kolab.user | 19 Aug 05:32 2015


Could anyone please confirm that instructions on the page in subject are still valid for current 5.4.0 version?
I am getting authentication failed error form google. Exactly the same set of config file changes is
working with 4.3.0.
I both cases installation consists of yate, yate-scripts and yate-openssl rpm packages.

Eugene | 16 Aug 19:07 2015


Hasn't been updated for several years. Is it considered a completed product or just quietly died?
In the latest live CD (freecentral 1.2 and yate-3.0.0 alpha) UI does not offer neither google voice
configuration nor TLS/SRTP.
Is there a replacement for freecentral or it is just a dead end?
Could freecentral be used on top of manually configured by
http://old.yate.ro/pmwiki/index.php?n=Main.ConnectingToGoogleVoice yate?


Eugene | 16 Aug 18:54 2015

Re: Build from source RPM

Almost two years later and no changes in yate packaging. rpm still does not compile out of the box on latest
Fedora/CentOS x86_64
macro _menudir seems no longer defined in current jpackage-utils. besides it is strictly Mandriva
specific and if yate.spec pretends to be generic by including line

# Distro maintainers please add other BuildRequires below this line

then it should remove or make conditional distribution specific items like that mandrake only menu file yate-qt4.menu

updated sequence may look like

#preparation phase
mock --init
mock --install qt4-devel --install gsm-devel --install alsa-lib-devel --install postgresql-devel
--install mysql-devel --install speex-devel --install doxygen
#compile phase
mock --no-clean -v --define 'no_sctp 1' --define 'no_pstn 1' --define 'no_h323 1' --define '_menudir
/usr/lib/menu' ~/yate-5.4.0-1.src.rpm


22.09.2013, 06:56, "Eugene" <voip@...>:
>  According to http://pkgs.org/search/?keyword=yate only ALT and ROSA provide full set of yate rpm packages.
>  No luck for users of RHEL derivatives and Fedora.
>  Long ago for yate-3.x I modified yate.spec file however it does not seem convenient for an outgoing maintenance.
>  When I decided to upgrade to the current release I found a way to rebuild unmodified yate source rpm:
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Rodrigo Ricardo Passos | 23 Apr 14:36 2014

Get number in SAM

Hi Yate,

How can i get the digit in SAM message after receive an IAM using 



Dana cafe | 2 May 14:50 2014

queue.conf operators configuration

good afternoon,

I am trying to put calls in a queue and redistribute to operators 
(without using a database) but I don't know how to define these operators.

For testing i defined two users in regfile.conf:



Then in regexroute.conf I defined:


Finally test1 is defined  in the queue.conf file :


[queue test1]
mintime = 100
length= 100
onhold=wave/play/ test.wav
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Moritz Orbach | 18 Mar 19:47 2014

Authentication-check in javascript

Hello all,

is there a javascript equivalent to regexroute's

Or more precisely: how can I (on call.route, in javascript)
1) verify that a client is registered in regfile.conf (allowed to make a
   certain call)
2) retrieve the true extension of the client (not based on any headers
   the client can set itself, but based on the registration)

I tried "msg.username", msg.params['username'] and similar properties of
the Message object in the call.route handler, but none of them seemed to

Best regards

Paul Chitescu | 18 Mar 14:06 2014

Yate 5.2 and YateBTS 2.0

Hello everybody!

We released Yate version 5.2 and also version 2.0 of YateBTS.

Yate 5.2 brings:
- Our friendly chatbot Eliza answers you by default to anything you write in 
rmanager that's not an Yate command :-)
- Improvements in Javascript that make writing an IVR much easier
- Better troubleshooting of memory leaks by having memory information from 
glibc and the ability to count objects allocated by each module

YateBTS 2.0 added:
- Support for 2G (COMP128-1) and 3G (MILENAGE) authentication
- Web interface for the Network In a Box
- USSD support (in commercial version only)
- COMP128-2 and COMP128-3 (in commercial version, only for GSMA members)

Paul Chitescu & Null Team

Marco Bisignano | 1 Apr 13:00 2014

R: R: R: [yate] Avoid multiple INVITE and BYE

Hi Marian and thank you for your suggestion. I'm writing a C++ module, but
how can I wait for call.drop to return ?

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Oggetto: Re: R: R: [yate] Avoid multiple INVITE and BYE


In a php script you can't wait in a message handler for another message.
You may sleep for a second after sending the call.drop message.
This will give some time for the call to be dropped but it will delay things
(e.g. any other message to be handled by the script will be delayed).
This would not be acceptable on high load systems.

You may write a javascript or c++ module which:
1. Handle call.execute
2. Dispatch a call.drop for the outgoing call leg you want to stop 3. Let
call.execute continue when call.drop returns


On 26.02.2014 15:18, Marco Bisignano wrote:
> Thank you Marian, I understand; is there a way in my script to wait 
> that the first call is pre-empted and closed before sending the new INVITE
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