Reverse rockboy patch for 64px-tall displays

There was a patch to rockboy in 2010 that fixed a problem where the bottom tile row would be rendered at the top.

Here's the relevant issue from that time: http://www.rockbox.org/tracker/11745

Note that Stummi openly admits it was a hack, not a true fix.

Sometime in the 6 years since, the root cause was fixed. Currently, rockboy on the Clip+ and other 64px models shows the top of the gb screen along the bottom of the display.

I confirmed that reversing this patch fixes the issue on my own Clip+

I've attached a reverse patch file.
Attachment (unfix_rockboy_clip.patch): text/x-patch, 461 bytes

TTS problem solved

Hi, Everyone,
The problem mentioned in my previous letter is solved. I don't know why, but the RBU got stuck with the Swift TTS setting and this engine isn't installed on my system. With a little brute force I managed it to switch to SAPI mode and I succeeded to produce some nice, high quality (and big size: cc. 2mb)  voice files in multiple languages for the Sansa Clip Plus. If the Sansa Clip Plus community interested in them, I can share them.
With regards:

Voice file generation and TTS engines

Hi Everyone,
I am a very new member on this list.
My name is Endre Csapó, I am  from Hungary, I am a blind computer user and programmer, who has since 2011 a Sansa Clip Plus player, used it a little and almost completely abandoned and trashed it due its annoying blind accessibility issues until this week, when I'd found the Rockbox site with this marvelous softice thingie.
I am a Windows user and mostly use and develop for win32, namely for XP or win7 32-bit.
I've installed the Rockbox manually on my Sansa and it   works fairly nicely. I may say: the Rockbox resurrected the player for me.
I am here and not on the user mailing list, because I stumbled upon a very nasty problem, which is not a bug, but can cause a lot of headaches for some users and calls for developer intervention.
Using the Rockbox Utility I've tried to generate a hungarian (magyar) voice file.
The RBU had read out the necessary strings from the installation and have begun to produce the .voice file.
And this creation phase has never ended,never had got completed,  it always remained at 0 percent.
I have many installed SAPI 5 and SAPI 4 TTS engines for many languages, because I am often producing mp3 audiobooks for language learners. Many in this case means more than 25 engines from various vendors.
There are installed - among others - some hungarian TTS engines too. Some of them are open sapi engines but some are dedicated. In this case the word dedicated means that only some applications or only one of them can use the TTS service of that engine and no others in any case.
The RBU certainly had found such a hungarian TTS engine and tried to attach to it. The TTS vendors very often omit the correct error handling and in any such case it may occur that the "unlicensed" client application cannot detect the rejection from the dedicated TTS engine.
For remedy tis problem, only one sure solution exists: intelligent human intervention.
In the RBU program, on the voice file creation dialog box would be necessary a dropdown combo list with the names of the installed SAPI engines and to let the user choose from them the correct one, because only she/he knows which is open variant and fits for the given language. (A very big bunch of TTS engines even incorrectly reports its talking language for the Windows SAPI manager system, so there is not any guarantee that a program can or will select one correctly upon the language selection solely.)
If these changes will be made to the RBU, I would be pleased to test it and write a test report about it here.
With Regards:
But the
Watch Sale via rockbox-dev | 2 Jun 13:57 2016

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ARM toolchain

Hi fellow developers,
I noticed that the ARM toolchain compilation is broken with newer GCCs. So I intend to push this patch:
that comes together with this:

I am confident the patch is good because it does not come from me ;) That being said, it would be nice if some of could double-check if you can build the ARM toolchain with this new patch and report the result (along with your system GCC version). My system gcc is 5.3.1


Menachem via rockbox-dev | 28 Apr 04:00 2016

Crowdfunding support for new player

I've been using Rockbox happily since the Archos Jukebox days. I love it, and it perfectly suits my needs. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there are any players that are still in production that are supported by rockbox.

I was wondering that if there were some new players out there that rockbox could be ported to, perhaps there might be some interest in having the users donate towards getting rockbox supported on some more modern mp3 players (perhaps some of the latest generation sansa players).
rockbox-dev via rockbox-dev | 15 Mar 19:52 2016

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iRiver H300 bootloader once more

Hello fellow users and devs,

I have a few questions about the iRiver H300-series bootloader, which I post to
both rockbox mailing lists, because this is also related to building the boot

I have understood, that the H300 boot loader is currently broken, and
flashing it will brick the device, am I right?

In order to install the boot loader, I need an original firmware file for the
iRiver, which is currently very hard to find. I found an 1.29EU version, which
is not the newest that has been released (which is 1.30 or 1.31). Does anyone
have the newest firmware released by iRiver folks?

The newest official release of the rockbox boot loader is very old and it has
some issues: no charging and no RTC alarm. These have been implemented in SVN
(nowadays git) and XavierGr said some seven years ago that SVN revision r12547
has a working bootloader.

However, I'm very afraid of trying to build it and merge it with an old iRiver
firmware file. I don't know if the iRiver build's tool chain has been updated,

XavierGr had a working firmware image merged with 1.31K iRiver firmware, but I
don't know if he is around any more.

But if someone has a working firmware image file, I would be very glad to hear
about it.

Otherwise I would like to have some guidance on building my own boot loader.

Thank you for reading this, and for any help you may be able to provide!




Help needed with iBasso DX80 Port

Hi All,

I’m currently working on a port to the iBasso DX80.  Much like the iBasso DX50/DX90, the DX80 runs a 'modified' version of Android.  The DX80 does run a newer version of Android (5.1) as compared to the DX50/DX90 (4.2).

What I have accomplished so far:
- Unpackeing/repacking of update.mg
- Enabling ADB
- Getting a build environment setup using modern-ish tools (thanks [Saint]!)
- Building Rockbox and the ‘ibassoboot’ loader as 'Position Independent Executables'
- Pushing the .rockbox directory to /data/.rockbox and the loader application in /system/bin/MangoPlayer

The loader application is fairly simple and crashes for reasons that I understand.  I am confident that I can modify it to work correctly on the DX80 pretty quickly. 

My primary issue at this point is with Rockbox itself.  The initial issue I ran into is that Android 5.1 requires a 'Position Independent Executable’.  I was able to make some changes directly to the Makefile (https://gist.github.com/kelchm/e53b2f952fcf1f22c6da) — adding the -pie and -fPIE flags with with some help from users in #rockbox. However, now when I go to run the Rockbox binary on my DX80, it instantly gets sigkilled before any useful information can be gathered: https://gist.github.com/kelchm/4561ea22119655392951

If anyone has any advice or guidance on where to head next I would greatly appreacite it.