Netfilter Core Team | 3 Nov 19:53 2005

Release of iptables-1.3.4


The netfilter coreteam proudly presents:

	iptables version 1.3.4

The 1.3.4 version contains accumulated bugfixes to the last 1.3.3
version.  It also fixes some compilation problems with the latest
(2.6.14) kernel release.

The ChangeLog is attached to this mail.

Version 1.3.4 can be obtained from:

Please also note: patch-o-matic-ng is Distributed as seperate package:
More information can be found at the netfilter/iptables project homepage,
available at:

Happy firewalling,


- Harald Welte <laforge <at>>   
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Harald Welte | 5 Nov 20:29 2005

multiple releases


Today the netfilter project released

	This is the low-level communications library

	This is the userspace library for nfnetlink_log in 2.6.14
	It is used by the upcoming ulogd-2.00beta release
	Needs libnfnetlink-0.0.11

	This is the userspace library for nfnetlink_queue in 2.6.14
	It is used by applications that traditionally used libipq
	NuFW already has a working port
	Needs libnfnetlink-0.0.11

	This is the userspace library for the ip_conntrack netlink interface
	It is currently only used by the conntrack program (see below)
	Needs libnfnetlink-0.0.11

	The userspace connection tracking table administration program
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