Mary Peterson | 1 May 01:28 2003

RE: pocket Endnote

As a PDA resource person for my institutions, I'd be interested in learning
about EndNote for any type of PDA also. Can the ISI lurkers on the list
offer any information?

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Prof. Sol Picciotto
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Helen Kilpatrick UOW | 1 May 10:31 2003

Re: Exporting Japanese characters

Dear Koichi,
    Thanks for your advice - I've briefly tried your solutions with no
success yet.  I'm just wondering though, whether I should upgrade.  For
instance, if I upgraded to OSX (I'm on 9.2) and to Endnote 6 do you know if
my endnote references with Japanese text would stay intact?  And are you
able to generate bibliographies successfully (with Japanese text) with OSX
and Endnote 6 (in Word 98)?  (At this stage, I'm looking at deleting all the
Japanese in endnote and just keeping the romanji to create my PhD

Thanks for any more advice you can offer.  It's great to know there is
someone else out there who is trying to do similar things.



MORI Koichi wrote:

> Dear Helen (and those who use Japanese with Endnote),
> At 11:08 +1000 03.4.26, Helen Kilpatrick UOW wrote:
> >Does anyone know how to export Japanese text, perfectly legible in
> >Endnote 5
> >libraries, into Word98 where it becomes gobbledegook.
>         I assume you are using a Mac on System 9 or 8.
> Though I use Mac OS X now, this was problematic to me, too. There are
> several issues involved. Below are what I recall and may not be exact,
> but I hope you can get the idea.
> If you set the library and display fonts something Japanese,  you
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Pat Maier | 1 May 17:36 2003

combining endnote references from several docs into one

how does one successfully put several documents together and create a
single reference list from all the docs??  

help appreciated,

thanks,  pat maier

Pat Maier
Faculty Learning & Teaching Coordinator
Centre for Learning & Teaching
Building 2, level 4
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email: pjm <at>

Geoff Russell | 2 May 03:06 2003

Lotus WordPro 9

Hello out there! Greetings from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

I was wondering if anyone else out there is still using Lotus WordPro 9
for Windows, together with EndNote.

Or am I flogging a dead horse here, and should switch to Word?


Geoff Russell

Jeremy Wells | 2 May 17:22 2003

EndNote = Microsoft Word (was RE: scan paper?)

I am a little concerned that EndNote is exclusively becoming an add-on to MS
Word. I do not like the fact that in order to use EndNote, I need to use MS
Word. I'm sure there's an economic basis behind this decision; beware Mac
users because if your market share continues to decline, who knows if
EndNote will even be supported on that platform in the future. As end users,
we are loosing more and more choice every day.

In today's world, no one can escape having to use a PC. And if you have a
PC, you inevitably have to buy Microsoft software. Shouldn't the government
just get over itself and call Microsoft an arm of the government and levy a
Microsoft tax? The anti-trust measures were a joke and amounted to condoning
a monopoly. After all, we are all paying into the Microsoft coffers whether
we want to or not. Sure sounds like a tax to me.

Personally, I would love to have a version of EndNote that runs under Linux
and supports OpenOffice (or even Kword). There are bibliography managers in
Linux that are free, but they are not nearly as good as EndNote. I, for one,
would be the first on the list to buy it.


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We are all hoping that that decision will be reversed in the next version
(it is pretty clear they aren't going to reverse it in 6).  
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Tina Kimmel | 2 May 19:21 2003

Re: EndNote = Microsoft Word (was RE: scan paper?)

Hi, I'm new here. I also have a Mac and don't (won't) use Word. By 
the way, I HAVE successfully escaped using a PC or ANY microsoft 
windows product so far (ie, since DOS).

I just had an email exchange with a tech support fellow  
about this very problem. I asked jokingly if he would send me Word 
since Endnote is simply a Word add-on, but he said no. His 
suggestions were to run Endnote 5 under Classic mode -- just during 
the citation function -- or, to borrow Word just for the citation 
function -- then return to normal operation.

I suppose I can understand why ISIResearchSoft doesn't want to 
develop "cite while you write" (for ANY of its bibliographic software 
-- they now practically have a monopoly on the field!) for SPECIFIC 
wordprocessors other than Word. BUT, how expensive is it to keep a 
simple generic function like "scan paper"?? I'm certainly not a 
developer, but this doesn't seem like it would be so hard. I wrote to 
the suggestion box, of course.


At 11:22 AM -0400 5/2/03, Jeremy Wells wrote:
>I am a little concerned that EndNote is exclusively becoming an add-on to
>Word. I do not like the fact that in order to use EndNote, I need to use MS
>Word. I'm sure there's an economic basis behind this decision; beware Mac
>users because if your market share continues to decline, who knows if
>EndNote will even be supported on that platform in the future. As end
>we are loosing more and more choice every day.
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Wiedemann, Leanne | 2 May 20:32 2003

RE: combining endnote references from several docs into one

You can cut and paste them into one document, or create a master document as

Taken directly from Endnotes Help 

Creating a Bibliography from Multiple Documents (CWYW) 

You can use Word's Master Document feature to generate a single bibliography
from multiple documents. This allows you to create a cumulative bibliography
from any number of book chapters.

To generate a single bibliography:

1.	In each of your documents, or chapters, insert your citations to
link them to references in an EndNote library.
2.	Close all of your documents.
3.	Create a New document
4.	Designate the new document as a master document, then insert and
display each of your chapters as subdocuments. (Check Word's documentation
if you need step-by-step instructions.)
5.	From the Tools>EndNote 6 menu, select Format Bibliography.
6.	Verify the formatting options and click OK.

EndNote creates the bibliography, using citations from the master document
and all displayed subdocuments, and places it at the end of the master
document. You can move the bibliography anywhere within the master or
subdocuments, and it will remain in that location even when you reformat.

Note: If you choose Word's Insert > File command and select the Link option
to insert a document into the text, EndNote will not format the linked
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David Lentini | 4 May 15:22 2003

Export to Fillable PDF Forms?

I want to export records from an EndNote database to a fillable PDF form.
Has anyone tried this or have some idea how it could be done?


David P. Lentini

dplentini <at>

Martha Bowes | 5 May 06:47 2003

Merging Separate Documents

I am working on a dissertation that was made in 7 separate documents. All
the documents share the same EndNote file. If I merge them into one
document, will EndNote behave properly and create an accurate, complete
bibliography at the end of the newly merged document? This is Chicago style.


Patricia Kyle Dennis | 3 May 07:05 2003

RE: pocket Endnote

Is this suggestion too stupid:

I'm kinda new at this, but couldn't a PocketPC user just create a Word
template on the handheld where each line starts with codes such as AU, TI,
SO, etc? You find an article at the library, you take out your PocketPC, you
open the template in Word and key in the information about the reference
next to each code. Save it as a text file. Then you create a filter in
EndNote and import the file into your library.

Can someone either tell me I'm stupid or elaborate on this idea so that
others could benefit. I am really amazed that ISI doesn't make a big deal
out of this. You would think their marketing people would LOVE us to use our
PocketPCs in the library. PocketPCs are much more powerful than Palms. I,
for one, chose PocketPC over Palm because it seemed obvious that I was going
to get much more for my $$$. ISI, are you listening?


Patricia Kyle Dennis, M.S.W.
141 N. Meramec Avenue, Suite 314
Clayton, MO 63105
phone 314-862-5151
fax 314-367-0656
pkdennis <at>

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