Landon Denkler | 18 Apr 18:09 2014

PSPP Question

Hello GNU,


I am an analyst at Gragg Advertising and a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  All of my work data is in Excel form, but I want to use PSPP to statistically analyze the results using the lessons I’ve garnered from my coursework.  However, every time I try to open an Excel document in PSPP it will only open it in the syntax window instead of the graphic interface data and variable windows.  I don’t know how to use the syntax interface but would really like to use the graphic interface to analyze this data. 


Can you help me with this please?


Best Regards,



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Allison T Diep | 11 Apr 06:12 2014

Can PSPP be used in an office by multiple users simultaneously?

Can PSPP be used in an office by multiple users simultaneously? We are now using SPSS, but have a limited license. Therefore, it is only possible for one person in the office to use SPSS at a time. Does this problem occur for PSPP too?

Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you!
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Kees Varekamp | 9 Apr 11:09 2014

running syntax file from ui vs running syntax file from command prompt

Hi there,

I am trying to run a utf-8 syntax script in PSPP 0.8.2 on win7 64bit, but I think there is a problem when I run the a syntax file from the command line:
 --syntax-encoding as a start param does not seem to work:

I have tried:

"C:\Program Files\PSPP\bin\pspp.exe" file.sps -b -o log.txt
"C:\Program Files\PSPP\bin\pspp.exe" file.sps -b -o log.txt --syntax-encoding=utf-8
"C:\Program Files\PSPP\bin\pspp.exe" file.sps -b -o log.txt --syntax-encoding=UTF8
"C:\Program Files\PSPP\bin\pspp.exe" file.sps -b -o log.txt
"C:\Program Files\PSPP\bin\pspp.exe" --syntax-encoding="UTF-8" file.sps -b -o log.txt

All with no success - my Thai characters get garbled. However, when I load the script through the gui (and select UTF-8 from the dialog) it works perfectly. So I think this command line param just doesn't work.


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Ward Rommel | 24 Mar 09:13 2014




If I try to use the ‘assumedvarwidth’subcommand of the GET DATA-command, PSPP returns a syntax error.  Can you tell me what I do wrong?





  /SHEET=index 1










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Annaji Ravi Sankar | 13 Mar 18:28 2014

how to activate PSPP GUI and user guide on the same


I have installed PSPP executable (binary) on Windows 7.
I want to use the PSPP GUI.
How to activate this option.

Please let me know all the steps..
Also please send across any pdf document /link that describes how to use the PSPP GUI - i.e. PSPP GUI User Guide..


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Roberto Roggiero | 11 Mar 16:02 2014

Importing large file to PSPP hangs

I have a database in csv format with 11 million cases (rows) and 10
variables (columns), the file is 500 MB alfa-numeric. I can pass the
first steps of the import process, but when I finally ask for import
the process hangs, without any notice. I understand PSPP is capable to
manage such files (even larger). Any hint?

I am using PSPP 0.8.2 in Windows 7 with 2 GB Ram.

Regards, Roberto.
Paul Cristina | 9 Mar 19:56 2014



Has anyone managed to run a TURF analysys(Total Unduplicated Reach and
Frequency) using PSPP? I know there is a mod available for Spss
Statistics but i don't know if it is compatible with PSPP.

dr soumalya ray | 8 Mar 05:37 2014

Re: keyboard shortcut is not working in pspp gui

> On Friday, 7 March 2014 1:37 PM, John Darrington <john <at>> wrote:
> > On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 07:41:44AM -0800, Ben Pfaff wrote:
>      On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 12:14:02PM +0100, John Darrington wrote:
>      > 
>      > I think adding the shortcuts to the .ui files is the only practical 
> way to do 
>      > this.
>      OK.  I'll take care of that sometime soon, if you don't beat me to 
> it.
> I pushed a fix for this.

just updated from git and its working now. thanks john and ben. 


ftr | 7 Mar 18:38 2014

change interface language

I use Windows in a French  language setting, but like to get the 
English-language interface.
Can anyone please direct me to how I can change the interface language ?

SET LOCALE 'english'.
the last example derived from the help file : SET LOCALE 'japanese'.
do not seem to do the trick.

Mark Levine | 7 Mar 03:19 2014

Data transformation in the Mac environment

Hi folks,

I am delighted with what I can do with PSPP and the ease of use of the graphical user interface on the Mac, but periodically hit a glitch.

I have had no problem with individual variable recoding. I would, however, like to do a variable transformation of the form (If VARX = 1 and VARY =1, then let NEWVAR = 1), i.e. a simple boolean expression. 

I have done this in SPSS years ago and can see how it would be done on the line entry version of PSPP, but is this sort of transformation possible in the Mac/GUI environment? I accept that installing a LINUX OS, etc. would be an obvious solution but my software skills are marginal and that installation path seems daunting.

My alternative would be to do the transformation externally in EXCEL, but I would obviously prefer to do the manipulations within PSPP. If I have to do it externally, can I import new variables to my existing .sav file or do I have to reconstruct a new file and redo existing recodes, etc. That would be clunky at best.

Please advise.

And again thanks to the community for this amazing resource.


Mark Levine

1415 Maryland Avenue 
Charlotte, North Carolina 28209
704 335 8832 (primary)
704 665 5722 (fax)

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Elvira Torondel Lopez | 6 Mar 09:21 2014

how to make a simple table?

Hi there I'm stuck,
I want to make a simple table like the one I attach in this e-mail, I
know the command to do that has some brackets but I don't know where.
Could you please help me? Thank you.

         /TABLES= age  BY origin BY sex