Andrew Oman | 2 Dec 06:54 2002

Re: Low end machines for Firewall/IDS

I like retrobox
or ebay


11/29/2002 12:01 PM

        To:     security-basics <at>
        Subject:        Low end machines for Firewall/IDS

Does anybody know of any good locations online to purchase old 486 
or low end Pentium machines for use as a Firewall and/or IDS?  I've tried
searching on google and just keeping getting links to Pentium 4 computers.
I will be using either a Linux or BSD flavor on these machines.

Thank you,


Spencer D'oro | 1 Dec 23:08 2002

RE: Protect folder data.

Or better yet, a removable flash memory stick of some kind.  Truly
removable, much more reliable than a floppy (and faster) and the size
difference is remarkable.  Some of the new ones can hold quite a bit of
data.  If you want to be completely safe, store your data there encrypted,
and that way keep it off the rig.  They can't crack it if they can't find


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Subject: Re: Protect folder data.

In article <F5B0vIrk3jQDz4WolWa00009198 <at>>, tony572000  (t)

t> I have some highly confidential data that I frequently access on in a
t> folder that is on my desktop computer (ie win2k).  I want to make sure
t> no one but me will able to see this data.

Unless I have missed it, no one seems to have mentioned the
possibility of putting the data on a removable medium and locking it
away securely when not in use. Of course, someone could set the
computer to intercept the data when accessed, but the same would be
true for encryption, and I certainly trust a good sturdy locked box
more than any encrypted filesystem. You could do both of course,
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Sarbjit Singh Gill | 2 Dec 16:22 2002

Preventing DHCP from allocating IPs

Greetings all,

How do i prevent a client from getting an IP from my DHCP in an Ethernet
network. I know i could reserve IPs for all other clients and nobody gets an
IP unless reserved earlier, but i have hundreds of clients. I frequently
have visitors who need to plug in their laptops into the network and i have
visitors who are not allowed to plug in their laptops into the network and
get IPs. I do not want these visitors who are not allowed to access the
network to get an IP and start accessing internet through my network.

What about in a wireless environment. How do i prevent it in a similar

Kind Regards

Meritt James | 2 Dec 15:10 2002

Re: Protect folder data.

As the sole protection.  Think "defense in depth".


Margles Singleton wrote:
> I wouldn't advise excel password protection - that's very easy to break
> - and it's not encryption, it's just password protection.
> mas
> >>> "Rick Darsey" <rdarsey <at>> 11/26/02 08:03AM >>>
> What format is the data in?  Excel will let you password protect a
> workbook.
> You can also turn on encryption in Windows 2000. You have to be
> running
> NTFS. If you setup encryption on your system, and password protect the
> Admin
> user, the the only way someone can open the file is to set them up
> with
> rights to the file, or as a Encrypted File Recovery Agent on your
> local
> system. Depending on your network security, this may work. If the
> Network
> Admin has set the domain to override local policies, he may still have
> access to it.  If this is not the case, then he would have to have
> Administrative rights to your system.
> Rick
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Leonard.Ong | 2 Dec 05:09 2002

Wireless LAN Design at public places


Anyone has URL or experiences at designing WLAN at public Places.  I would like to replicate a good
implementation, I've seen in one airport.  Once we have joined the WLAN using auto-detect accesspoint, my
notebook was assigned IP address. However, even the next hop / default gateway is not reachable
(destination unreachable - ACL?) and so does any other services.

It is only when I have authenticate via webpage ( the browser redirects me to the auth page, regardless
whatever URL I have typed in ), then access is allowed to any.

Thanks... I am particularly intrested on how you can block access even to the def. gateway.

Leonard Ong

Meritt James | 2 Dec 16:35 2002

Re: ridiculous situation

Alas, normal situations usually ARE ridiculous.  :-(

H C wrote:


> Your situation isn't so much ridiculous as it is
> pretty normal...


James W. Meritt CISSP, CISA
Booz | Allen | Hamilton
phone: (410) 684-6566

Niall O Malley (LMI | 2 Dec 09:48 2002

Log Analysis


Are any of you aware of a tool that will allow an administrator to analyse log files and produce statistics
based on the log content.  I want to see what sites have been accessed, how many times etc.

I want something preferably in real time with a gui/html interface. If it was freeware/open source it would
be great i.e. gnu etc.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



flur | 1 Dec 01:13 2002

Re: Can anyone break MD5 scheme?

Perhaps a less controversial solution to get your linux box online would be 
to designate an older machine running MS Windows as a router... There is 
lots of software that will do this for you (ie Sygate, WinRoute, etc). With 
few access list rules you can make the router quite transparent, and it can 
serve as your first line of defense.

As for MD5, to the best of my knowledge, brute force is the only way to 
'crack' it... however I have heard rumors that some implementations are 
weaker then others.

At 06:03 AM 11/28/2002 +0800, you wrote:
>I paid a high monthly fee for my PPPOE connection. The damned ISP offered 
>only the client for M$ Windows. According to the packet dump, they use 
>CHAP for authorization and the CHAP challenge  said it used MD5. But when 
>rp-pppoe MD5s the string of Identifier+Secret+Challenge Value, the 
>concentrator said the response is wrong.
>Apparently the ISP-offered client is not going with the RFC 1994 standard 
>for CHAP and obviously I cannot get their source code by social engineering.
>/Is there a way to break the MD5? Or anyway around ? /I  need to know my 
>ISP's digest scheme to get my Linux box online. I lived in a 
>higly-sensored country and who knows what the offered client will do 
>behind my back? Thanks in advance for my safety (not privay).
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Chris S | 2 Dec 20:27 2002

Re: Question on Blocking an ISP.

Thats just 1 class, so far i found 4 others. 

Robb, Bev writes: 

> Some info from Spade:
> OrgName:    America Online 
> OrgID:      AOL 
> NetRange: - 
> CIDR: 
> NetName:    AOL-BNET
> NetHandle:  NET-152-163-0-0-1
> Parent:     NET-152-0-0-0-0
> NetType:    Direct Assignment
> NameServer: DNS-01.NS.AOL.COM
> NameServer: DNS-02.NS.AOL.COM
> Comment:    
> RegDate:    1992-04-01
> Updated:    1999-12-02 
> TechHandle: AOL-NOC-ARIN
> TechName:   America Online, Inc. 
> TechPhone:  +1-703-265-4670
> TechEmail:  domains <at>  
> OrgAbuseHandle: AOL382-ARIN
> OrgAbuseName:   America Online, Inc. 
> OrgAbusePhone:  +1-703-265-4662
> OrgAbuseEmail:  abuse <at> 
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Rick Darsey | 2 Dec 19:32 2002

RE: Question on Blocking an ISP.

Do the email servers all have in them. If so, and if your firewall
can resolve DNS, you should be able to block them domain. Of course,
this will block all traffic, but that seems to be what you are after.


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From: Chris [mailto:chris <at>]
Sent: Saturday, November 30, 2002 3:21 AM
To: security-basics <at>
Subject: Question on Blocking an ISP.

As of the last couple weeks, from 1 aol users i have gotten over 1000+ virus
These emails are your tipical freescreensaver virus that has been going
around for years now. It seems this person has an affected system.  This is
not really my question or concern.

I have been scanning though all the headers getting the proxy email servers
aol uses, but it seems like a endless list. LOL.

I'm blocking these ips though IPchains, but i really would like to know how
to get every class owned by aol so i can block them all.

Receiving mail from aol is no big thing to me, considering 99.9% of the time
is junk or spam.

Is there some way to whois arin on a nic handle to get all the classes?

Thank you.
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