Helmut Hullen | 4 Jun 12:52 2012



"incron" can watch which file is changed - fine.
But I need additionally the name (or UID) of the user who has (p.e.)  
deleted a file - is there any option?

Viele Gruesse!

Whit Blauvelt | 16 May 22:00 2012

incron with a shared NFS-mounted filesystem


I see that incron works fine with an NFS-mounted file system when a file is
added or edited from the same host that incron is running on. But when the
file is added or edited to an NFS-mounted directory that incron is watching
from a different host also using the NFS mount, then incron doesn't pick it
up. (At least not right away. Not sure if it does or not after some delay.)

Is there a way to get this to work? It would be convenient when a file is
added or edited in a shared NFS space to have multiple hosts act on that
through incron, rather than have that restricted to just the host the file
action was performed through.

I suppose I could have a script on each host that, if triggered through
incron, sends a command through ssh to each of the other hosts and touches
the file from each - which should trigger the local incrons on those hosts
to act. Is there a simpler way?


Robert Mitwicki | 7 May 08:36 2012

Recursive Monitoring


One very important functionality is still missing in Your project -
Recursive Monitoring. I find out that You planed it in next release
but it was quite long time ago.
Can You tell Us when do You plan to add this features or how looks
timeline right now?
If You need help with that I can help to code this features just need
some details about that to do not make somethings twice.

Thanks a lot for reply.
Best regards

Thang Nguyen | 19 Apr 22:53 2012

Recursive Monitoring

Hello all,

I noticed a few people asking about recursive monitoring and I made a script that would update incrontab when a folder was added or removed. I detailed the use case in the readme below, but the short version is I needed to process videos that would get uploaded in the root folder and an arbitrary amount of subfolders, so I ended up writing this script. 

Any suggestions or feedback is welcome. Thanks again Lukas, I really like incron.

- Thang
Thang Nguyen | 19 Apr 00:15 2012

incron on ubuntu 10.04


Lukas, I appreciate the work you've put into this; it's exactly what
I'm looking for. I was able to use incron via apt-get install, but I
wanted to use the latest available version and had some difficulty
with installing..

make and make install run fine, and the binaries are in place, but the
service is not installed. The daemon wasn't running when I did ps aux
| grep incrond... So I added a file to the upstart:
/etc/init/incron.conf with a barebones conf to get it working. This
seems to work for me, now at least. Should there be a file
/etc/init.d/incron? Or did I miss a step?



Adrian Bunk | 9 Apr 13:05 2012

[incron patch] remove unneeded inotify #include's

sys/inotify.h is the one and only header needed.

Index: inotify-cxx.h
--- inotify-cxx.h	(revision 112)
+++ inotify-cxx.h	(working copy)
 <at>  <at>  -32,14 +32,8  <at>  <at> 
 #include <map>

 // Please ensure that the following headers take the right place
-#include <sys/syscall.h>
 #include <sys/inotify.h>

-// Use this if syscalls not defined
-#ifndef __NR_inotify_init
-#include <sys/inotify-syscalls.h>
-#endif // __NR_inotify_init
 /// Event struct size
 #define INOTIFY_EVENT_SIZE (sizeof(struct inotify_event))

--- README	(revision 112)
+++ README	(working copy)
 <at>  <at>  -23,8 +23,7  <at>  <at> 

 2. Requirements
 * Linux kernel 2.6.13 or later (with inotify compiled in)
-* inotify headers (inotify.h, sometimes inotify-syscalls.h) installed in
-  <INCLUDE_DIR>/sys. The most common place is /usr/include/sys.
+* a C library providing sys/inotify.h (e.g. glibc >= 2.4)
 * GCC 4.x compiler (probably works also with GCC 3.4, possibly with
   older versions too)

Lukas Jelinek - AIKEN | 7 Apr 13:26 2012

incron 0.5.10 re-released

I'm sorry but incron 0.5.10 had to be re-released due to wrong version 
numbers in some files.

Lukas Jelinek | 5 Apr 01:36 2012

inotify-cxx 0.7.4 and incron 0.5.10 released

New versions of inotify-cxx (0.7.4) and incron (0.5.10) have been 
released. Some issues (such as crashing on EAGAIN in poll()) were fixed 
now and some of them will be solved in the future version.

Lukas Jelinek

Paul Hammond | 26 Mar 03:26 2012

availability for Mac

Is this available for Mac OSX Lion?

I have a production system using incron (love it!!!!) Red Hat

Want to run a dev system on a MAC with OSX and was wondering if any one has ported this 

Thanks in advance


derdriburger | 23 Mar 08:34 2012

incron - copy files from server A to server B

Hi *,

I've got incron running on a server A, monitoring a directory. Whenever a file is created in this directory,
a script should be startet from incron. The files are copied from another server B to the server A (no ftp
server). For whatever reasons the incron does not react on any of the given events (IN_CREATE,...). I
tried several ways like a touch from the server B to the file on server A and using IN_ATTRIB, but no
reaction. Doing the touch on the file from server A itself, everythings fine.

I hope someone can help me with that!


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