skate | 30 Jul 17:26 2000

Re: is it possible to control one app from another?

> Howdy all!
> I'm just wondering if it is possible to have a script in 1 IE
> window control functions in another program that utilizes the IE dll files
> for displaying information.

it really depends on what. there's some funky active-x stuff to do just
that. you can open people's CD drives from a web page, provided they're
running IE with Active-X and Media Player 8+. other things you absolutely
cannot do. most things in fact. it is a fair security breach to be allowed
to access a clients DLL's directly from a browser...


skate | 30 Jul 17:35 2000

Re: 2 NIC's on same network, possible?

>   If the adapters go to different VLANs, you have a multi-homed box.
> If the VLANs have overlapping address spaces, you've got a really
> interesting mess on your hands, and if they don't then you can't
> usefully give the same (teamed) address to multiple adapters.

if your running windows (which i don't know as i missed the other posts),
then you'll also have problems with netbios broadcasts conflicting with
eachother. it'll try to broadcast the same name over different IP's, which
will cause a conflict and knock the whole machine off the network. you'll
have the same problem with trying to give it the same IP. unless you have
some kind of load balancer, it's very tricky.

we installed a 4 port network card in one of our servers as a test, and it
caused only grief. still have yet to see any performance increase.


skate | 30 Jul 17:51 2000

Re: Redhat 8.0 networking/routing/security issue...

> Anyway. I'm fairly new with Linux networking and i'm a little stumped. I
> have three boxes, none have OS's yet, but i'm planning on one having
> XP Pro, and the other two with Redhat 8.0. My plan is to have one of the
> Redhat boxes set up kind of as a router(?) so my two computers other

if you haven't installed any OS's yet, checkout ClosedBSD, it's a full OS on
a CD/Floppy and will do exactly what you want. it's based around the
extremely robust and secure OpenBSD kernel, and you shouldn't need to do
much configuring at all...

if your determined on the idea of running RH, then that's what i'm running
at home. I'm not much of a linux person, but a simple google search will
give you several step by step tutorials on how to set it up properly. I
managed it in a few hours. definatly recommend running 2 NIC's in that box