Raymond Mancy | 8 Oct 00:25 2010

Cleaning up Jobs

If you hadn't noticed we've introduced retention tags to RecipeSets(RS).
Eventually we will use these to determine what data we can delete.
What we delete is the topic of this email.

As I see it there are a few options.

1. Show everything as it was except no link to logs (i.e only delete logs files
+ log table entries)

2. Don't show RecipeTasks at all (1 + delete recipe_task and

3. Don't show anything under RS (2 + delete recipes)

4. Don't show RS, and eventually remove Job if no longer has RS.

For the moment I think #1 will be available for 0.5.59

Thoughts ?

PS Don't fret, no one is going to delete your data in the very immediate future!