Reinhard Zierke | 1 Oct 14:09 1997

CTAN Submission -- WinEdt New Dictionaries (fwd)

> Date:         Wed, 1 Oct 1997 00:29:03 -0300
> From: Aleksander Simonic <alex@...>
> Subject:      CTAN Submission -- WinEdt New Dictionaries
> I have just uploaded the latest user-contributed dictionaries
> (Russian and Spanish) to
> Please move these files to
>      tex-archive/systems/win32/winedt/dict
> The file "00readme.txt" in the same directory should also be
> replaced with the updated one.

Thanks for the update!  I installed the new files on as

Reinhard Zierke
for the CTAN team

Reinhard Zierke                       Universitaet Hamburg, FB Informatik
zierke@...      Vogt-Koelln-Strasse 30,
D-22527 Hamburg
postmaster@...  Tel.: (040)
5494-2295/2276  Fax: -2241

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Robin Fairbairns | 6 Oct 19:12 1997

Re: grfpaste package upload to Cambridge

David Carlisle writes:

> I put a in incoming.
> With a bit of luck it will expand to
> -rw-rw-r--   1 david    david        9656 Oct  6 09:37 dvipaste.txt
> -rw-rw-r--   1 david    david         239 Oct  5 23:36 grfp1.tex
> -rw-rw-r--   1 david    david         573 Oct  5 23:36 grfp2.tex
> -rw-rw-r--   1 david    david         567 Oct  5 23:36 grfp3.tex
> -rw-r--r--   1 david    david        6820 Oct  5 23:36 grfpaste.sty

(it did)

> (one package, three example files and some documentation) could you
> move that to a new directory contrib/supported/grfpaste
> thanks.
> This provides an mechanism to include fragments of dvi files
> with the graphicx package. \includegraphics{file.dvi} etc.
> It requires the dvipaste program (the C source for which is available
> on ctan already).
> (The documentation is called dvipaste.txt so it shows up with
> quote site index dvipaste. The package is called grfpaste to
> avoid clashes with an existing package)

I have installed the package as requested.

Robin Fairbairns

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Werner Lemberg | 6 Oct 20:24 1997

ANNOUNCING CJK 4.1.3 [Chin/Jap/Kor for LaTeX2e]

I've uploaded version 4.1.3 of my CJK package to the CTAN hosts
 and its mirrors, e.g.

It will be soon available in the following directory:


Below you find the release notes of this version.

    Happy TeXing


[CJK is a macro package which enables the use of Chinese/Japanese/Korean
together with Latin (including Vietnamese) and Cyrillic based scripts with
LaTeX2e. It supports various encodings, e.g. GB, JIS, Big 5, CNS, Unicode.]


Version 4.1.3:  new:
20-Jun-1997         hbf2gf can now create virtual Omega (.ofm) files.

                    ttf2pk (and its scripts) now supports Unicode encoded

                    cjk-enc.el for emacs 20.

                    Russian support (in T2 encoding) for Mule/emacs 20.
                      Please contact me for fonts, hyphenation patterns, and
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Rainer Schoepf | 7 Oct 10:41 1997

Re: CTAN submission to dante --- CJK

Werner Lemberg writes:

 > I've just uploaded CJK-4.1.3.{bin,src,rest}.{zip,tar.gz} to dante.
 > Please unpack the src package into language/chinese/CJK, removing any
 > older version. The other two archives, src and rest, should stay
 > compressed.
 > Additionally I ask to update CJK-4.1.2.src.README accordingly.

Thanks, installed as requested.

For the CTAN Team

Rainer Schoepf

Rainer Schoepf | 7 Oct 13:38 1997

Re: CTAN Submission -- listings update

Carsten Heinz writes:
 > I've put an update of my listings package at
 > The location of the package is
 >         /tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported/listings
 > Thanks in advance
 > Carsten Heinz

Thanks for the update, I installed it.

For the CTAN Team
Rainer Schoepf

Rainer Schoepf | 9 Oct 18:55 1997

Re: CTAN Submission -- dvips 5.76 for emTeX and OS/2+DOS/Win

Wonkoo Kim writes:
 > I have uploaded
 > This is dvips 5.76 (dvi to postscript converter) for emTeX and OS/2
 > or DOS(/Win/Win95/NT).
 > This package was compiled with emx/gcc 0.9c fix04 under OS/2 Warp,
 > after patching (for emTeX) the original dvips 5.76 sources of
 > /pub/tex/dviware/dvips/dvips576.tar.gz on CTAN site.
 > The archive includes OS/2+DOS bound executables, patched sources/diffs
 > (but not unpatched sources), tfm files, virtual fonts, and some docs.
 > The executables should also work on DOS, Win3.1, Win95, or NT with
 > EMX/RSX/RSXWIN/RSXNT runtime modules.
 > Please replace the old version of
 >         pub/tex/systems/os2/dviware/dvips/
 > Since this should work for MSDOS as well, please make the link for
 >         pub/tex/systems/msdos/dviware/dvips/
 > Thank you.
 > //--------------------------------------------------------------------
 > // Wonkoo Kim (wkim+@...)

Thanks a lot, I made the update as requested.
For the CTAN Team

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Ralph Youngen | 10 Oct 05:12 1997

release of AMSFonts in PostScript format

The American Math Society is pleased to announce the release, for free
and unrestricted use, the Type-1 (PostScript) versions of the AMSFonts.
This collection includes the Euler, ``extra symbol'' and cyrillic fonts
in selected sizes.

These fonts, produced by Blue Sky Research, of Portland, Oregon, and
Y&Y Inc., of Concord, Massachusetts, and previously distributed by them,
are made available through the cooperation of a consortium of scientific
publishers along with Blue Sky and Y&Y.  Members of this consortium include:

    Elsevier Science
    IBM Corporation
    Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
    American Mathematical Society (AMS)

In order to assure the authenticity of these fonts, copyright will be
held by the AMS.  This is not meant to restrict in any way the legitimate
use of the fonts.  However, the AMS does require that the AMS copyright
notice be removed from any derivative versions of the fonts which have
been altered in any way.  A more detailed statement of these requirements
can be found at the AMS Web site, .

The canonical versions of these fonts are located on the AMS FTP server
and are also accessible via the Web:

Four system-specific packages are available from the AMS site:

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Rainer Schoepf | 13 Oct 09:37 1997

Re: upload from GUST: polish.tar.gz

Stanis/law Wawrykiewicz writes:

 > I've just uploaded do DANTE:/incoming/polish.tar.gz
 > Please remove old language/polish/ and then unpack new upload from
 > main TeX directory (it contains already language/polish/ )
 > New:
 >    (MF sources)
 > plpsfonts  directory with PL fonts in T1
 > (the version is not changed, only small adds and slightly
 >             modified documentations)
 > czytaj.mex
 > readme.mex
 > Other files are not changed.
 > Please make also link:
 > cd /tex-archive/fonts/psfonts
 > ln -s ../../language/polish/plpsfont
 > Thanks and cheers,
 > **StaW
 > <staw@...>
 > <staszek@...>

Thanks a lot, I made the changes as requested.

For the CTAN Team

Rainer Schoepf
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Robin Fairbairns | 13 Oct 11:32 1997

Re: CTAN Submission -- rmpage

> Uploaded to:
> Files uploaded: rmpage.sty
>                 rmpage.tex
>                 rmpgen.cfg
>                 rmplocal.gfc
>                 readme
> In directory incoming/rmpage
> Suggested destination: macros/latex/contrib/supported/
> Brief description:
> The rmpage package lets you change page layout parameters in small
> steps over a range of values using options.  It can set \textwidth
> appropriately for the main fount, and ensure that the text fits inside
> the printable area of a printer.
> An rmpage-formatted document can be typeset identically without
> rmpage after a single cut and paste operation.  Local configuration
> can set defaults: for all documents; or by class, by printer, and by
> paper size.
> The geometry package is better if you want to set layout parameters to
> particular measurements.

Thanks for the upload -- I've installed it here, and it should
propagate fairly soon.

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Ulrik Vieth | 13 Oct 15:59 1997

CTAN submission -- concmath fonts

I have uploaded two files to

(1) concmath-fonts.tar.gz

This file unpacks into fonts/concmath and includes a new release of
the Concrete Math fonts that were derived from the Concrete Roman
fonts designed by Don Knuth.  It is intended to replace the original
contents of CTAN:fonts/concmath.

Changes compared to the original release of the `concmath' fonts
as of February 1995 include:

 - new font shapes added: xccex[7-9], xccam[5-9], xccbm[5-9]

 - bug fixes: `math_fitting:=true' for all sizes of xccmi, xccsy

 - updates: parameters of xccmi, xccsy, xccex, etc. corrected 
   to reflect the latest official version of Knuth's ccr fonts

Warning: The bug fix regarding `math_fitting:=true' unfortunately
implies a change of font metrics for xccmi[5-8] and xccsy[5-8].
Hopefully, after this bug fix there should no need to change these
font metrics ever again.

(2) concmath-latex.tar.gz

This file unpacks into macros/latex/contrib/supported/concmath and
includes a new release of the `concmath' LaTeX package and the
corresponding font definition files.  This is now a fully documented
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