Rebecca Vanarsdall | 1 Feb 17:40 2016

DC LaTeX Consulting

I work for the American Mathematics Competitions at the Mathematical
Association of America in Washington, DC. My organization is looking to
hire a local LaTeX consultant to occasionally work with on the phone and in
person (our office is located in Dupont Circle).  This would not involve
more than a few hours a week of commitment.
If you are a DC area LaTeX consultant and are interested in this, please
email me at rvanarsdall@... for more information.
Thank you!



*Becky Vanarsdall*
*Program Assistant-Competitions*

*Mathematical Association of America*
1529 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Phone/Fax: 202.417.2048

ewn co | 19 Oct 19:33 2011

Can not compile the tex file..

Hi! everyone, I have problem in running a tex file. I have downloaded miktex and winedit. When I run a simle tex file in winedit, it gives the error: TeXify failed to create a dvi file. For possible explanation start the Command Prompt or read the log file (captured by winedit during the execution)....", but I can't able to reda the log file as icon of log file in that winedit is disabled. What would be the cause for that? I have running that in Windows XP, and same is happening in windows 98. In both the computer we have properly set the path as it is mention.

ivo welch | 18 Aug 02:21 2008

request for price quote

Dear TeX consultants:  I need to hire a TeX/LaTeX hacker for a small 
consulting job---small, provided the person knows LaTeX and TeX inside 
out.  The details are described on 
.  If you have the capabilities, please send me an email.


/ivo welch
professor of economics
brown u

Megan Dunchak | 4 Jan 02:45 2008

Converting LaTeX files to PDFs with Stylesheet

I would like to hire someone to convert LaTeX files into PDFs for chapters in a book, using style definitions that will make the PDFs look similar to ones created using a FrameMaker template  -- i.e., similar formatting, fonts, and so on. (Therefore, this would also entail creating the stylesheet/definitions for the conversion.)

I need to have PDFs made for all of the chapters in the book; the chapters will then be proofread, and I will need to have another final PDF generated once the I enter the proofreading corrections into the LaTeX files.

If you are interested in the job, please email me at nostarchmegan [at] gmail [dot] com with information and rates.  Thanks!

Lutz Kruschwitz | 2 Mar 22:27 2007

sty-file and word-format


I am in charge of a scientific German journal on business research that will be launched next year. Our authors shall submit their papers either in the LaTeX- oder in the Word-format. All accepted papers will be published as pdf's.

We are looking for someone who is able to write both a style file (LaTeX) and a style sheet (Word) which will produce pdf-output that looks quasi identical.

Lutz Kruschwitz.

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lutz Kruschwitz, Freie Universitaet Berlin, Institut fuer Bank- und Finanzwirtschaft,
Boltzmannstr. 20, D-14195 Berlin, Germany
Fon: (+49)-30-838-52512, Fax: (+49)-30-838-54468, e-mail: lk-9B9/,

Gerree Pecht | 16 Oct 16:18 2006



I have been asked numerous times if it is possible to convert .pdf file 
to .tex (LaTeX)?

I work on LINUX OS ... some work on Mac's and PC's  ... please advise.

Also, is there an easier software package that I can use with regards to 
beautiful technical slides containing mega amount of formulas/drawings 
too much back-and-forth in files?  Any info on how to include COLOR into 
file without having to "mix" the colors to get what I need.  Also, can 
this be
done just by including a "package" at the top of my file?  What command
do I use when I wish to include a word/paragraph, etc. in color either on
a slide or within text.

Any info you can give me is appreciated.