Reid Leamaster | 19 May 20:02 2014

MLM models?

Hi there,

I don’t know how I have never heard about PSPP before, but it seems like a great program. I just got hired at a community college and they will not be able to extend their SPSS license to me so I am very interested in PSPP. I looked over the documentation and it doesn’t seem to run multilevel models (sometime called hierarchal linear models). Is that correct? Is this something that might be supported in the future? Thanks for your time.


Reid J. Leamaster
Editorial Assistant RRCS
Doctoral Candidate / Instructor
Sociology Department 
Purdue University

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Mogerman Rob | 14 May 23:34 2014

extreme newbie

I'm very unfamiliar with pspp but I have a data file and a definitions file and a client that needs a .sav file.  How would I create a .sav file via command line if I have the files test1.sps (spss definitions file) and file1.rft ( fixed ascii data file)?  Is there a good way to do this through a shell script from Linux?



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Nicolás Spoto | 14 May 00:49 2014


Hello users! Im from Argentina, so, I don't have an exelent english.

I have recently started to use this program, and I discovered that is very intuitive and easly to use. In fact I want to recomend this to my class and my University.

The other day I was testing the results of differets cultivars of soya and I stucked. The ANOVA said  there are significant differences, so I did a LSD FISHER test, to see with more details the differences, but I can't generate the table with the discriminated groups.

I want to generate somethig like this:

Cultivars                Kg/ha
Monsanto 32              32    A
Monsanto 33              52    B
Don Mario LS             31    A

(In this case, Monsanto 32 and Don Mario LS didn't show significat differences in the yields)

How I get this?

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Bob.Earl | 12 May 16:52 2014

CDF.BINOM function

Dear PSPP user group,
I came across (what I think is) a typo in the user manual:
The syntax for the binomial function should read CDF.BINOM(x,n,p) instead of CDF.BINOMIAL(x,n,p). Same goes for PDF and RV functions.
I am referring to the user manual for release 0.8.3
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Dana M Williams | 11 May 21:28 2014

Re: why is an old PSPP version present in ubuntu repository?

Considering that the user base for PSPP might be sizable (for GNU/Linux, anyway) in Ubuntu, this would see
to be an important thing to have in the repository. (Btw, I use a PPA, too, but I'm also running an old
version, Lucid.) What would be necessary to get it back into the repository and could folks with less
technical expertise do it?


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Subject: Re: why is an old PSPP version present in ubuntu repository?
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But you can always use an updated ppa, for instance:

regards, Roberto.

Dana Williams, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice
1500 North Patterson Street
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, GA 31698-0060
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dr soumalya ray | 9 May 12:14 2014

why is an old PSPP version present in ubuntu repository?


a very old version (0.7.9) of PSPP, the statistical software, is present in the ubuntu 14.04 repository.
the present stable version is 0.8.3 (released on 25th April, 2014); the earlier version is 0.8.2
(released on 14th January 2014).

as the feature freeze date for trusty was on 20th February, 2014, should it at least not include 0.8.2
version of PSPP instead of 0.7.9 in the repository?

why does the present long term stable release of ubuntu contain such an old version of the software? 

any idea about this will be appreciated. 



PS: i have sent this question to the ubuntu users mailing list as well. 
Dan Sawyer | 2 May 19:03 2014

importing csv files in linux pspp .8.1

Good morning. I am trying to import csv data through psppire. The data 
file as a 'header' line with preferred variable names. psppire 
identifies the header line as line 0 and asks where the data starts. 
psppire correctly identifies the format of the body of data elements. If 
line 0 is chosen as the start psppire reports data error on the header 
line. If line 1 is chosen as the data start psppire proceeds. However in 
neither case does psppire recognize the header line as the variable 
identifier line. psppire proceeds to name the variables as var001, 
var002, ... Is there a way to either modify the input file replace the 
variable names automatically. The objective is to use the first line as 
the source of the variable names.

Thanks in advance for your help, Dan
Stephan Weibelzahl | 2 May 16:27 2014

NCDF functions

Dear PSPP Users,
I'm trying to calculate non-central distributions using the function
COMPUTE a = NCDF.T(0.2, 3, 1).
as documented in the manual. However, I get an error message that the function has not been implemented. The central distribution function works fine. Am I doing something wrong?
I am running release 0.8.3 on Windows 7.
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Fran A. | 1 May 08:04 2014

PSPP freezes when I try to change the width of the columns in the variables window

I have installed PSPP (MSWindows build) in two computers, one with Windows XP and the other with Windows 7, and in both of them (most of the times, but not always) the PSPP freezes when I try to change the width of the columns in the variables window.

Thank you in advance!
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Kevin Richard | 20 Apr 16:01 2014

C subroutine support

I'm looking into PSPP for linux, and since I'm going to be migrating
from a Windows system running Quantum I was wondering if someone with
experience could tell me if PSPP supports C subroutines. I should
probably note that I'll be using the command line interface mostly.
Harry Thijssen | 20 Apr 13:59 2014

Re: PSPP Question (Landon Denkler)

Hello GNU,

I am an analyst at Gragg Advertising and a graduate student at the
University of Missouri-Kansas City.  All of my work data is in Excel form,
but I want to use PSPP to statistically analyze the results using the
lessons I've garnered from my coursework.  However, every time I try to
open an Excel document in PSPP it will only open it in the syntax window
instead of the graphic interface data and variable windows.  I don't know
how to use the syntax interface but would really like to use the graphic
interface to analyze this data.

Can you help me with this please?

You can save your excell spreadsheets as ods file, even by default, or export it to a .csv file. Both can be read with the PSPP GUI.

Have fun

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