Conrad J. Sabatier | 27 Apr 18:19 2012

Re: Who's coding in what these days?

On Mon, 19 Jul 2010 20:43:05 -0700, Todd A. Jacobs wrote:

> We have a lot of regulars on the list who code in a variety of things,
> but we all have preferences. My odds-on favorite is always bash, with a
> little help from core GNU text mungers like sed, awk, and cut. However,
> I find myself coding in Ruby and Python most, from a professional
> standpoint.
> I generally also prefer PHP to RoR for basic dynamic content and simple
> frameworks, but have been using Rails more when the code complexity gets
> high enough. Different tools, different audience and all that.
> How about the rest of you?

I like bash a lot, too.  I use it for all of my scripting work, as well 
as for prototyping, doing "proof of concept" type things for projects 
that I'll eventually end up coding in C, which is definitely my preferred 
"real" language.

I've always been rather put off by perl's arcane syntactical elements.  
It's just really ugly to try to read.  :-)  As far as more modern, object-
oriented languages, I'm slowly (*very* slowly) assimilating C++, and a 
little Java, but I'm nowhere near proficient enough in either one for 
them to be of any practical use to me, yet.

So basically, yes, bash and C are my mainstays.  Both have served me well 
over the years, and still do.


Conrad J. Sabatier
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