Harald Welte | 11 Jul 12:32 2002

netfilter and netfilter-devel lists down


Due to yet unknown reasons, the mailinglist configuration and archives
have been deleted from lists.samba.org.

This is very unfortunate, since no none of the two mailinglists is
reachable anymore.

The netfilter core team feels very sorry about this incident, and we
have contacted the samba.org people for resolving this issue.

The mailinglists had been scheduled to move to lists.netfilter.org in
about one week.

Since we don't have the list configuration [including the list of
subscribers], I cannot really move the mailinglists.

I've now created two new mailinglists:

netfilter <at> lists.netfilter.org
netfilter-devel <at> lists.netfilter.org

Please subscribe to the two new mailinglists in order to participate in
discussions on netfilter/iptables and it's development.

If there is a backup of the list configuration with the samba.org
listmaster, we will later merge the two lists.

Again, I feel really sorry about this, but it was nothing where I could
have done anything about :(
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Harald Welte | 11 Jul 17:23 2002

mailinglist subscriber list recovered


The samba.org people have been able to recover the mailinglist
subscriber lists - so there is no need to re-subscribe to the new
mailinglists.  However, to make sure everything was working ok, please
ensure that you are still subscribed to the mailinglists.

We will keep the lists on lists.netfilter.org permanently.

Please update your aliases file in order to reflect the changes.
Mailinglist addresses are now:

netfilter <at> lists.netfilter.org
netfilter-devel <at> lists.netfilter.org

Backwards-compatibility aliases at lists.samba.org will be kept for some

The archives and administrative frontend can be accessed via

https://lists.netfilter.org/ [to not transfer your passwd in plaintext]

Thanks for your understanding, sorry again for the inconvenience caused.


Live long and prosper
- Harald Welte / laforge <at> gnumonks.org               http://www.gnumonks.org/
GCS/E/IT d- s-: a-- C+++ UL++++$ P+++ L++++$ E--- W- N++ o? K- w--- O- M- 
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Harald Welte | 23 Jul 15:54 2002

Reorganization of CVS


Just a couple of minutes ago I have reorganized the netfilter CVS tree.

the basic structure is now


The major change for the Users is patch-o-matic.  It's now longer below
the 'userspace' directory, where it was never really belonging anyway.

This also means that starting from the next iptables release, patch-o-matic
will be distributed as a seperate package.  This enables us to release
patch-o-matic more often than iptables itself, which doesn't change all that

Please note that the old directories are not automatically deleted by
CVS.  So after your next CVS update, I recommend running the following
commands in your 'netfilter' subdirectory:
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