-hand used between the 3rd & 9th
> centuries. The font consists of minuscules and digits, with some
> appropriate period punctuation marks and ligatures. Both normal and
> bold versions are provided. This is one in a series of manuscript
> fonts.
>     Access to the docmfp package is desireable but not essential.

i've installed the stuff as requested.  thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

Robin Fairbairns | 2 Jun 13:32 1999

Re: Fw: Scientific Notebook viewer -- free TeX software

george pearson writes:

> Barry MacKichan has agreed that making the viewer available on CTAN
> would be a good thing.
> I have uploaded to /incoming on the file
> ScientificNotebookViewer.exe.  This is the self-extracting installer for
> the Scientific Notebook Viewer.  The best location is probably
> /tex-archive/nonfree/systems/win32/ScientificNotebookViewer, or maybe
> SNViewer or snviewer depending on how you feel about the length and case
> of directory names.  If you have a different preference for the file
> location, that's fine.

i've installed the file in nonfree/systems/win32/snviewer

thanks for the upload

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

Reinhard Zierke | 2 Jun 13:42 1999

CTAN submission -- chemistry package

From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Ingo_Kl=F6ckl?= <Ingo_Kloeckl@...>

> I've yesterday uploaded a chemistry setting package at
> It consists of a perl script to translate
> chemical formulas and reaction schemes in a postscript- or latex
> graphical environment and a latex2e package to include the
> chemical reaction description into a latex document. the [german] manual
> (unfortunately not yet translated to english :-( ) is
> i think it should go to /macros/latex ? the licensing conditions are
> the same as LPPL. there is a readme included describing the files
> in the directory.

Thanks for the upload.  As you describe it for use with LaTeX or PostScript
and as it is consists of a Perl program plus some added LaTeX macros, I
decided to put it not in macros/latex but in CTAN:/tex-archive/support/ochem/

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

Robin Fairbairns | 3 Jun 10:44 1999

Re: yet another bibtex file

David Forrest writes:

> I uploaded a file to
> which I think should go:
> It is a derivative work of Oren Patashnik's apalike.bst and it can have
> the most lenient licensing structure that allows.
> It is a bibtex file for the Journal of Quality Technology, that I use with
> natbib.sty   It puts semicolons between authors, quotes around titles, and
> 'pp.' before page numbers.

i've installed the file as requested.  thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

Robin Fairbairns | 4 Jun 20:33 1999

index.html -- an experiment in making ctan more accessible

i have written (in spare moments in the last two days) a small
index.html for ctan archives.  you should get to this (which is
largely based on README.structure) if your browser lands at the root
of a CTAN archive (e.g.,

this is not a sophisticated bit of html, merely something thrown
together in a hurry; what's more, it fails to use frames or tables,
has no image maps (indeed images of any sort), no silly animations,
colour twiddling or anything.  as such, please restrain your
complaints about it (ha! -- some hope); but i would very much welcome
constructive comments.  (but don't bother to suggest it needs a link
to the license category descriptions, i've remembered that...)

the ctan team have other ideas in the works.  this is not the only
thing we have in the pipeline.  but everything to do with ctan takes
time -- we all have real jobs to do; please bear with us.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

Robin Fairbairns | 5 Jun 02:38 1999

Re: CTAN upload: texdepend

Michael Friendly wrote:

> I uploaded to /incoming at a perl script, texdepend, most
> likely for /tex-archive/support/texdepend/ (in it's own directory)
> This will have to do for a README:
> ########################################################################
> # texdepend: a Perl script for finding dependencies in a LaTeX file
> # Reads a .tex file, and all \input{} and \include{} files referenced
> therein,
> # and creates the following lists:
> #    <at> includes -- from \input{} and \include{}
> #    <at> packages -- from \usepackage{}
> #    <at> figs -- from \includegraphics{}
> # If the .log and .aux file for the same basename.tex file exist,
> # texdepend also reads these and parses names of included dependent
> # files:
> #    <at> styles   -- the full path names of *all* style files used directly
> #               or indirectly (except those config'd in  <at> ignore)
> # These files are found via kpsewhich (if an executable exists) or via
> # the various $TEXINPUTS, $BIBINPUTS, etc paths.
> # Output, to the terminal, or a file, is produced in the form of any one of:
> #   make, perl (LatexMK), 1 (one per line)
> # Documentation: nil, but try
> #   texdepend -h
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Robin Fairbairns | 5 Jun 14:00 1999

teTeX 0.4 distribution; FAQ update; CTAN index.html

last night, the old teTeX 0.4 distribution moved from
systems/unix/teTeX to systems/unix/teTeX/0.4; this occasioned a change
in the uk tug faq, which is rereleased on ctan (usergrps/uktug/faq)
and on the web

note that, with this release, the old distribution at, is no longer supported, and will slowly drift out
of date as the faq changes.

i have also, today, tidied the ctan index.html i announced yesterday,
and addded references to the licence categories page that comes with
the catalogue.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

Robin Fairbairns | 5 Jun 17:46 1999

Re: upload of beletter.cls

James Kilfiger writes:

> I've uploaded to a small class for typesetting Belgium
> letters, called beletter.cls  It was written by myself and Frank
> Lenaerts. It is public domain.  It is unsupported and should go in the
> macros/latex/other/misc directory.

i've installed the class as suggested.  thanks for the upload.

Robin Fairbairns

For the CTAN team

Reinhard Zierke | 6 Jun 11:27 1999

CTAN submission -- tmview

> From: Thomas Moor <QElis@...>
> this is a message about a CTAN submission,
> as recommended in your README.uploads.
> (1)
> I have uploaded the file tmv9906.tgz, holding version v99.06 of tmview.
> (2):
> I've uploaded to
> (3):
> I suggest to remove the old dviware/tmview/* (including subdirectories),
> and place the new tmview v99.06 again in dviware/tmview.
> (4)
> Licensing: tmview is freely redistributable.
> (5)
> tmv9906.tgz contains the sources of the dvipreviewer tmview, version v99.06.
> It is ment as an update of version v98.08, which I've uploaded last year.
> The new version supports rendering eps-graphics by invoking ghostscript.

Thanks for the submission.  I installed the tar ball tmv9906.tgz plus
the README file from that in CTAN:/tex-archive/dviware/tmview/, thus
replacing the old version.  I did *not* unpack the tar archive as before
as this make not a lot of sense.  Additionally, I added your name to the
end of the README file, for I'd like to have a reference to the package
owner in there and you mail address doesn't give your name.

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