Harry Thijssen | 2 Nov 13:08 2015

PSPP & Windows 10

Hi Armita

I don't see a reason why the PSPP version you downloaded not should work on MSWindows10. If it indeed not works, please give some more info about the problem. Especially which hardware is used, what not works, error messages etc.

I am quite sure several people use it on MSWindows10.

Have fun
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Armita Atabaki | 2 Nov 10:21 2015

PSPP & Windows 10

Hi all,


I am using the GNU PSPP version 0.8.5-gdaa1fe (downloaded from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pspp4windows/) for one of my teaching classes. We use the operation system Windows 7.


One of my students told me that it is not possible to install this PSPP version with the operation system Windows 10. As I did not find any information on this issue in the internet,  I was wondering whether you would be able to help me out. Is this information correct? And if so, is there any other PSPP version that would run with Windows 10?






Dipl.-Psych. Armita Atabaki


Universität Mannheim | Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaftslehre

Lehrstuhl für ABWL, Personalmanagement und Führung

Schloss | O 236 | 68161 Mannheim |Tel +49 621 181-1511

E-Mail:  armita.atabaki <at> bwl.uni-mannheim.de








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Jason Tan | 30 Oct 17:42 2015



anyone knows how to resolve this on the Mac OSX 10.11


(process:67919): GLib-WARNING **: gmem.c:482: custom memory allocation
vtable not supported

(psppire:67919): Gdk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

MDesai | 29 Oct 12:41 2015

Regarding PSPP installation on linux on redhat server


Can any one tell me where can I get source to install PSPP on linux on redhat server.

Or How can install it the link given in the following page is not working for linux source https://www.gnu.org/software/pspp/get.html

Please kindly do some needful

Meghana Desai
Robert Messer | 28 Oct 23:54 2015

Re: 0.8.5 Compile errors

I’m writing to follow-up on a thread from a few months back. I’m getting the exact same error that Daniel Harper reported back in August. The archived thread is here:

There error seems exactly the same as was reported before. It’s near the end, apparently during the doc build. Here’s the last part:

make[2]: Entering directory `/home/rmesser/pspp-0.8.5'
/bin/sh /home/rmesser/pspp-0.8.5/build-aux/missing makeinfo  --docbook -I . \
./doc/pspp.texi -o - \
| /usr/bin/sed -e 's/Time-&-Date/Time-\&amp;-Date/g' \
-e 's/&ldquo;/\&#8220;/g' \
-e 's/&rdquo;/\&#8221;/g' \
-e 's/&lsquo;/\&#8216;/g' \
-e 's/&rsquo;/\&#8217;/g' \
-e 's/&mdash;/\&#8212;/g' \
-e 's/&ndash;/\&#8242;/g' \
                -e 's/&eacute;/\&#0233;/g' \
-e 's/&copy;/\&#0169;/g' \
-e 's/&minus;/\&#8722;/g' \
-e 's/&hellip;/\&#8230;/g' \
-e 's/&bull;/\&#2022;/g' \
-e 's/&period;/./g' \
-e 's%\(<figure [^>]*\)>%\1/>%g' \
 | gawk '/<para>.*<table.*>.*<\/para>/{x=sub("</para>",""); print; s=1;next}/<\/table>/{print; if (s==1) print "</para>"; s=0; next}1' \
> doc/pspp.xml,tmp
output /dev/null doc/pspp.xml,tmp
make[2]: output: Command not found
make[2]: [doc/pspp.xml] Error 127 (ignored)
cat doc/help-pages-list | while read node ; do \
  --xpath "$node" doc/pspp.xml,tmp > /dev/null; \
 if test $? -ne 0 ; then  echo "$node does not appear in doc/pspp.xml" ; exit 1; fi ; \
/bin/sh: line 1: --xpath: command not found
//*[ <at> id='AGGREGATE'] does not appear in doc/pspp.xml
make[2]: *** [doc/pspp.xml] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/rmesser/pspp-0.8.5'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/rmesser/pspp-0.8.5'
make: *** [all] Error 2

Since xmllint was reported as a possible issue in August, I checked and it is on my system. Here is that info and some system info:

[rmesser <at> c7 v7.0 pspp-0.8.5]$ xmllint --version
xmllint: using libxml version 20901
   compiled with: Threads Tree Output Push Reader Patterns Writer SAXv1 FTP HTTP DTDValid HTML Legacy C14N Catalog XPath XPointer XInclude Iconv ISO8859X Unicode Regexps Automata Expr Schemas Schematron Modules Debug Zlib Lzma
[rmesser <at> c7 v7.0 pspp-0.8.5]$ uname --all
Linux c7.intellisurvey.com 3.10.0-229.7.2.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Tue Jun 23 22:06:11 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

pspp-0.8.4 builds for me without incident.

A possible clue: I am using “./configure —without-cairo”, which Daniel also reported that he was using. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Thanks for any thoughts on this. It isn’t particularly urgent for me, since I can live with 0.8.4.


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bonita bonita | 28 Oct 02:54 2015

Fwd: total station approved calculation software

Dear Sir / Madam,

I recently download the PSPP, but I cant figure out how to calculate the posteriori error.We are looking for an approved software program which could produce the same data calculation as our client's existing calculation software as per attached sheet.

I am not proficient in stats, but I guess they used the Ïnput Dist (as measured by the instrument) and Adopted Dist  (Reference or Expected Reading) to make the best fit, calculate the residuals, least square weighted measurement,and get the a priori and a posteriori standard errors.

I hope those values are quite common in your program software and that you could assist in directing me in the right path.

Thank you for your kind assist and looking forward to your prompt favorable reply.

Nina Quieta

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Chinasa Ikelu | 24 Oct 14:20 2015

Conversion to Excel

Dear users,

The above subject matter refers.

I tried using the pspp-convert command but I can't seem to get my way around obtaining the output.

Please, can you tell me what I need to do so as to convert a .sav file to .csv file. Be explicit on where I need to type the commands and what I should do next, please.

Thank you in anticipation of your response in this regard.

Chinasa Ikelu

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DAVID FINE | 23 Oct 01:36 2015

install issue?

I am very new to PSPP. But I've got a lot of years of SPSS background.
My question has to do with downloading and installing the software.
I wanted a version that works with Windows 7 and went to Sourceforge pspp4windows and then to a folder named 2015-09-10 and downloaded  pspp-085 etc...64 bit.
When I ran it on my desktop machine it appeared to load fine and I opened an spss data set I had lying around and, in fact, I could run various stat procedures. That's great!
BUT, the 'Data' tab has 6 options--from sort cases to weight cases.
My spss software (vers.19) has a whole lot of other useful 'data' options (merge files, aggregate, split files etc.).
Did i do something wrong at some point? Or, are these other data options not available in PSPP for windows?
And if not available, then do you have a recommendation? Another OS?
(I did look in the PSPP manual and it had 'match files'--which I think was a procedure in an earlier version of spss--but that was not available either in the version I downloaded...)
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PSPP and Intraclass correlation coefficient

Dear Sirs/Madams,

Is there any way for us to calculate the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient in PSPP?

Yours faithfully,
Katerina Mastroyianni
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Ricardo Pietrobon | 19 Oct 21:18 2015

error exporting data dictionary

Hi, I am new to pspp, and am trying to open a .sav file and then export it's dictionary. Opening works, well, but the export command returns the following:

PSPP> get file='data.sav'
    > EXPORT
warning: `data.sav': This system file does not indicate its own character
encoding.  Using default encoding UTF-8.  For best results, specify an encoding
explicitly.  Use SYSFILE INFO with ENCODING="DETECT" to analyze the possible

error: `data.sav' near offset 0x9818: Invalid variable name `BRA?O'.

The file contains labels in Portuguese and so utf-8 should theoretically be just fine. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? 

many thanks
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arvvp | 2 Oct 01:31 2015

PSPP for windows doesn't save files

I just installed PSPP for Windows. My computer runs windows 8.1, 64 bits. The software opens and execute routines normaly, but it doesn't save files. When I try it. I receive the message: "error: Creating temporary file...". Also: "Error opening..."
I have PSPP for Windows in another computer, Windows 10 64 bits, and it works properly.
What do I do?
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