Ciprian ARSENIE | 9 Feb 19:44 2016

Callcounters module

Hello again
I want to use callcounter module for limiting calls to a specific isup trunk . My routing is done from
database with register module . Is theare any posibility to do that limit from rexexp route after routing
is done from database and somehow to intercept call.execute and drop that call with congestion and
reroute to other trunk and so on. I allready tried wrinting in database the numbers of channels per trunk
with inittracker but when we use connection pooling the data is verry incorrect and when we have big
traffic this method is a database killer. 
Thank you

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Bill Simon | 8 Feb 23:52 2016

recovering from DB timeout / error

Occasionally when there is a network issue separating yate from the MySQL database for a brief time, queries build up, and thus engine messages build up too, until there is a message flood condition and eventually yate restarts.

I would like to prevent this scenario by telling the register module to give up more quickly on failing database queries.

Would setting a low timeout value in the mysqldb.conf file help here? Then the query will timeout and the message will return without being handled, but at least the engine messages will not accumulate and crash the engine.

Mattias Lundstrom | 4 Feb 11:58 2016

Can Yate verify if a SIP endpoint is available

Hi Yate team,
Is it possible to configure Yate so it can keep track of if a SIP peer is up or down with OPTIONs according to RFC3261 sections 11?

And can Yate in a second step use this info in a routing decision for round-robin routing in regexroute.conf, and only route calls to SIP endpoints that are up?

Or does it exist another solution to this issue?


Best regards

/Mattias Lundström
Ciprian ARSENIE | 3 Feb 14:45 2016

global variable for counting calls per trunk

Hello again . theare is any way to count calls per trunk from global variables








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Michel RENON | 2 Feb 15:15 2016

Update Yate client for Ubuntu ?


We are currently evaluating different softphone for windows/ubuntu.

For Ubuntu, we just did a 'apt-get install yate-qt4', and it installed 
version 5.0.0.
But we faced bug that prevent 
any incoming call.
That's very annoying because we had a very very good first impression 
with that software and we really want to give it a chance in our evaluation.

As the bug has been corrected in version 5.4, do you have any plans to 
update the existing ubuntu package to last version (5.5) ?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,

Michel Renon

Ciprian ARSENIE | 1 Feb 14:09 2016

mgcp formats are not negotiated from sip

Hello dear yate team . Since few days i m killing my brain to figure what is going on with formats (codecs) passed to mgcp but seems that formats are negotiated correct to from sip to sip but from sip to mgcp codecs are not negotiated. I have looked at the patch made by Romeu in this post but seems that this patch is aplied in newer version of yate. I m mentioning that all rtp_forward must be no  

Heare is link with patch made by Romeu


Thank you





Rodrigo Ricardo Passos | 23 Apr 14:36 2014

Get number in SAM

Hi Yate,

How can i get the digit in SAM message after receive an IAM using 



Dana cafe | 2 May 14:50 2014

queue.conf operators configuration

good afternoon,

I am trying to put calls in a queue and redistribute to operators 
(without using a database) but I don't know how to define these operators.

For testing i defined two users in regfile.conf:



Then in regexroute.conf I defined:


Finally test1 is defined  in the queue.conf file :


[queue test1]
mintime = 100
length= 100
onhold=wave/play/ test.wav
;definition of the operator
${queue} = test1
${required} = 1
${current} = 1
;  ${waiting}
  maxcall = 3000
;  prompt: string: Resource to play to the operator when it answers

using yate client logged as 1000 I call to 100 and the music on hold 
start but the call is not distributed to the user 2000 which is logged 
in another yate client. For sure the configuration of the operator is 
wrong, unfortunatelly I didn't find a useful example in the website and 
in internet.

thank you very much for your valuable help,


Moritz Orbach | 18 Mar 19:47 2014

Authentication-check in javascript

Hello all,

is there a javascript equivalent to regexroute's

Or more precisely: how can I (on call.route, in javascript)
1) verify that a client is registered in regfile.conf (allowed to make a
   certain call)
2) retrieve the true extension of the client (not based on any headers
   the client can set itself, but based on the registration)

I tried "msg.username", msg.params['username'] and similar properties of
the Message object in the call.route handler, but none of them seemed to

Best regards

Paul Chitescu | 18 Mar 14:06 2014

Yate 5.2 and YateBTS 2.0

Hello everybody!

We released Yate version 5.2 and also version 2.0 of YateBTS.

Yate 5.2 brings:
- Our friendly chatbot Eliza answers you by default to anything you write in 
rmanager that's not an Yate command :-)
- Improvements in Javascript that make writing an IVR much easier
- Better troubleshooting of memory leaks by having memory information from 
glibc and the ability to count objects allocated by each module

YateBTS 2.0 added:
- Support for 2G (COMP128-1) and 3G (MILENAGE) authentication
- Web interface for the Network In a Box
- USSD support (in commercial version only)
- COMP128-2 and COMP128-3 (in commercial version, only for GSMA members)

Paul Chitescu & Null Team