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Re: EndNote = Microsoft Word (was RE: scan paper?)

Hi, I'm new here. I also have a Mac and don't (won't) use Word. By 
the way, I HAVE successfully escaped using a PC or ANY microsoft 
windows product so far (ie, since DOS).

I just had an email exchange with a tech support fellow  
about this very problem. I asked jokingly if he would send me Word 
since Endnote is simply a Word add-on, but he said no. His 
suggestions were to run Endnote 5 under Classic mode -- just during 
the citation function -- or, to borrow Word just for the citation 
function -- then return to normal operation.

I suppose I can understand why ISIResearchSoft doesn't want to 
develop "cite while you write" (for ANY of its bibliographic software 
-- they now practically have a monopoly on the field!) for SPECIFIC 
wordprocessors other than Word. BUT, how expensive is it to keep a 
simple generic function like "scan paper"?? I'm certainly not a 
developer, but this doesn't seem like it would be so hard. I wrote to 
the suggestion box, of course.


At 11:22 AM -0400 5/2/03, Jeremy Wells wrote:
>I am a little concerned that EndNote is exclusively becoming an add-on to
>Word. I do not like the fact that in order to use EndNote, I need to use MS
>Word. I'm sure there's an economic basis behind this decision; beware Mac
>users because if your market share continues to decline, who knows if
>EndNote will even be supported on that platform in the future. As end
>we are loosing more and more choice every day.
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