Harald Welte | 25 Oct 23:11 2006

[ADMINISTRATIVE] netfilter.org service downtime


As some of you have noticed already, there was a downtime for about 24
hours in delivery of netfilter.org mails, including all mailinglist.

Also, bugzilla.netfilter.org is down for the same period of time.

=== This service outage was brought to you by Gentoo updates ===

Mail delivery is now up and running again, bugzilla will take some more

I'm really sorry, but apparently every time you update gentoo packages
for security reasons on ppc64, it results in major breakage :(

For years I want to migrate to debian/ppc32 on that ppc64 box, but that
is likely to take at least two full days, and I'm a bit short in time at
the moment.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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